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The threat of flood Moscow blood in case of obstacles to the establishment of Sharia law in it, heard on REN-TV from the mouth Dagirov Hasavova, pretty shook up society. Frankly, it's a little bit surprised. Well, he said this new, what would we have never heard? A little more open than others. But apparently, this tiny bit and was drop prodolbivshey last stone. However, we will not as long as optimistic.

Yes, statements Hasavova "checked for extremism." What's there to check, for pity's sake? Here we have to act. By the way, in no way contradict himself in being an opponent of the 282-th article. But by just saying a lawyer Matthew Jen — this is not "incitement", and the beginning of violent change of the constitutional order.

Most punchline, of course, is that with courage and blood out of the legal framework of Russian citizens calls not just anybody, but a lawyer. Here Mr Khasavov was, of course, out of competition. A man with a European legal education, calls for the abolition European Institute of Law, it is the same incredible paradox, as the doctor-killer, psychiatrist-dealer, firefighter arsonist.

Then everything went a predictable scenario. Khasavov was declared a renegade, an impostor, marginalized and generally inadequate, insidious journalists caught in the midst of Spring Fever. It is not clear how inadequate and is marginal in 2003 the deputy director of the Institute of Human Rights.

The main culprit was, who would doubt, REN-TV. It sparked such general license must deny. Opinions about what's wrong with journalists did, however, differ. Some say that it was bad to show marginal extremists, others — it is not good to distort utterance respected man. The latter of the clergy and the son of our uporhnuvshego in past lovers do "dead lake." The latter, on "Echo of Moscow", fears that the quote "taken out of context." Good heavens, what context can turn the phrase "fill the city with blood" in "plant a wonderful flowers?" Some unimaginable way Khasavov-son relates to the appearance of the story … the inauguration of the President. However, and for the people, and the self-serving conspiracy around this story all through the roof. Meanwhile, everything is simple, very simple: the journalists did their job professionally, showing the increasing and undeniable trend in the form of accessible and expressive.

There is every reason to believe that in the case of pressure on REN-TV, the civil society will take the side channel.

Let us be a little consistent. Oh if take a license for the provision of the podium, "extremists", so take it away from all providers. The "Echo of Moscow" in the first place, because it Prokhanov identified himself Moscow "Hamas spokesman named Ahmed." And that stopped giving floor to the representative of Hamas? As the same. Some here deigned to explain that Prokhanov just joking jokes on the air. As nalogoplatelschitsa in whose country there are terrorist attacks (almost always Islamist), I can demand that those jokes you Prokhanov jokes, understood the relevant authorities. Well, it would take a point? In the broadcast of the same "Echo" Prokhanov, pouring heavy streams of words to the Ren-TV, has just said: "I have to shoulder straps FSB colonel."

Fine. We have the penetration or Hamas in the FSB, or the provision of air — direct — absolutely deranged man. Still relatively Prokhanov should take strict measures against the "Channel" and many others. And also to all the stations and channels available in the form of "smart intellectual expert" Heydar Jemal, did not hide his connection with Doku Umarov and other mountain eagles. Our media only also do what give the floor to the extremists. How do you suddenly vozbuhli, gentlemen? On "Echo" is the younger Jamal told me about links with Khattab and said that Sharia law will be in Moscow, my desire would not ask anybody. A "writer" Bagirov gained its infamous calculations as what Diaspora will be able to take to the streets of hundreds of thousands, so, again, let the river of blood. And he is — a trustee for the presidential election. If we fall into the conspiracy, so soon packed with "Hamas" is not alarmed by the FSB that say "extremist" speech, and that pulled out into the light too much.

Oh, it is easy to fall into the conspiracy! Khasavov — not just a humble lawyer, he was a member of the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy. It's today, he "political refugee", and yesterday — quite a power. And how many more careful, will not going to run? We have something known only exception! Remember the story of Ali Evteev. Who wanted some brothers Gakayev, organizers of terrorist attacks in Moscow. But even in 2009, Chechen officials claimed that Muslim Gakayev — honest special services.

You do not realize how deeply it penetrated all, gentlemen? You really do not understand?

All this time Khasavov was a regular guest of the "First Channel". Which does not prevent him from simultaneously promote the same Sharia courts.

Ridiculous argument izrygnuty Prokhanov on "Echo" goes something like this: Yes, the "first" also gave Hasavovu podium, but that no one there would not let him talk about the rivers of blood!

Conclusion snogsshibatelen: polulyarizirovat through the media person who thinks and acts, priugotovlyaya shedding rivers of blood, this is normal. But if journalists drew attention to the fact that this man, what he really wants, their ho, ho! They were in the foiled scoundrels.

Let me prompt other conclusion more convincing. I only see this one.

The mantra of "territorial integrity" as far as I can tell, the sound of his paralyzing the power of many. "This threatens the territorial integrity" — this phrase is enough to prevent any sensible measure. But listen, look in the footage movie! Man, yesterday did not last in the echelons, holding forth on the inclusion of the Russian lands into a global caliphate.

Here's to you — "integrity"! Maybe take the country rather strange uncles from distant deserts?

Many urgent ulcers uncovered this plot. Note, incidentally, that Khasavov spoke earlier about civil matters: divorce, division of property, etc. But now, counsel already criminal examples: "someone robbed someone." The lawyer does not distinguish where civil, where the criminal? Oh if not distinguished lawyer, who are then the difference?

In fact, a "partial Sharia does not happen," as I have formulated four years ago, when it said Rowan Williams, the then arhipesneslov Canterbury. And supported his prime minister Gordon Brown. Now in London — Sharia zone. Not whether there appeared Khasavov? The island is in contrast to the continent, the European civilization is lost.

Father Vsevolod Chaplin, only goes to the track, laid Rowan Williams. There is, however, in his statements and our specific nuances. Number of times: "We must all believers together to resist the godless secularists." Well, yes, yes, of course. Father Vsevolod, the Orthodox in the Russian Empire were in the secular code of laws prepared by MM Speranski, based on the norms of the Code of Justinian. The same principles of Roman law. Number two with 'Empire allows some subjects to live under sharia. " Yes, allow. But we are not an empire, and an application to the pipe, and also Shariah subjects were men, so to speak, not of the first category in the Empire. Everyone who wants to advance in a civilized society, Sharia leaving the area. Allow someone to live under sharia is possible only by the return of the pre-revolutionary social hierarchy.

ROC (which we see in the case of. Vsevolod Chaplin) does not understand even the size of the impending threat. Did not understand her secular power. Yes, and that the secular power can understand if this "secular" government corroded from within religious, and not Orthodox lobby?

To repeat, just the day before yesterday I killed all the day on the tax hike. And I'm wondering what I'm paying money? Among other things, I think, I pay for content security services. But if the problem of Sharia law in the Russian Federation will not take as soon as seriously as a threat to the stability of civil society and the territorial integrity of the country, then, other security services, except prohanovsko-Hamas, we have not. And them I have no intention.

Elena Chudinova

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