Rainy with thunderstorms promise meteorologists in Central Russia

 Cyclones in the central regions of European Russia in the week will provide unstable weather with rain and thunderstorms, according to the Russian Hydrometeorological Center.

According to meteorologists, over Europe formed a dipole vortex structure in the north — Scandinavian anticyclone, in the south of Ukraine — the cyclone.

"On Monday, the northern half of the CFD Scandinavian anticyclone provide comfortable summer weather — sunny with no rain, and a temperature close to normal. In the south district, which comes under the influence of the cyclone, the weather will be cloudy with rain. Scatter surface temperature would be small: 22 to 27 degrees, "- said in a statement.

Tuesday-Wednesday in most parts of the Central District will dominate southern cyclone, whose center will be located on the north-west of Ukraine — the south of Belarus. He will be involved in the district warm air masses from the south-east, but dense clouds will not let the front grow strongly temperature.

Again will be Heavy Rain — beginning in the south-west, then south and center, sometimes with thunderstorms in the afternoon will be 20-26 degrees, and in some places — 17-18 degrees.

On Thursday or Friday in the north-western regions of the Central Federal District will penetrate more fresh air masses from the north-west. On most of the county will prevail cloudy, with rain in some places is still strong and long-lasting, less intense rainfall will be in the north-west. At night the temperature will drop to 10-16 degrees in the afternoon thermometers will show 17 to 24 degrees.

Saturday will remain about the same weather pattern, while air masses begin to move faster — anticyclone will go to the Urals, and the cyclone will eastward CFD. In the north-west and west of the weather will continue to improve — there Sunny will only occasionally. The day will be between 18 and 24 degrees.

Sunday cyclone finally leave the territory of the CFD. Do without rain, warm afternoon air well, and thermometers show from 19 degrees north to 26 degrees south.

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