Russia far-right. In the suburban town residents expelled all non-Slavs

"Russia far-right."  In the suburban town residents expelled all non-SlavsOn the streets Khotkovo now can not meet the natives of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan

Inter-ethnic conflict in Russia is becoming more and more violent form. Bloodshed, people are dying. Nevertheless, the situation is still under control. Authorities are able to extinguish the outbreak of popular anger, which turned to migrant workers who arrived in the central regions of the Caucasus and Central Asia.

The other day in the suburban town of Khotkovo with a total of 20,000 inhabitants, nearly broke another ethnic conflict that threatened to turn into a massive collisions. They could be the cause of a fight that took place in late October. In it, three visitors from Tajikistan, was stabbed in a fight one local and the other was sent to the emergency room. November 2 UPC announced the arrest of suspects. However, local residents are not arranged.

November 4th hundreds of residents for five hours blocked the main street of the city. Hotkovtsy categorically demanded the authorities to expel from the city of all migrant workers and their more ago not to start. Dared to violate this requirement they threatened lynching.

The result, as reported today by "Times", out of town for one night disappeared almost all "non-Russian". To stay alive, they hurriedly left their homes. So guide local shop "Kopeika", and next to it there was a knife fight, decided to lay off all its employees — workers. As a result, Commerce has lost 90% of the workforce.

Who came to the city on the eve of the verification Public Chamber member Alexander Brod, head of the Federation and Russian migrants Madzhumder Amin also not met in the street no Tajik or Uzbek. Yet, until recently, according to local residents, the streets were so many migrants. According to the head of the local police department Vladimir Kuzminova — no less than a thousand. However, the residents say that this number is much too low. Only two hostels in the city center were more than 400 people. They all had to leave their homes in panic room.

As they say hotkovtsy, migrants policemen were taken at night on the bus. Law enforcement officers, they said, wanted to avoid responsibility for the consequences of people's performances, and for the fact that in the city there were many illegal immigrants.

In this situation, Mayor Rita Tikhomirov, met with increasing xenophobia among the population, said it "will continue the policy of self-cleaning of the city." In addition, she offered to local residents by the round up of summer residents who hire illegal immigrants.

Note that similar events in recent years are not uncommon. The largest public response has acquired a pogrom in the Karelian town of Kondopoga in September 2006. There, in a fight in a restaurant between local residents and people from the Caucasus republics were slaughtered two citizens. Outraged kondopozhtsy staged spontaneous demonstration. They demanded the authorities to punish the murderers and clear the local market from Caucasians. Then in massacre. Local leadership to urgently had to evacuate dozens of guests from the South to over them is not staged lynching. As a result the town introduced force of riot police. Detained more than 100 people.

Later, the two participants of the fight in the cafe of the kondopozhtsev sentenced to 8 months and 3.5 years in prison. Five Caucasians put a period of 3 years, 10 months and 10 years. Their sixth perfect companion for a double murder — to 22 years in prison.

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