Rewarding experience. In Belarus, there was not a gang and kingpin

In Belarus, there was not a gang and kingpin.

Alexander Lukashenko won criminals. This statement can hardly be doubted. Back in the 90's Old Man marked one of the points of public policy to get rid of the yoke of the bandit, which hangs over all the countries of the former USSR. The secret of this victory is incredibly simple: Lukashenko freed the hands of all the police officers, at times increased the staff of people in uniform and in some cases allowed to kill people without trial.

What was interesting at all Belarus' thieves in law ", because in the country there are almost no large factories and major business companies? The fact that Belarus — the last country of the former USSR to the West, but because through it to Russia received a huge amount of consumer goods, electronics, and automobiles. Special commodities: VAZ, which in the West after the collapse of the USSR has no one were needed, and in our country and most of Belarus demand is maintained. In general, the criminals had to control the flow of contraband and the situation on the border. Therefore, criminals flourished not only and not so much in the capital of Belarus, but in its main border cities: Brest and Grodno.

Behind all this was to watch the thief Peter Naumov (UNAM), who was crowned either in Vitebsk, whether in Moscow in 1992. As later admitted at the Institute Ministry of Interior, with the tasks assigned to it looking over Belarus on the right: Belarusian consolidated disparate gangs and became the most influential authority in the country. His gang had about 10,000 offenders. By 1994, the criminal world in Belarus was finally formed. In the country there were about 150 organized groups, led by 112 consisted of authorities. Case the bandits were common: racket, knocking out debt, auto theft, drugs, alcohol, prostitution, business on the fake currency.

In 1993, there were 103,000 recorded crimes. Polls show: the level of crime in the country was concerned about the 85% of its adult population. But in 1997, a law "On measures to combat organized crime and corruption," and the criminal world began to quickly clean up. Prior to this, the struggle waged too, though slowly. Nahum himself, by the way, was detained in 1994, and he died at Vitebsk prison a few months.

In the late 90's the police to catch criminals in expensive foreign cars at gas stations, and tried to take with you. If people resist, by force dragged to a police car trunk, opened it, there was sprayed tear gas, and then stuffed into the trunk of the alleged gunman. He screamed hysterically, and the police laughed.

With the others dealt even tougher. Lukashenko himself once told me how he managed to get rid of the racket on the Belarusian part of the Brest-Moscow route. Operatives, armed to the teeth, got into civilian cars and waited for them to stop the bandits. When they came to demand tribute, they just shot. Security officers in private conversations say that in the 90's killed not only the criminal leaders and their families. In Belarus, for example, was the story of the murder of one of the sons of serious gangster: his BMW was blown when trying to start the engine. The guy was 18.

With crime fighting its methods. It is a blank check issued by the police, and solve the problem of banditry. In November 2006, Interior Minister Vladimir Naumov said that Belarus is left of organized criminal groups, "To say that now in the republic has at least one organized criminal group, which would create the problem, I can not."

In 2001, Lukashenko said during a visit to the Gomel region that he had even personally agree with several criminal authorities. "God forbid, you will create a situation somewhere criminal — Lukashenko reiterated his threat in the air local channels. — I will pootryvat all heads. We know everyone, and God forbid they stir! "- Said then he added, in his safe is file for each authority.

Do not forget to mention and then the Old Man of an important authority of the latter. He was called Schavlikom. He was killed on the eve of the President's speech, which did not hesitate to boast, "There was a case where the bandits have behaved improperly. Do you remember these schavlikov and others. Where are they now? '.

Location Lukashenko did not specify, but everything is understood — in the hereafter.

Now a crime in Belarus occur, but they are either very small, or in case of personal and household. However, sometimes the crimes are caused by the carousing police. In fact, any tourist coming to Belarus, in the first place says: "Here the police everywhere." As in Russia, the Ministry of Interior on the conscience of many sins. In Mogilev region in September, police shot and killed a fellow hunting in the forest. Rogochev precinct in the town at the end of last month for drunk shot lover girl is looked after. But these are isolated cases.

Typical Belarusian crime: scandal caught stealing small amounts on official or installation cable theft one of the builders. "Wet affairs" arise primarily from domestic violence.

For example, a villager Kozlyakevichi Baranavichy district September 24 villager beaten to death because of the three thousand rubles ($ 1). The victim paid for that did not return for the surrender of a bottle of vodka. The victim died before the arrival of the ambulance.

And recently in Minsk ended a criminal investigation for fraud against the Belarusian branch of VTB Bank. As shown by the investigation, the bank lost 165,000 dollars. In August 2008, the metropolitan businessman having financial problems. He could not put out the previously obtained a loan of "Belarusbank" and he had no money to buy goods. In this situation, you receive a new credit could not even dream of. But the businessman was nimble and quickly realized how to cheat too vigilant security service of VTB. He persuaded her friend's wife, who worked as an artist and has received more than a modest salary by MG standards, take in "VTB Bank" (Belarus) loan of 169,975 dollars, ostensibly to buy a house. The house was just that he lived in the businessman.

In Minsk, one official for the services required of the male visitors to a few thousand dollars, and the women — dating. He was responsible for the housing policy of the executive committee.

In Brest, recently 20-year old boy was sent to prison for 15 years for the fact that he grew cannabis bush in her balcony: the hapless addict surrendered neighbors.

Sometimes, as in Russia, the businessmen are victims of blackmail police. Thus, a major long time from Minsk milked deputy director ECP "SamSolyushns" for not disclosing information about his personal life. He caught a businessman with his mistress and for keeping this secret from him demanding $ 100 per month. Trifle by Russian standards.

Major crimes in the country there is none existing OPG and thieves. And, we must pay tribute to President Lukashenko, in it there is a large proportion of his services.


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