Project 21630 Buyan — small artillery ship

The project is the latest generation of river ships, received number 21630 and the code "Desperado", was developed by the enterprise (FSUE) "Zelenodolskoye PKB" under the head designer JE Kushnir, scientific and technical support for the design and construction of ships for the Navy produced 1 Central Scientific Research Institute. The ship was designed by Zelenodolsk Design Bureau, taking into account the features of the Caspian Sea and the Volga delta, with all this, the main requirements were the highest seaworthiness of the ship and the possibility of passing on the minor depths of the northern part of the Caspian Sea and the Volga Delta. In the middle of the tactical and technical requirements of the job has been given a cruising range, so that the ship was able to hike the entire length of the Volga and the Caspian Sea.

At the current time — the lead ship "Astrakhan", (2004-2006. Built,), commissioned the Caspian Flotilla. For the Caspian Flotilla are being built — the second ship "Volgodonsk" founded in 2005 and is the third "Makhachkala" founded in 2006. Total plans — construction of 10 ships. Builds "Shipbuilding Company" diamond "," formerly "Maritime Shipyard" — a plant in St. Petersburg.

Purpose: to enhance the surface forces in the Caspian flotilla near sea zone and river sites, ships of this type are created to protect and defend dvuhsotmilnoy economic zone of the country.

Features: Construction of a new type of ship was created in accordance with the requirements to lower radar cross section (inclined planar surface superstructure, the presence of the bulwarks, a substantial reduction of hull speakers hidden in the planes of the superstructure and deck doors and hatches) and the lower level of the other fields (the so-called development " Stealth "). In developing the draft 21630 advanced services have been used in military shipbuilding. With all of this was used weapons and hardware to the Russian production and Russian element base.

Small artillery ship, the Caspian Sea (left), Makhachkala (right), etc. 21630. Summer 2009.

The basic performance characteristics of

Displacement, t — about 500,
Length, m — 62,
Width, m — 9,6,
Height, m — 6.57;
Draft, m — 2,
The power plant — two-shaft diesel power plant, operating under the scheme CODAD,
Screws — water jet,
The rate bonds. — 28
Range, miles — up to 1500,
Endurance, days. — 10
Crew. — 29-36,

Installing A-215 Grad-M.


Navigation weapons — 1 x MR-231 radar CICS Sigma,
Radar armament — 1 x radar "Positive", 1 x radar MR-123 "Vympel" for AC and Zach
Radio-electronic equipment — 2 x 10 PU PP-10 "Brave"
Artillery weapons — 1×1 100mm AU A-190 "Universal", 2×1 14.5-mm machine gun system, 1h40 122-mm MLRS A-215 "Grad-M"
Flak — 2×6 30 mm AK-306 ORD,
Antiaircraft Missiles — 1×4 PU 3M47 "flexible" with missiles "Igla" or "Needle-M".
Can carry mines on the upper deck.

AK-306 air defense missile systems, and "flexible" in the stern of the ship.

Mast with radar.

Modifications: 1st — a project 21631 "Buyan-M" — small missile ship on the basis of the type of the project 21630 "Desperado" with a displacement of 949 tons equipped with a vertical launcher complex 3R-14UKSK 8 missiles "Movement" or "Onyx".

2nd — is project 21632 "Tornado", the export version of the project 21630 of the "Desperado". The main difference from the 21630 project — the presence on it of weapons in the export performance, also having the ability to substitute weapons systems dependent on specific customer requirements.

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