Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a federal law on municipal defense order

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a federal law on state defense order

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed 30 December Federal law "On the municipal defense order," said the Kremlin press service.
Federal law adopted by the State Duma on December 19, 2012 and approved by the Federation Council on December 26, 2012.

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Federal the law has been prepared in fulfillment of the list of presidential orders Russian Federation following the meeting on the compatibility properties of weapons and military equipment with modern requirements of the Armed Forces of Russian Federation and military-technical cooperation of November 11, 2009 № 2340 microns (paragraph "g" 1 fr.)

Federal law establishes the legal base of the municipal regulation of relations connected with the formation, placement and performance characteristics of the municipal defense contracts, setting out the main principles and methods of municipal regulation of prices of products, works and services in municipal defense order.

The special features of the defense order placement Municipal Federal law referred, namely, the definition of requirements for the tender documents, the definition of the initial (maximum) contract price when placing the municipal defense procurement method of bidding, also prices of municipal contract in case of placement of the order with a single supplier (performer, contractor), the possibility to configure the prisoner prices in accordance with the state arms applets municipal contract to supply products with a long production cycle.

The federal law is aimed, in particular, to increase the efficiency of spending budget funds allocated by the state for defense and security, to clarify the range of municipal customers, and obligations of municipal customers, headaches artists (performer), municipal defense contracts in order to increase their responsibility for ensuring the effective organize and execute the defense order.

Federal law also provides antitrust requirements used for implementing the municipal defense contracts, in order to control the configuration of the (increase) in the price of component parts and raw materials used in the manufacture of products supplied by defense order. Responsibility for violation of Federal Law and other legal acts of Russian Federation in the field of municipal Defense Order.

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