Revealed the secret UFO


Baku — APA. The mysterious unidentified flying objects (UFOs), observing that not only gave rise to a series of fascinating stories, but also the whole science — ufology, possibly closely related to the phenomenon that is called "elves" or "sprites", bright flashes in the upper atmosphere, APA reports with reference to

Dancing in the air flames can be seen during thunderstorms and long "familiar" to humanity, but the researchers undertook their study only after one of the observers was able to fix their image in 1989.

"Lightning create an electric field which causes the flash sprites, — says Colin Price, a geophysicist at the University of Tel Aviv. — We now understand that only a certain kind of lightning could give rise to outbreaks at high altitude. "

With the help of special equipment, researchers were able to fix the sprites at a height of 56-129 kilometers from the earth, well above the usual "lightning" level. In addition, the sprites have a spherical shape.

The nature of these bursts remains a mystery, however, Price said it was sprites can reveal secret UFO observed in the sky for many years. Recall that the objects in the form of a shiny balloons are often seen in the sky pilots, it is a sign and another mysterious phenomenon — the "blue jets".

Price and his colleagues suggest that sprites can have some impact on the ozone layer of the Earth, but doubt that it significantly.

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