Residents of Russia offer to form one nation

The Presidential Council will discuss the adoption of the Declaration of National Unity of the Russian people.


Tuesday, February 19th, the Presidential Council on International Relations to discuss the development of the Declaration of National Unity of the Russian people. Since the proposal was made by the deputy of the State Duma of the "United Russia" and member of the board Alexey Zhuravlev. According to him, the declaration should be in the public contract and introduced the concept of the "Russian nation" and "multi-ethnic population."

Zhuravlev convinced that the people of Russia to agree on what constitutes a nation.

— It is in the singular. We have many nationalities, but one nation. One nation — said Zhuravlev.

According to him, the conceptual apparatus is important in order to achieve "genuine national unity."

— It is necessary once and close the topic of ethnic separatism and chauvinistic fervor in our country. Today we are talking at the same time and the "multinational people of Russia" and the "Russian nation", — says the politician.

Now in the preamble to the Constitution of Russia registered the term "multinational people of the Russian Federation." In the Declaration of National Unity of the Russian people Zhuravlev wants to consolidate the following thesis: "The people of the Russian Federation (Russian political nation) is a multi-ethnic population of the Russian Federation — all Russian citizens who are carriers of the Russian language, cultural, spiritual, moral and social imperatives of the state inherent multiethnic Russian civilization. "

Declaration called for a referendum on the November 4, 2017, the anniversary of the October Revolution, the Bolshevik response to the Declaration of Rights of the Peoples of Russia.

Chairman of the Duma Committee on Nationalities and of the Council on International Relations Gadzhimet Safaraliev considers the phrase "diverse population" impersonal. At the same time, it supports the idea of a single all-Russian nation.

— The strategy to create nationwide natspolitiki people. Discuss the idea at a meeting of the Board of Zhuravleva — promised Safaraliev.

Other experts disagree with Zhuravlev and called the idea of a "populist."

Deputy Director of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Russian Academy of Sciences and a member of the Council on International Relations Vladimir Zorin said that all the wording already in the strategy developed by the Council of National Policy of Russia until 2025.

— It was a broad discussion of the strategy, now you just have to work to implement it — said Zorin.

Political scientist Paul Svyatenko sees no point replacing the wording "multinational people" to "multi-ethnic population."

— The meaning will not be added, and the word "population" in the Russian language has a lower status than the people. The thesis of the creation of a political nation is being discussed, but there are no references to the Russian people and their role in the Russian state, despite the fact that in Russia there are several republics, where the titular nations entered in the local constitution. In this form, the declaration — as Vain — concluded the expert.

The wording "multinational people" in the preamble to the Constitution has drawn criticism from some politicians. In March 2012, the State Duma deputy Vladimir Bortko introduced the bill in the lower house to replace the phrase "We — the multinational people" in the phrase "We — the Russian people and the people who joined him." But President Vladimir Putin has supported the idea. "You know what we do? We will create a segment of our society men first class, and some — the second, and this can not be done ", — Putin said, responding to the offer.

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