Representatives of the Indian Ministry of Defense expressed hesitation at low prices current cycle French fighters «Rafale»

Representatives of the Indian Ministry of Defense questioned the lowest life cycle cost of French fighters «Rafale»

As reported by "News of the MIC," in less than 2 months after the selection by the Air Force India French fighter «Rafale» by tender MMRCA, as two members of the negotiating committee expressed hesitation in the current cycle of low prices designated aircraft. This was said «Deccan Herald», citing informed sources. Two representatives of the Commission expressed the suspicion that the cost of operating fighter was understated by «Dassault». Now the conclusion of the agreement with the French could move over to a later date, and even lead to the cancellation of the results of the tender.

As reported by the sources, among the committee members do not have one view on the matter. And if not, then contract can not be concluded. For example, the cost of servicing the power plant fighter «Gripen» company SAAB (Sweden) is higher than 3 thousand dollars per hour. Such price at the "Rafale" should, according to experts, to be higher, as, for example, and price service Russian fighters that are in service with the Indian Air Force.

According to sources, representatives of the Ministry of Defence of India expressed the fluctuation in the accuracy of the lower level of the price of the current cycle "Rafale". Commission carefully check the conformity of the price and service airframe, avionics, weapons systems and spare parts. Representatives of the Commission insist that the budget limitations of the acquisition "Rafale" should not be financially destroy other programs when necessary, including the acquisition of light and heavy helicopters, training aircraft «Hawk» and engines for fighter-bombers "Jaguar . "

Preparatory training contract for the supply of "Rafale" should end in about April or May 2012, the Company «Dassault» expects contract will be signed at the end of this year. High-ranking source from the Indian Defense Ministry said that approximately a third of the lack of money can put a question on the fate of the helicopter contract. In general, representative Defense S. Kar believes that at the moment everything is going smoothly and problems or new developments did not appear.

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