Rodnoverie and Ynglings

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Many people now have become interested in Ancient Slavic culture and their roots. Many tired of the fact that Russia — a country with no history and memory, and that all the good things we have, we have adopted from others.
Now the attention of many to the cultures and beliefs Rodnoverie or Staroverov Ynglings. In essence it is the same, just confusion arises when Believers claim to those who preach the religion of Christ, to the changes that it has made the church split times Nikon.

Rodnoverie — (Rodoverie, Rodoljub, Rodobozhie, Dobrosława) — relegioznoe movement, the essence of which lies in the revival of pre-Christian (pagan) custom and rites. Some adherents Rodnoverie are a rite of passage (naming) and get a new pagan name. (Wikipedia)
Old Believers (Old Believers, drevlepravoslavie) — move in line with the Russian Orthodox Church, rejecting church reform 1650-1660 period.
Rodnoverie (see Rodnoverie) the same — it is society, reviving old customs, religious and everyday traditions, culture and lifestyle of pre-Christian Russia. Old Believers Orthodox Church or Ynglings Staroverov Ynglings — a religious community Rodnoverie from Omsk, one of the oldest communities in Russia, which have retained ancient knowledge and were the first to transmit them to the people openly. Head and osnovopolozhennikom this current is Pater Dy Alexander. Whose lectures and transfer to his participation today in the Internet can find anyone.
Slavs were highly developed nation and one of the oldest on the planet. Childbirth Slavs-Arias, founded and created a culture of technology, which to this day are not subject to humanity. Many scientists, physicists, historians and linguists agree on original Slavic civilization and culture. But instead of us year after year tell that the Slavs were illiterate people, and two sacred Christian Companion designed our letter and alphabet.
As already stated in prediduschih (going to the [Old Church)] chapters of our history is much more versatile, durable and interesting than we are told.
Rodnoverie — very interesting society, and engaging in them, there is much for themselves podcherpnut of Slavic culture and abutments. Many of them spend colorful festivals and celebrations, give you an opportunity to touch the true culture of the Slavs and Aryans. But we must not forget that in today's world everything is viewed with interest and judgment. Unfortunately, along with the true connoisseurs of Old Believers tradition to the fore (and most often they are available) crawled various commercial establishments, which are only in appearance similar to Rodnoverie, but the essence of their ostaestya just pumping out of your money.
In fact they are easy to identify .. they can offer you a lot like the Slavic rite, but it will all be worth the money at any point they will demand payment. They will misinterpret the basic truths and offering different types popisaniya: "This Slav to hate (the Jews, the church, etc.), there are none right. For the Slavs — the most tolerant in the world. They will conduct a strict policy of selection and claim, for example, "Just a shirt, bought from our master, is correct.", Which is also unacceptable. True society Rodnoverie, though in need of money, as all today, but they will never require them to you. They will offer you their work, and to use them or not, you decide on their own. Many followers of the Slavs and vosve set no bars, and the man himself is free to thank them as he thinks proper … but in our world these people, unfortunately, often spend more than they receive in return … for looking face, too greedy our contemporaries, and work with someone else's child is not taught to value.
Number Rodnoverie today is not so great, but every day they are joined by more and more followers. Many are beginning to see the truth in the Institute of the ROC and consider it a rotten thing of the past, for the hard to find a more greedy and less educated people than the head of the churches and monasteries of the ministers today.
Be careful when choosing what you believe, but personally in my opinion, conservatives, Pagans Rodnoverie Ynglings and can give you a lot of useful and interesting information. Most importantly — find those who want to give you the knowledge, not just strip off your money. To date, personally I tend to trust the most Omsk Old Believer communities Ynglings and more just knowing people in my hometown. About other organizations, I do not have more accurate information. In order to better ascertain their truth, before you go for it, just read the Slavic-Aryan Vedas, and then all that will be at odds with them, you can recognize a fake.

Roerich AV

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