Revolutionary president

Revolutionary president

If we analyze the activity of Dmitry Medvedev as president RF and especially the last few months, we can safely say that his actions aimed at destabilizing the situation in the country.

This can be seen even in the period when it was not stated that Vladimir Putin will be a candidate for president of the "United Russia". Suffice it to recall a "police reform", which caused a great deal of negative feedback. After all, it is clear that the nature of the change of signs of the institution and the people working there did not change. In addition, for many people the word "police" identical "policeman", ie, is not a good meaning.

Once it became clear that Medvedev will not be allowed on the second term, he developed the so-violent activities to destabilize the country, which can be characterized as a diversion. Most of the people adekvatnomyslyaschih clearly realized the essence of "swamp revolution." A quiet Medvedev invites to a meeting of Boris Nemtsov, Vladimir Ryzhkov, Sergei Udaltsov and other representatives of the opposition, raising their status as favorites "fifth column" and the political ghosts to completely "rukopozhatnoy" force. In practice, this policy of "appeasement." President RF has shown that the best way to talk with the government — is a sassy pressure on her.

Even more massive blow to the country was the initiative of the President of the liberalization of the political system. The State Duma made out and passed on first reading three bills that make up the base of political reform. The first bill for the configurations in the law on political parties. It provides for the liberalization of the requirements for their establishment and operation. The implication is that with the January 1, 2013 political party could number 500, was previously necessary to dial 40 thousand members. Political party Now can not be eliminated at the request of the authorities because of the insufficient number of regional offices. Now these claims are canceled, but there remains a need numerous reports on the activities of political organization. Immediately in the development of party delegates to the founding congress of the consulate is set at the rate of more than 2-delegates (at the moment — more than three people) from each regional office, formed by at least half of the subjects of the federation.

Second bill Medvedev for the task of collecting signatures of voters in the election of deputies of the State Duma, the bodies of state power of subjects of the Russian Federation and local self-government. The project anticipates that during all elections except presidential elections, all parties will be exempt from the collection of signatures. The rate of collection of signatures will be retained only for the non-partisan public associations and their candidates. In addition, it is understood that the registration of the candidate for the post of President of the Party of the Russian Federation, is not exposed in the State Duma, will have to collect 2 million signatures did not, and 100 thousand. With all of this at every subject Federation have up to 2.5 million signatures. With up to 2 million 300 thousand will reduce the number of signatures to be collected will be self-nominated candidates. In one region of the Russian Federation can be collected 7.5 million signatures — at the present time 50 thousand also reduced the number of signatures necessary for the registration of candidates in local and regional elections.

3rd Medvedev's bill for the return of the election of governors. The law foresees that the highest official of Russian Federation will be elected by the citizens on the basis of universal, equal and direct suffrage and a secret ballot. Candidates for the post of head of the subject nominated by the parties or through self-nomination. With all this advancement of their own political parties, candidates for governor can only be made after consultation with the President. A consultation procedure has yet determined the Russian President. In addition, political parties now will not need to collect signatures in support of the people nominated their candidates. Those candidates who are nominated by self-nomination, will be collecting signatures on the amount determined by the law of the Russian Federation. Under the bill, the head of the subject will be elected for a term of less than 5 years. With all of this will likely review the highest official of the Federation, the tribunal found a violation of the law and repeated failure of their own without being respectful of circumstances. In addition, the grounds for the loss of confidence in the President of the Russian Federation are revealing with respect to the highest official of the Federation of facts corrupt links.

These bills are not just raw and unpolished, as correctly noted by many representatives of the parliamentary political parties, and questionable from the standpoint of political necessity, choose the time of their introduction. Elected as the worst moment — inside the country has developed a revolutionary situation in the world wars, revolutions, unrest, the global crisis and the premonition of a big war. In such a situation, like the death of liberalization, we need to mobilize and a sharp rise in the discipline, not a Western-style democratization.

And Medvedev is not going to stop there — the idea sounded configuration of the Constitution, the part that deals with the institution of presidency.

So the question arises, what is Medvedev? He did, in fact, destabilizing the political situation and immediately narrows the scope of mandatory opportunities for the next president. It is clear that they are motivated not by the usual revenge for something that is not given a second term of reproach "Monomakh".

Apparently, Medvedev is the trump card of that part of the political and business elite RF, that is one hundred percent focused on the guidance of the West and their personal and partisan interests. Medvedev has a role to play not only a very undermining respect for the central government, and if possible provocations in the spring and summer of 2012. For example, performing the duties of Acting president in the event of failure of the presidential elections and transfer them to another time. The result — the dictatorship of the liberal fascists.

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