Residents of the Ulyanovsk region to prepare for the proposed meeting of NATO soldiers

Residents of the Ulyanovsk region to prepare for the proposed meeting NATO soldiers ..

NATO in Ulyanovsk

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the other day: "In the U.S., any funding from foreign policy, particularly the electoral activities of U.S. NGOs is strictly prohibited by law. We have to "adjust" their legislation under these democratic standards. " Indeed, we have to do it with regard to the electoral and political activities against Western NGOs.

"The window of opportunity" associated with the elections, will soon be closed, and the Western public and expert network will move on to other projects: in addition to the "orange" functions, they play a significant role in the administrative, economic and military pro-Western initiatives.

Consider the model of their actions in the military-political sphere. In early February, the 2012 has passed the information on plans for the opening of "staging point" of NATO in Ulyanovsk to reverse the transit of military cargo from Afghanistan. Under the scheme, the goods must be delivered by air from Afghanistan to Russia, bypassing Uzbekistan, then of trains transported through Russian territory to NATO countries. Uzbekistan refused to return to NATO transit through their territory, concerned the flow of arms and drugs, which will go with the goods. And State Duma deputy from the Communist Party Anatoly elbow rightly called base in Ulyanovsk "Kyrgyz Manas in Russia."

From the western centers of expertise immediately voices in support of the "Ulyanovsk route." Member of the Scientific Council of the Moscow Carnegie Center Alexei Arbatov also confident: "This decision is absolutely correct."

In his opinion, if Russia refused to assist in the organization of NATO transit point in Ulyanovsk, it would have discredited itself as a strategic partner.

The idea of NATO's presence in Ulyanovsk, it turned out, enjoyed enthusiastic support of Governor Sergei Morozov. "We've been doing this project, — he said. Cooperation with NATO — is "a great opportunity to give impetus to the development of our airport," which "really confirms the international status of the airport." Concerned about whether the governor increased flow of Afghan heroin into unchecked cargo? "And about any drug speech and can not be — the head of the region. — The Americans are very seriously looking for narkokanalami. " The question arises: the governor himself came to this understanding of the interests of the Ulyanovsk region? Or he "explained"? Then — who?

In Russia, there is an organization called the Moscow School of Political Studies — MSPS. Since 1992, it is engaged in "civil education of regional leaders." According to the report for the year 2009, at that time was held in 1600 workshops, which were attended by over 8,000 people. More than 70 graduates have become members of parliament, more than 200 pupils of the school were elected to the regional, city and district authorities. The list of influential alumni of the school featured, in addition to Vladimir Ryzhkov, several deputy ministers of the government of the country, dozens of governors, vice-governors, mayors and heads of regional legislatures.

George Soros himself "impressed continuous efforts to promote school foundations of democracy" — is proud to announce the organization's website.

Along with the board of the school has an international board of trustees, which is chaired by Sir Rodric Braithwaite. In 1992-1993 he was an adviser to Sir British Prime Minister and Chairman of the British Joint Intelligence Committee, which coordinates all security services and their relationship with the CIA. School finance Agency for International Development Cooperation, United States Agency for International Development, the program "Open World" Library of Congress, Soros Institute "Open Society", the Council of Europe, the American Foundation, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, a leading U.S. corporation military-industrial complex, "Lockheed Martin "There are other sponsors. Among private donors featured Robert McFarlane — National Security Advisor to Ronald Reagan, one of the main architects of the concept of the "Star Wars" and party scandal "Iran-Contra", Toby and Charles Gati — she is deputy secretary of state for intelligence and analysis in 1993-1997 years, he — a senior adviser to the State Department's policy planning in the early 1990s, Thomas Graham — Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Russian Affairs in the George W. Bush, Angela Stent — National Intelligence Officer for Russia and Eurasia at the National Security Council in 2004-2006, Elizabeth Jones — Deputy Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs in 2001-2005 and other "competent person".

Moscow School of Political Studies also assembled a group of experts, which — in addition to members of the International Council — includes other prominent foreign figures: famous Russophobes Richard Perle and Richard Pipes, former and current U.S. and British ambassadors to Russia Thomas Pickering, James Collins, Alexander Vershbow, William Burns, John Beyrle and Michael McFaul, Andrew Wood, Anthony Brenton and Anne Pringle, president of oil company TNK-BP Robert Dudley and others.

Among the experts, there are also well-known Russians Alexander Voloshin, Lyudmila Alekseeva, Arkady Dvorkovich, Karaganov, Vladimir Ryzhkov, Igor Jurgens, and … the governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov.

In the government of the Ulyanovsk region in various positions working with dozens of graduates and participants of the Moscow School of Political Studies. Ulyanovsk City Duma chairman Vasily Gvozdev and his two deputies, Alexander Danilov and Sergey Kuzmin also trained in MSPS. Graduates work in the Public Chamber of the regional and local media — chief editor of the agency "Ulyanovsk bureau", editor of "First Youth Channel", editor of "REN-TV reporter," run by non-governmental organizations — the regional branch of the Russian Union of taxpayers, the youth branch of the Russian Political Science Association, Ulyanovsk club civic and several environmental organizations.

Obviously, the question of opening the NATO military base can not be solved at the level of the governor. But, along with the Moscow service lobbyists Russia NATO interests are properly prepared governor, along with a loyal Legislature, with the support of "friendly" media, public and expert NGOs can create an atmosphere in the region's population will dutifully NATO military base, not questions asked.

Opening of the NATO military base in Ulyanovsk — is another step in the ongoing integration of Russia in the operation "of our partners." Progressiveness here — a key term. If you throw a frog into boiling water, it will jump out of it. And if you drop a frog in cold water and slowly heated, the frog is cooked, and both without even noticing — the brain is turned off first. When goods go, it appears that to ensure their safety and order "not stolen," would require the additional presence of NATO forces. Further, "for your own safety," appears on the need to "promote" local law enforcement agencies. In response to the explosive growth of drug NATO will propose a "joint war on drugs" — in the center of Russia, not in Afghanistan, where "international force" to poppy cultivation themselves, and not react. Ulyanovsk population will, in the meantime, get used to the presence of humans in the NATO military uniform, and the local economy — a dependence on servicing the needs of NATO. And then try to put this "temporary" military base in Ulyanovsk — local NGOs chest stand on its defense, driving in people known clichés about the fact that NATO forces "ensure our security and give us jobs," but the "Putin to ensure their can not. "

Actually, all the arguments of the governor prepared to address. As he told the graduates of the local School of Civil Aviation, "thanks to the cooperation with NATO will be able to find a good paying job and Ulyanovsk."

Also believes the head of the region, "it's a job for our company" Volga-Dnepr ": one of the largest taxpayers in the Ulyanovsk region will pay us at least two times more taxes." Develops the concept of supply chain North Kuchins of the Washington Center for Strategic and International Studies said this before: Russian companies transporting goods and NATO forces "have become deeply dependent on the business."

Similarly, the network will provide the pro-Western course separatist initiatives, privatization of strategic enterprises, reform benefits the West.

In this case, the Kremlin has not noticeably of adequate understanding of the scope and detail of Western chains in Russia, their true objectives and implementation mechanisms.

In this context, the liberalization of the political system, proposed by Dmitry Medvedev, for Washington — manna from heaven. Creation of a "pocket" of political parties for a particular purpose, the direct election of governors — a return to the "golden age" of their interests in Moscow's corridors of power and influence in the region increase. If the bills pass without fundamental change, our political system would be open to "fighting without rules." The absence of a competitive and filters will allow to enter the legitimate political field to people who, because of their place of interest should not be there. Then they will go to "extended government" directly to the levers of executive power from the West will be able to implement policies favorable with massive support from the Western expert and social NGOs.

I'm not talking about choice. If earlier Ulyanovsk proud that he — the birthplace of VI Lenin, it is now ready to glorify themselves as hospitable city in Russia, the first to host a NATO base. Yes, choosing a venue for a trans-shipment point, sophisticated Washington minds could not deprive yourself of the pleasure …

Alexander Tchaikovsky — expert of the Institute of Foreign Policy Studies and Initiatives (INVISSIN, Moscow).

Alexander Tchaikovsky

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