Representatives of the Al Qaeda in the main managed to dislodge from the North Caucasus, said the head of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation

Representatives of the "Al-Qaeda" is basically managed to dislodge from the North Caucasus, said the head of the Russian Federal Security ServiceThanks to the active operations, as zabugornom interaction with co-workers, members of the "Al Qaeda" in the main managed to dislodge from the North Caucasus. This was stated by Federal Security Service Director Alexander Bortnikov at the end of the meeting of the Governing international intelligence and security agencies and law enforcement agencies — partners of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation.

"In the near future in the process of operational activities was eliminated a huge number of members"Al-Qaeda "in the North Caucasus. Currently they take an indirect role in fundraising thugs, but this is unimportant part", — said Bortnikov.

"We have managed to some extent neutralize the activities of international terrorist organizations in the North Caucasus. Not that they are not quite there, but not to the extent / how it was before /. In other words, in principle, we could very well supplant their actions international terrorist organizations that were at the North Caucasus. At the present moment any odious leaders of "Al-Qaeda "in the North Caucasus is not" — Alexander Bortnikov allocated.

Director FSB also believes that initially seems to be no information was received that the representatives of the "Al-Qaeda" organized forest fires in the area of the European Union, although to what the intentions of its members should be taken seriously.

"Would not it be sad, because the words and deeds do not crawl, and it confirms the practice" — saw the director of the FSB, commenting at the request of journalists this part of their performance at the international meeting of the governing intelligence agencies in Moscow.

He recalled that such information appeared on a number of extremist websites. "Because we need to be ready for what ever the development of events," — he saw.

The other day, Alexander Bortnikov at the 11th meeting of the Governing intelligence, security and law enforcement officials said that the international terrorist network "Al-Qaeda "ran across the burning of forests in Europe." As the newest trends realizable "Al-Qaeda" strategy "thousands of shots" to emphasize the burning of forests in the European Union. This method allows the application of significant economic and moral damage without severe preparatory training and equipment, and significant financial costs. In addition, the ability to identify the instigators of low intelligence "- see director FSB.

According to him, "the deliberate show of temper designated posted on extremist websites and forums annotations on the organization of" forest jihad ", including tips on places and methods of arson nestled waste."

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