Recruiting timeout for graduate students

Recruiting timeout for graduate studentsAt the meeting, President Medvedev nedavneshney with young people the question was raised as to whether the military service graduate students recruited. Dmitry Medvedev has promised to deal with the issue. As a result of this kind of "trial" by the President signed legislation that ensures the provision of respite from the service to the citizens of military age who came to study in graduate school. Under these laws, but states that delay promised only to those graduate students who are studying full-time at universities with state accreditation. With all of this one of the signed documents will only take effect January 1, 2013, and is the situation with the state accreditation of educational institutions in the provision of post-graduate grace postponed. It turns out that from January 2012 to military service would be released without exception, post-graduate full-time students.

We analyze the problem of a deferment of graduate students and post-graduate students in general with different accreditation viz. As you know, now far not every young man burning desire to give duty to the Motherland as a service to those or other forces. Even a reduced service to 12 months in a meaningful way not turned the tide. We will not again raise the problem, due to which this trend continues. We will only say that every year is a quantitative reduction in the number of persons called up for military service. Defense also turn lowers the bar for recruitment compared with vernal period. Today autumn conscription should be about 135.8 thousand man. This is half of the autumn conscription in 2010 and 83 thousand man less than in the spring of 2011.

Saying "A" must be read and "B", and specifically quantitative reduction while does not mean high-quality growth. The army continues to go in most of its own, kids from low-income or disadvantaged families. With all of this it should be noted that this category of recruits far not always different even average special education. Certainly, no bias to the children of alcoholic parents of the family, can not be tolerated, and oh, let's say, the filling of the gene also should not forget. Dysfunctional family is dysfunctional family, and all its disadvantages, at some point affect the child (the future Patrons of the Fatherland in this case). Continued bolshennom amount recruited those with a bang received a certificate of basic general education (tobish about "the end" 9-minute classes) with a number of "wobbly" triples.

With all this we should not forget that the Russian army, at least, according to a large crowd will be absolutely re-equipped and modernized. In parts of already having objects of military equipment, which are required to manage a very strong technical knowledge. Even a small tool in the coming years will significantly grow new capabilities, and a means for its development may require even more time. You can imagine for yourself, dare to admit to the management of research and even more so to the operation of new weapons systems of the recruits, who are at odds even with the multiplication table.

Meanwhile, since 2008, representatives of the Ministry of Defense began to claim that the number of recruits with higher and postgraduate education year of the year will only grow. In some military around the trend really showed itself. But the quality of the preparation of most of these graduates began to walk almost funny stories. In particular, "succeeded" North graduates of high schools, many of which have a degree of higher education of the municipal reference, not even able to call a specialty that is specified in this diploma, not to mention specifically about the materiel. In line units were full of lists of people who have received several high school diplomas. In this case, in the "special" 1st person were listed and humanitarian, and pure techno. It seems to be an indispensable experts at just come into the modern Russian army. But …

It's no secret that in today's times, every university tries to virtually "grab" more students in connection with an accident per capita funding. There are those municipal universities, which despite the low scores of applicants, acquired as a result of the USE, they (the applicants) will still be credited. Like, the main thing that has gone funding from the state budget. Demographic slump 90 in a certain way justifies the rectors of universities. Hunt to eat it all — that they go to the certificates with extensive closed eyes. And the "kids" this fully to enjoy themselves. If you take on training, then why not get a couple of degrees by not overlapping fields. And so now all over Russia.

And here is also a new law to postpone for graduate students. Yes, now every second will want to continue their education in graduate school. Here, even the word "full-time" is not enough scare anyone. Will be trained before the time runs out until the age of conscription. And it is an opportunity to joining the army man after graduate school can be considered negligible for most of the "poslevuzovtsev." No desire to use harsh words, but the rub pants for graduate school desks now will be more than justified for most young people.

Certainly, the government lusts, that adopted laws were valid only for the good. If we assume a utopian idea that every young man, go to graduate school, really longs to continue (or start) scientific research, that interrupt the learning process for them, in this country is really counterproductive. But now, "seek" himself in science can reach out and those who are of this science is far more than.

Certainly, graduates of engineering graduate schools — Ph.D. — could actually be useful in a modern army, but as the saying goes, zahochut whether they go "to serve" themselves, and guaranteed to be in the military exploitation of their knowledge and skills prof. And if they will only use only as manpower and machines to clean potatoes, then in that case, no need to delay and can not be. For year they still lost all that they have been taught or tried to teach as part of post-graduate education.

One hitch touches the other. And to deal with these links inconsistencies and gaps will be very difficult. So we have become a tradition — we live in Russia!

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