Released the shocking truth about the real state of affairs in Russia

Released the shocking truth about the real state of affairs in RussiaFormer director of the Institute of Statistics Basil Simchera with the words "I'm tired of lying!" Presented real data, according to the portal "Future RUSSIA"
We have somehow come to terms with the fact that the official (in the person of Rosstat and other agencies), statistics, fixing the "achievements" of Russia, to us, to put it mildly, does not always tell the truth. Sometimes stretching the truth. To put it mildly. Okay, will survive. All the more so yourself, then we are already around us appreciate life to his measure.
But that she lied to the way it has recently opened a former director of the Institute of Statistics of the Federal State Statistics Service Basil Simchera?

This is, to put it mildly, too.

As sung once Vysotsky

If it's true … —
Well, at least a third —
Only one thing:
Just go to die!

Between Mr. Simchera and State Duma deputy from the Communist Party, Oleg Smolin recently occurred skirmish. It happened that both of them were members of the conference in the Russian State Trade and Economic University. Now, the former head of the Institute of Statistics showed claims Mr. Smolin as representative of power (after all, the deputy, the deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Education): that power we shamelessly lying. Himself, Mr. Simchera emphasizes Smolin, resigned, saying, "I'm tired of lying!". And present their statistical picture of what in reality happened and is happening in Russia. These are appalling — like Vysotsky.
Rejecting his claim, as a government official, address, Smolin writes, "Of course I remember from my youth formula is a lie, there is a blatant lie, and there are statistics! Of course, he repeatedly used the alternative sociological data services and institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Still, the data ex-Director of the Institute of Statistics, summarized in a single table called "dual assessment of the main indicators of the Russian economy in 2001-2010." Produce shocking. " Smolin presented them with their comments on the pages of "Soviet Russia." So — here's a horrifying picture of degradation of our country in the "dry" vykladkahne someone, and repeat, until recently — the Director of the Institute of Statistics of Rosstat:
Russia's national wealth. Official: $ 4.0 trillion. In fact (according to the Russian State Statistics Committee RIS): $ 40 trillion. Understatement of 10, says Smolin, the authorities need to sell for a pittance oligarchs and foreigners remains of former public property, and simultaneously grind the people that we live not worse than working.
Size of intellectual capital. Official: $ 1.5 trillion. In fact, $ 25 trillion. Understatement of the intellectual capital of Russia almost 17-fold, according to Smolin, helping the authorities to justify a policy of copying the worst examples of foreign education, and — for a fortune importing foreign scientists in support of their miserable.
% Share of investment in GDP. Official: 18.5%. In fact: 12.2%. Overestimation in half investment in creating a false picture of prosperity continues Smolin. In fact, the country's economy is dominated by the principle of "buy-sell-stealing."
The rate of growth of GDP. Official: 6%. In fact, 4%. "Puffing" and a half times the rate of GDP growth, the government is trying to convince the public that it announced a doubling of 2003-2010. could take place, if not a global crisis. In fact, says Smolin, in 2003-2008. the economy grew by only a quarter, and in a crisis 2009, we were the champions of the fall of the "Big Twenty"! As for GDP, it says sarcastically MP seems not going to double or even upyaterit, but not in terms of gross domestic product, and Vladimir Putin's two terms as president, a prime minister and two presidential again, for the duration of the previous three equal .
Average inflation for the year. Official: 6-8%. Actually: 18.27%. It has long been known, Smolin says that prices of essential commodities in Russia is much faster than the average for all goods and services. Therefore, inflation for the poor (social inflation) is much higher than for the rich. And the poorer the family, the faster the price of goods that it buys. As is explained by the ex-director of the Institute of Statistics, 18% per year is rising prices for goods and services, which buy the poorest citizens. Therefore it is not surprising that even the government almost annually recognizes the growing gap between rich and poor. These RIS mean, in particular, that the so-called vaunted authorities. increase of pensions in 2009-2010. at best offset the rise in prices of essential commodities in two years.
The income gap richest 10% and poorest 10%. Official: 16 times. In fact: 28-36 times. This is not only higher than in Western Europe and Japan, not only the U.S. but also in many countries in Latin America, says Smolin. The maximum permissible level for national security, according to the director of the Institute of Social and Political Studies G.Osipova is 10. In Russia, it exceeded three times.
Gap in the level of gross domestic product by region. Official: 14 times. In fact, 42 times. In social terms, Russia has long ceased to be a united country, says Smolin. If Moscow lives at Bohemia, the Republic of Tuva — at Mongolia. Federal power drops to the regions more and more social obligations and simultaneously draws from them more and more money to invest in foreign securities. Poverty through the Russian provinces in fact funded, in particular, the war in Afghanistan, Iraq, and in part — and in Libya. Article 114 of the Russian Constitution requires the government to pursue a common social policy throughout the country. Whether the government fulfills its obligations when the gaps in regional development exceed ten times, up to you, appeals to readers Smolin.
The share of the population belonging to the social underclass, in% of total naseleniya.Ofitsialno: 1.5%. In fact 45%. According to the Institute of Statistics (Rosstat), the country's 12 million alcoholics, more than 4.5 million drug addicts, more than one million homeless children. Not surprisingly, the official figures are understated by 30 times: almost half of the underclass in the richest country — evidence of the complete failure of the economic and social policy of the authorities.
The share of loss-making enterprises. Official: 8%. In fact 40%. On physical indicators modern Russian economy is hopelessly behind the Soviet, and the taxes on the real economy, as opposed to personal income taxes of billionaires, huge, says Smolin.
The level of overall taxation of revenues, in%. Official: 45%. In fact 90%. It is amazing how we are doing, and why the oligarchs are still missing? However, said Oleg Smolin, is partly due to the following figure.
The level of tax evasion, in% of revenue. Official: 30%. In fact 80%. Power, says Smolin, pretends to collect taxes, and the citizens pretend to pay them!
Depreciation of fixed assets, in%. Official: 48.8%. In fact: 75.4%. If God wants to punish a person takes the mind, says Smolin. It seems that the Russian government has already happened. How can there be to join the World Trade Organization (WTO), when depreciation of fixed assets is 3/4? For the export of raw materials WTO is not required and Russia export more while there is nothing. Remains of domestic production will be finished off. Complete gentleman in the country will be transnational capital. However, why would?
The share of foreign capital in the Russian economy, in%. All in all — officially 20%. In fact, 75% of which:
— In the property. Official: 25%. In fact, 60%;
— In the profits. Official: 21%. In fact, 70%;
— In stocks. Official: 18%. In fact 90%.
"This, gentlemen, — asks Smolin — your sovereign democracy? If the RIS data are correct, in economic terms, we become a colony of the loud screams, getting up from his knees! ".
In the grant — officially 14%. In fact 90%. Funny, Smolin notes that the government is afraid of foreign grants, but quietly taking foreign loans and encourage foreigners to sell our companies!
The real cost of upgrading, in billion. Confirmed: 750. In fact: 30. Could it be that the real cost of upgrading to 25 times lower than announced, our technological gap increases, and all of its "steam" out of "whistle"?
Efficiency upgrades, as% of costs. Official: 25%. In fact, 2.5%. Another would be that in order to justify a "sham" costs, says Smolin, you need to show the "inflated" results. If you multiply one by the other, the effect is sugarcoated about 250 times! However, before it was clear that all the noise about upgrading — are beautiful showcases great buildings instead.
The difference between producer prices and consumer prices, times. Official: 1.5. In fact: 3.2, including:
— In agriculture. Official: 1.3. In fact, 4.0. Mediators 'fatten' impoverished workers and shoppers, and power, just Verka Serduchka, repeating, "Well, all will be well! ..";
— In public procurement. Official: 1.1. In fact: 1.6. And here is clearly "fatten" officials. No accident that President Dmitry Medvedev has said that as a result of applying the law № 94 (PPL) from the budget was looted of about 1 trillion.
The difference between appointed and paid tariffs of natural monopolies, times. Official: 1.1. In fact: 1.7, including:
— In the utility bills — Official: 1.2. In fact: 2.4. If the "communal" is paid at reasonable prices, says Smolin, it costs us to half the price!
Unemployment rate,% of employment. Official: 2-3%. In fact: 10-12%. Throughout the world, not all unemployed registered at the labor exchange. So there is a difference between the official statistics and the statistics of the International Labor Organization. However, to this difference was 4-5 times, to properly rig the stats!
The number of crimes committed (2009), in millions of people. Official: 3.0. In fact: 4.8. Apparently, we are talking about almost two million crimes recorded, but in a strange way the official statistics do not fall, says Smolin. However, many important crimes that are either not registered, or those for which people do not go to the police. An estimated group of scientists Research Academy of General Prosecutor's Office under the direction of Professor S.Inshakova, the number of such crimes is almost 10 times higher than official statistics records — about 26 million a year.
To survive, summarizes Oleg Smolin, the power turns statistics in a brazen lie, and with the help of citizens trying pulled "rose-colored glasses." But in the history of political regimes repeatedly dying from self-poisoning is propaganda. I do not regret the regime, says the MP. Sorry country. For her the best medicine — really.

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