Rosselkhoznadzor revealed oil pollution Bryansk pond

The water in the pond in the Bryansk region, where in early June was recorded fish kills, contaminated with phenol and oil, according to the Rosselkhoznadzor for Bryansk and Smolensk regions.

"In sample" water pond "oil content and phenol exceeds the norm," — said in a statement Rosselkhoznadzor.

Death of fish, small animals and birds was recorded in the village Specific Uta Vygonichskogo district, Bryansk region two weeks ago. In addition, the hospital fell year-old girl who was poisoned strawberries collected in the vicinity of the village. Chairman of the Committee of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Bryansk region Vasily Ishutin said that environmental problems in the region could be related to the processing of fields with herbicides (chemical fertilizers) with selhozaviatsii.

Environmental Prosecutor's Office for the Bryansk region attracted for expert research and Rosselkhoznadzor Federal Service for the Bryansk region. Experts collected samples of soil, water, fish and berries, and sent them for analysis.

According Rosselkhoznadzor, studies of water and dead fish in the pond in the river Utyanka Vygonichskom area for the presence of pesticides, oil, toxic elements and other toxic substances. Examination carried Bryansk interdepartmental Veterinary Laboratory, showed that the oil content of the water sample is 15 times higher than normal, and the phenol content above the permissible 2.7 times.

In this case, the results of laboratory research has given the conclusion that pesticides and other toxic elements in any of the samples were found.

Results of other studies should be ready soon.

Formerly "Bryansk Meat Company" agricultural holding "Miratorg" stated that also hold in the areas where its facilities are located, an independent expert study in connection with the spread of information about the possible involvement of agricultural holding to the environmental problems in the region.

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