Revenge from beyond the grave

In the annals of parapsychology backlog of cases in which victims of crime, criminals sent to the hereafter, all of a sudden found a way to live, to make revenge. Most often it is the transmission of information to the relatives, who the real killer, at least — in a kind of vendetta when the killer dying of some, seemingly random reasons, the victim of attacks, ill terminal illness or committed suicide.

Ghost tells of his murder

A classic example is the phenomenon of Hamlet shadow of his father, who reported that his poisoned brother to take the throne in his stead. We can say that this is speculation of the author. But it is doubtful that Shakespeare coined the key episode by accident, if such stories were not typical for that time, and not only for kings.

An example is the case of murder of British women Anne Walker in the XVII century. This girl working as a maid, and became pregnant by a master who, after learning about it, deprived of her life, and the dead buried. A few days later the local miller, James Graham, returning home at dusk, and met with the ghost of the woman who looked just like during the murder of all covered with blood, and on her head a few gaping open wounds. Ghostly woman called Graham his name, at the same time saying that she was killed by blows picks master, from whom she was pregnant. Besides the ghost said that the body found at the bottom of a coal mine, and the ill-fated pick is still lying in the house, along with other tools … After waiting a few seconds, the ghost said the miller everything must report to the authorities, otherwise it will always haunt him at night …

Graham some time to do nothing, but the ghost began to awaken a miller or appeared to him in a dream, then Walker was still a magistrate, where he told all that he had seen and heard. At first did not believe him, but found evidence — pick with blood and body of the girl at the bottom of the mine — speak for themselves. The murderer was hanged, and avenged the spirit ceased to be someone else.

Otherworldly punishment

As another example, the well-known story of Pushkin's "Queen of Spades", the story is based on the fact that the military engineer by the name of Hermann, fixated on the idea of a light dressing, the night was a ghost of the Countess, before sent to the light from its help. Ghost named Hermann three cards, with which he must break a big jackpot while playing Stoss. The very same punishment lies in the fact that Germany, the first to break the bank, after losing everything to the penny and goes crazy …

The so-called Gothic literature, the origins of which are drawn from the XVIII-XIX centuries, also in full relishes the horror stories associated with ghosts. Not lagging behind the book and film. Suffice it to mention at least one of the films scripted by Steven Spielberg, "Poltergeist", which tells how a certain family, build a house in an abandoned cemetery, is pursued by ghosts dead, risen from the grave.

However, the place of spirits — is not only fiction writers and filmmakers, it has a very real basis.

We know, for example, that at the present time, many houses in the cities built on the site of ancient graveyards. As a result, the unsuspecting inhabitants of these houses are beginning to feel pressure from the disturbed dead souls. Say to comfort that not all abandoned cemeteries marked riot spirits as it is, for example, shown in the film Spielberg. However, called geopathogenic, these areas will inevitably have a clear negative impact on health and the fate of all those who are at risk to settle …

Also, there have been cases when a particular stubborn spirit had a special attachment to any one place, considering it his possession. And so he was hitting or pushing everyone who came to this place. But one thing to invade here passers-by, and quite another when it crossed the possession of a motorist, racing at high speed. This is the case and there was in the 80's of the last century on the highway between Wellington and Auckland in New Zealand. It was noted that at the 111th kilometer of the road with a strange regularity of accidents began to occur with every second car. As a reasonable explanation for this is not found, this place is called anomalous zone and put a warning sign on the need to reduce speed. It did not help. It is only when the matter attracted experienced exorcists and parapsychologists, who have done the ritual expulsion of the spirit, of the accident at the site ceased.

Rowdy poltergeist

Poltergeist — or, in German, — noisy spirit — a very rare phenomenon consisting in various unexplained sounds, spontaneous movement, and even flying objects, spontaneous combustion, after water and many other things, so there is no natural explanation. Parapsychologists believe that all of this makes the restless soul of a deceased person who has ever lived here, and especially when he claims to have someone from the tenants.

Add that poltergeist tricks seemingly meaningless and more like the behavior of hooligan teenager from a dysfunctional family. However, in some cases, this is his "mischief" gets quite focused, in particular, when the spirit of any of those present said to blame for his death or when present are beginning to struggle with poltergeist with magic, prayer, or any other action. Poltergeist cases of murder of any of the living, however, is not mentioned even once. However, it is considered quite typical when noisy spirit, giving rest to tenants, day or night, bringing them to a heavy neurosis or even a heart attack.

The example of when A. Shlyadinsky, an experienced fighter with "evil spirits", who undertook to tame one of the most dangerous types of poltergeist — fire, hit right on the streets of Moscow and with severe burns was taken to the hospital. So, at first glance, spontaneous and has no reason prohibitive force revenge on her abuser, as a few years ago it was reported in many Russian newspapers.

Dangerous job spirits and exorcists

Jokes — jokes, but even seemingly looks interesting and profitable contact with evil spirits are almost always ends badly. This applies not only to contracts with the devil, the characteristic of the Middle Ages, but even ordinary evocation of spirits. Particularly affected are clumsy and primitive magicians, having read the literature or use different spells, taken by them from the Internet. However, even experienced persecutors spirits and Ghostbusters often receive tangible answers from otherworldly creatures, as evidenced by the above case with A. Shlyadinskim.

As for the inexperienced magicians and exorcists, they often do not consider it necessary or are not able to send the cause dark entities back to the underworld. As a result, not only the spirit begins to act as he pleases, but also begins to chase the man, to bring all sorts of adversity, not only for him but also for his family. Addicted to the man, the spirit is its psychological and even a vampire head of his behavior, which becomes chaotic and unpredictable. From the standpoint of esoteric teachings, this kind is called an obsession or madness.

In some cases, the object of psychic attack are even professional Spiritcaller, mediums through which carried any seance. The fact is that by committing to call the spirit of some celebrity or historical figure, mediums actually come in contact with the lower and evil underground creatures who only pretended to be this celebrity, what mediums do not even know.

In spiritualism always marked an ethical affinity medium and spirit caused by humans, resulting in a vulgar and immoral spirit will never be able to call the spirit of some saint or just a person of moral cleanliness. Since the majority of mediums were ignorant and primitive people, then they came in contact mostly with inferior spirits, from which they could not obtain any benefit or accurate information. Moreover, systematic contacts with undeveloped spirits traditionally assigned to the dark force, inevitably led to the fact that the medium fell into complete dependence on them, doing them any, the most absurd and immoral claim.

For example, in many Russian newspapers in 1991 was widely reported case of murder of his classmate several students. During the investigation it was found out that the four teenagers has long applied the Spiritist practice, more and more carried away and getting into dependence which appeared to touch the spirit. During the last session of the spirit told them to kill the schoolgirl and drink her blood, and they did not dare to disobey: such was the power of suggestion otherworldly.

Using the transcendent forces to harm

This tactic is used, some witches, warlocks and mages to fight their enemies, or someone performing a similar order for the money. In parapsychology, this is called black magic, which includes various methods of psychic attack (involtatsii) that differ in strength and nature of exposure.

A feature of this kind of attack is that the magician or witch with spells and rituals of the spirit is attributable to the evil spirits, which is now becoming a performer's evil plan, and then being sent back to the beyond. In this case, the evil spirit is the only performer and instrument of crime, and the real culprit is herself a witch, wizard or the customer. It is also noteworthy that most of the attacks by evil spirits was typical of the Middle Ages, whereas in our time, these cases are rare. The reason is the unquestioning belief in the possibility of such an attack, paralyzing the victim, which takes place in the past or, on the contrary, skepticism and disbelief in magic, most of our contemporaries.

Despite the fact that the fight against witches and black magicians with appeals to the police or to the prosecutor's useless thing, it does not mean that all magicians are completely invulnerable people.

First, they may become the target of attack for the more experienced or equal to them in strength magician. Second, there is, by which the magical effects are evil, cunning and vengeful. It is believed that the impure always take payment from the person who caused them, or who would benefit from their magic. Very often a price to pay for their services is a health or even life success caused their rights. So, for example, the most common magical practice these days is love spell. However, she married a man of such privorozhennogo, a woman should not be surprised that he later became an alcoholic, and she was completely spoiled with nevrotichkoy health.

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