Russian engineer, offered an engine for spacecraft in the image and likeness of UFO (VIDEO)


Professor Valery Burdakov MAI offers a new engine for the Russian spacecraft in the image and likeness of UFOs. This is despite the fact that the professor sure 90% of the UFO phenomenon — a fake.


Photo: UFO. Taken:

Professor and inventor offers the image of a UFO to develop a new rocket capable of lifting into space up to 250 tons of cargo, according to "News".

"UFO prompted us an idea of how to fly without garbage mass to here this fiery stream, which flies out of the engine, not burned launching pad" — explains Professor MAI, Honored Scientist of Russia Valery Burdakov.

Start of such a ship is not tied to the spaceport, although the funds for its construction will require enormous. True, such a system will serve for decades, according to an authority.


For individual sources, in 1939 a secret order Third Reich U.S. firm "Dzheneral electrician" has created the first levitator. Then it was a flying saucer, which was floating in the air, nothing on the basis, and without the jet. However, this is — a fake, convinced Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation. As well as the fact that the fall of the spaceship in Mexico in 1947, when scientists were able to see the remains of the alleged aliens.

However, if you believe Burdakova even academician Korolev, with whom he had to work, I saw at Baikonur unidentified flying object. It was half a century ago.

For reference, Valery Burdakov — a member of the Presidium of the Academy of Engineering Sciences. AM Prokhorov, Honored Worker of Science, Doctor of Technical Sciences, veteran RSC "Energia". SP Korolev.

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