Roshydromet will inform passengers on space weather

Roshydromet developed a system warning of an increased level of cosmic radiation for passengers and airlines, head of department, Alexander Frolov.

"Traditionally, we give information about magnetic storms, we give warning flares, an increased level of ultraviolet radiation. Turns out that very high doses can be obtained, while during solar flares in aircraft, especially on cross-polar routes," — said Frolov.

According to him, Roshydromet based Institute of Applied Geophysics Heliophysical created a center that will provide data on space weather for airline passengers.

"We, unfortunately, can not be predicted with a great advance, but we can see the real situation with radiation exposure to passengers and crew. And we are doing in order to make reality a new kind of weather. This may look like this: you go to the airport , look at the screen, and decide whether you fly or not, given the dose, which can get, "- said Frolov.

He added that there are already cases of cancellation of flights due to adverse space weather.

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