Russia and Kazakhstan will join the WTO without Belarus

On the possibility of practically simultaneous accession of Russia and Kazakhstan to the World Trade Organization said today at a press conference in Moscow, head of the Russian delegation at the talks Maxim Medvedkov. But the difference in timing with Belarus will be much greater, said the Russian official.

For the official Minsk accession to the World Trade Organization is due, apart from Moscow, also from Astana. Customs Union "troika" has expanded attachment Belarus not only to Russia but also to Kazakhstan.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Andrei Savinykh says that there is a strategic decision on the level of the three presidents of the joint accession to the World Trade Organization:

"However, when the first consultations with WTO members, it was decided that the best track are three parallel processes each of the three countries. But they agreed on the terms and approximate maturity. In fact, as is now the case. We consult, and exchange of views. "

But despite the advice, it seems that the gap between the three countries still exist. Maxim Medvedkov said: Kazakhstan can perform all of the procedures followed by Russia for a few months. But the difference with Belarus Moscow official calls "significantly higher."

Really after the events of December 19 we no WTO "no chance" … That is all it is already possible to abandon the idea.

This difference has become incredibly large, expresses head of the analytical center "Strategy" Leonid Zaika:

"In reality, after the events of December 19 we no WTO" does not shine. " Get the "goodness" of the Europeans, the Americans, to find support in the so-called "green room" — nothing will come of it. That is all it is already possible to abandon the idea. At the site of the Belarusian president, I would not "break" the brains and his assistant, the Mid special. "

Leonid Zaika said: what to do on Belarus to the WTO, must be addressed immediately. The options here, in his opinion, two. And why should we rush economist explains:

"As soon as Russia enters the WTO, its market becomes transparent. And we're not even a member of the organization, we begin to live by the same rules. Significant flows of imported goods, including those that affect the national interests of Belarus, are "razdavbanits" our manufacturing industry and concerns. Either force Belarus to leave the Customs Union. "

Time to make decisions and is actually a little bit. Maxim Medvedkov said today that Russia will fulfill a This year, all necessary technical procedures. And the next, in 2012 to be a full member of the World Trade Organization.



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