Reflecting on the guise of tenants alternative spaces

Not random is the statement of one of the giants of physics, Nobel Prize winner, our compatriot Vitaly Ginzburg, who said with his characteristic bluntness: "These creatures are likely to represent some fields of energy, unusual for us endowed properties. And this, of course, favors the existence of parallel worlds. "

Reflecting on the guise of "tenants alternative spaces," the scientist, referring to the universal principle of the universality of boundless nature, emphasized that they do not necessarily have to be our mirror. On the contrary, they should not be like us, and gnomic-fantastic.

Understand what Ginsburg mean, you can read some of the facts from the huge array of documentary evidence provided by the participants of incredible events. Events, conventionally ranked as the poltergeist phenomenon, it is not clear how and why periodically falling from the "Boden" parallel worlds. Phenomenon, it is necessary to add, does not choose sites. But, if the land of its aspect Scripture rewritten, the sea poltergeist somehow overlooked. Make up for the same unfortunate gap.

Cool flame "flame"

In March 1855, the Portuguese commercial sailboat "Flame", to take on board in the port of Singapore's fresh water, provisions, having filled the holds bales hemp, disappeared over the horizon. Once around the ship did not become anything but calm waves and clear skies, with linen robami sailors, is operating the sails, scurrying to reyam, something began to happen, they are terrified. Caught fire and burned to the ground, Opava flakes of ash, and clothes. Flame, as after the ill-fated expedition told the sailors, was not hot, and even cooling the skin on the hot wind. The captain ordered, removing the sails, heave and personally gave the team a naked new clothes.

At dusk, when more than, like, nothing was burning and smoldering, sailboat resumed course. At exactly 22 hours and 20 minutes, all 40 members of the team watched the spectacle, in their words, "the ruinous, diabolical, threatening the sinking." Sails filled with wind tight, suddenly flashed like gunpowder, momentarily blinding.

Captain Carlos da Fontana in the morning he brought in a logbook recording the incident: "Fire on the snap-off no heat was flowing like water, do not burn. Sails became black as happens with charred cloth. " Contains a log book, now stored at the Maritime Museum of Lisbon, the other startling revelations.

On the civilian sailboat in order to defend against pirate attacks, was a solid weapons arsenal, which includes, besides rifles, pistols, swords, six small cannon, mounted on the sides of bolts and chains. So, in the moment of "fire" sails bolts and chains melt, battery caps that are stored in the powder keg, have been ruined because water flooded the cellar. Where it comes from, it is not clear: Crawl drained, not finding in the skin cracks and holes. The captain, like all very superstitious sailors, ordered to knock panel boards with the words "Fire." Further unusual sailing ever happened.

Nightmare in the engine room

Three days, from 18 to 20 June 1902, have become a nightmare for the British steamship stoker "Prize", was on his way across the Atlantic to New York. As he wrote in his book "The diversity of poltergeists" Alan Thomas, a phenomenon he called the Force somehow justified only in the engine room, made unsafe staying there. But what exactly is mired in the notorious Power? The fact that "at will" could fling the boilers serving the people. Firemen, is not able to withstand, took off the metal ceiling, a painful blow on it, received hefty blows invisible fist. Abated from them and wear, "somehow unthinkable" — fall down at the feet of wet rags.

The culmination of these, beats out of their normal working rhythm of events was hit with a sledgehammer, the unknown, the unknown who recovered from a locked lock on the toolbox. The victim, injured fireman Dave Parker, rest in bed in the hospital, said the hammer fell on his head from the ceiling. Parker believed partly because other firemen and chief engineer still saw the intruder.

Captain Leon Klemp to Deal, which went to the cabin for a revolver. Being able to cross the threshold, unable to move on, so he received a through ankle injury. The shot heard sailors. At the request of the captain, while the ship's surgeon handles and tied the wound opened securely locked safe. The revolver was in place. Only one bullet in the drum was missing. The revolver had an odor svezheotstrelyannoy gunpowder smoke and gun oil. Bullet extracted from oak paneling cabins.

HUNT hijackers

With honor to get out of a truly inhumane tests arranged a so-called air-poltergeist, in September 1933 the French cadets of the training ship diesel "Leader" helped curiosity inherent in youth, and enviable composure.

In 1981, a former sailor Dan Pontius, remembering long adventure, said: "Just imagine! On 6 September, we were unable to go on board to build — the doors to the outside, to be locked up. And something wonderful. Cranks keys in locks, the locks regularly worked, the door as if someone had welded the electric welding. To free ourselves, we used gas welding. Electric welding could not use, because electricity from the generators to power sources have been reported. Diesel engines do not work accordingly — the ship was lying in the drift.

Finding himself on the deck, we were beaten. We simply used as a punching bag, and even threw out over the side, preventing the return. But did not stop. " Further, according to Pontius, invisible tormentors floated invisible teeth, leaving under clothes bleeding wounds. What to do in response? Someone suggested to try to shoot toward the sky flares. Work, and how! Dan Pontius, years later, had no doubt that the combustible mixture of missiles simply burned out the hijackers. As soon as the "leader" of the order reigned, bruises, blisters, bruises, wounds from the sailors disappeared. "It seems — said Pontius — that in fact all these marks on our bodies did not exist, all we seemed to see."


Kind of explanation of poltergeist water gives a modern researcher D. Scott Rogo. In his view, the emergence of the phenomenon of collective promotes sexual energy of young people who are in an emergency situation "separation and isolation from the mainland in the boundless expanse of sea."

At some point the elusive peak potential personal danger sublimated energy of people, concentrated and made to live apart from their media lives. Scott Rogo managed to provoke and to recreate those situations. As a result of the collective psychic power of participants in the experiment caused a movement, glow, destruction of objects, the appearance of ghostly entities, accompanied by loud noises, unpleasant odors, threatening graffiti on walls, ceilings and floors.

D. Scott Rogo persuaded even inveterate skeptics that any paranormal — An important additional aspect of human existence. In fact — this is the man himself, but must necessarily young

Alexander Pudomyagin

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