Russian racial purity is not a myth, and the Law of Nature

Of course, the term "racial purity" cause by "obschechelovekov" charges "Russian fascism" and the requirement to ban discussion.

But prohibit racial analysis also serious — as the prohibition of knives in the home.

Especially as the XXI century we, Russian, met Russian DOUBLE excess deaths over births. So the demographic situation of the Russian people under threat stage. We, Russian, and move into the abyss of degeneration, which is the hour leans closer.

In the 1950s, the share of Russian births in Russia was higher than 80%. By the beginning of XXI century, fell below 70%.

Russia, especially its cities, people are overwhelmed with other people's morals and alien to the Russian spirit.

And in such a threatening situation in Russia is dominated by liberal ideology: that racial differences — is an abstraction.

The "obschecheloveki" persistently and insistently hammered, they say, Russian, but there is the Russians.

Humanists do not offer to discuss any Russian issues. They say, "purely Russian" — does not exist, but only the Russian language and Russian-language mass of people.

They say, "Scratch the Russian, sure to find a Tartar, a German or a Jew."

Small running worm, and sharpening …

Saying this in the media consciously with a purpose — to humiliate Russian.

However, emotional disturbances will not help.

I will try to show the racial purity of the Russian people with the exact sciences.
What is rasologiya

A reasonable person understands diversity distribution in nature — not created by accident. This is a conscious design Creator of life on Earth.

Basic tenet of racial science is that any historically significant people have a racial basis. That racial characteristics define the mentality of a people.

"No one can not easily dismiss the issue of race — wrote Benjamin Disraeli, British prime minister under Queen Victoria — is the key to unraveling the history of the world. Every race, happily mixing their blood with someone else's, is doomed to die. "

To Disraeli we return again and again. It should also be noted that Benjamin was a Jew.

Those in Russia who calls to ban racial analysis, the vast majority — also Jewish. But the divorce debate who is right: Disraeli or Russian Jews — it meaningless.

So go on.

Russian racial purity is not a myth, and the Law of NatureNow the concept of racial purity of the humanities disputes passed in the sciences.

And it is very good. Science rasologiya appeared just at the junction of the exact natural sciences — such as anthropology, biology, genetics, and psychology.

Rasologiya — is as much an exact science as astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, cybernetics.

A thorough and comprehensive consideration of the topic "Russian and race," summarized a large group of researchers in two collections of "racial meaning of the Russian idea," Number 1 and Number 2 — publishing "White Alva", 2000 and 2002.

Meticulous reader better to read them yourself. I will touch on only a part of the deep study of the topic.
What says anthropology

In the 1955-1959 years. conducted anthropological expedition led by anthropologist largest VV Bunak. Examined more than 100 groups of Great. And that's what they showed.

By mapping data in dozens of foreign groups throughout Europe revealed the minimum and maximum limit values anthropological evidence for these groups.

After the establishment of the same range for Russian proved that their values are scattered in 2 times less than for the total European population.

Anthropological differences between Russian, living in Kaliningrad and Kamchatka, where there is less than that between the Germans living in the neighboring German states. That is, have a higher Russian anthropological homogeneity. And this is a huge vast land resettlement Russian.

Typical appearance of Russian: shateny blonde with light eyes — gray or blue. Snub nose is not typical for the Russian people — only 7%. (The Germans — 25%).

Anthropologists have also identified appearance typically Russian. Brief Introduction to this study:

Magazine "Kommersant Vlast" on 9/26/05, p. 54-60.

Scientists led into a single scale photographs of typical representatives of Russian regions, combining them in the eye pupil. Naturally portraits blurry. But the result was the opening for many. The similarity of shapes typical of representatives of Russian regions was such that it gave an opportunity to shape the reference Russian people.

An example of this image — photo. (See the link to the source A typical image of a Russian
As you can see, it is a clear outline of the shape and features of the Russian people — both men and women.

A similar attempt of French anthropologists led to the appearance that represented the typical French gray featureless oval faces. These results are the French had to hide from the citizens of his country. Indeed, looking at the featureless ovals persons the question arises: is there any French nation?! ..

Russian racial purity is not a myth, and the Law of Nature

And, looking at the shape and appearance of facial features of Russian men and women — can quite confidently assert that the Russian nation — certainly is.

However, the results of anthropologists official Russian policy, hidden in the archives. That they do not know the thinking and the general reader.

Now for the Mongol-Tatar impurities. Mongoloid is set by the presence of "epicanthus" (a special device century). Mongoloids have to occur in 70-95% of cases. And of the nearly 10,000 surveyed Russian epicanthus found only 12 times, but only in its infancy. The same rare occurrence epicanthus in Germany.

Cheboksarov. Mongoloid elements

in the population of Central Europe.

— Ouch. app. MSU Vyp.63 — M., 1941, s.235-270.

If you sign Mongoloid, epicanthus found no more than one of the 1000 Russian, then statements like "Scratch Russian, sure to find a Tartar" — absolute rubbish! ..

Here is the opinion of another major specialist: "Russian for most anthropological traits are central among the peoples of Europe and overseas are more light pigmentation of eyes and hair"

B. Deryabin. Modern East Slavic peoples.

Anthropology and Ethnic History

— Moscow, Scientific World, 1999.

That is the Russian people was and is by its very nature "the whitest of the white peoples of the earth." Russian — the most typical representatives of the white race.

Much whiter than the French, Spanish and German. In the language of the Bible, God "Russian sculpted from the very white clay."
What says dermatoglyphics

The expression "fingerprints" we hear from the crime scene. But the fact is that dermatoglyphic patterns — it is not an accident, but a consequence of the laws of nature that have created different races.

It has long been clear that the dermatoglyphic patterns hands and feet a little influenced by the environment and are a reflection of race and ethnicity, which is transmitted from generation to generation. Experts in fingerprints without leaving the table, can identify and race and nationality rights.

Fundamental scientific basis for this aspect of the racial theory set forth in GL Khit "Dermatoglyphics of the USSR", M, 1983. It summarizes the many studies of ethnic and regional groups throughout the Soviet Union.

Henrietta L. emphasizes, even living within the same region, races are not subject to confusion. This work — in fact, dispassionate, strictly reasoned, rebuke those ideologues who claim the concept of "Russian Scratch — you will find …".

Like, who want that and you will find.

So that dermatoglyphic method racial diagnosis pick to pieces the myth of the Russian people — as a boiler in which all mixed up.

But you can help rasologii involve other sciences.
That says genetics

Genetic uniqueness of the system is that the races and more people have a characteristic peculiar to their gene complex.

Genetic and biological changes in human societies is now calculated based on mathematical formulas with high accuracy.

The most impressive results achieved by measuring gene markers.

Analysis of genetic marker frequencies shows that the human races and ethnic groups differ from each other by 30-40%. (Even among the different animal species genetic differences and less).

So, in the words of the Bible, God "sculpted races and people from different clay."

When the Americans in the 1960s sought to identify the genotype of a typical American — in academic science is shocked. It turned out the original white Anglo-Saxon for 200 years has been genetically — 30% black.

The same exact methods of genetics have shown but the Russian racially — monolithic.

The most accurate methods of DNA analysis — sequencing (reading the letters), mitochondrial DNA and chromosome DNKY person.

Mitochondrial DNA is passed down the female line. Y-chromosome is only for men. (The rest of the chromosome transmission from mother and father to children mix).

Genetic distance DNKY chromosome between Russian Arkhangelsk Region and the Krasnodar region, that is very far away from each other, is two to three standard units.

The genetic distance between the central regions of the Russian and Ukrainian Left-Bank Ukraine (Dnipro) is not more than three units.

But the genetic distance between the Russian and Finnish — 30 units. Curiously, the genetic distance between the Russian and the peoples of the Ural and Volga Region: Komi, Mordovians, Udmurt, Mari, which is officially referred to as the Finnish-Ugric group — no more than a few units. And the mentality of the "Finnish" nations is formed in the same geographical living conditions and under the influence of the same Orthodoxy. So all the people of the Russian mentality.

Invent some Finno-Ugric race — is incorrect. After all, no one can see the racial differences between Hungarian and Austrian Germans. Language, of course an important feature of the people. But still important — race, based on genetic differences.

Once humanitarian "obschecheloveki" repeat "Scratch Russian, find a Tatar," you have to see the genetic differences between them.

The genetic distance between the Russian and Tatar — 30 units. And a group of Tatars (Kazan, Astrakhan and the Crimea), have more differences than Russian, living thousands of miles away from each other.

Curiously, the genetic distance between Ukrainians and Tatars from the city — 10 units.

That is the current "zapadentsy" is much closer to the Tatars, Ukrainians than even Levoberzhya Dnieper! ..

So impeccably precise genetic methods show the statement: "Scratch the Russian, find a Tatar", that is race-biological contamination of the Russian people — a malicious nonsense that has no place in serious discussions.

It is time to understand that Russian racial homogeneity — is not a chimera, but a scientific fact that there is no need to hide, but on the contrary, it is necessary to show simply and reliably. Russian have very distinct genetic and physiological prerequisites for the formation of a single national character.

So, take a short excursion into the world of science, we can make sure the consensus of scientists of the exact sciences, clearly showing: compared with other nations white race (Caucasians), Russian — is the most homogeneous people.

Russian racial purity is not a myth, and the Law of Nature

Russian — the nation is far more common than say wordy human talkers.

So racial differences — this is not a myth, not prejudice, and the Law of Nature.
Why Russian racially monolithic

Statement: "Scratch the Russian, find a Tatar" is based on the assumption that Russian women during the Tatar yoke was born many children conceived by the Tatars. But this makes no sense, no law of nature.

First, basic research proved that any race in the process of evolutionary selection is cleared of alien genes. More about this reader can himself.

Vladimir Zhukov. Ancestral polymorphism and

biological laws purification races.

Collection of "racial meaning of the Russian idea", Issue 2

— M.: "White Alva", 2002, p. 48-67.

Secondly, the north-western area of residence Rus Mongol-Tatar invasion were not affected.

Third, in the Russia, which came under Tatar dependence spheres of Russian and Tatar were separated. Russian living in the forest area, they even separated from Kazan Tatars hundreds of miles. Even further and Astrakhan Tatars lived Crimean. So in peacetime conditions for racial mixing could not be.

Fourth, raiding environment for racial mixing — was not there. Crimean and Astrakhan Tatars raided the residence Russian — not to rashly sex. The raid was made to capture slaves to sell them in the slave markets of the East. Imagine that Tatar first dozen Russian women raped, and then picks out two or three for sale — it's fantastic. For while Tatar raping one, the others will run away in fear in the nearby forest. In Russian villages and towns to the nearest forest to run — in minutes. And then look for — fistula, run away — you will not find. The forest area in the Russian Plain is a hundred times more than the settlement and the surrounding fields. So the raid to capture slaves to be lightning.

Here's how to set out raids of Crimean Tatars Valentin Pikul, "People do not have time to recover, as — bound and half-naked already chased toward slavery. Kicked prisoners from Russia — fast. In the steppes give rest the horses, divided the prey. Then an evil women in front of their husbands and children … Production is divided, the horses rest: it's time to go. Thousands of slaves fleeing the scorching heat, showered blows of whips.

Crimean khans unsubscribe to Moscow: Ino sytu be alone than me and get dressed, if you have not robbed? .. ".

V. Pikul. Word and deed, Book Two

— "Contemporary, Moscow, 1993, p.131-132.

Of course, incredulous reader here can say — this is supposedly just Pikul imagination.

Well, here are completely objective description.

Duke of Gramont from France described his part in the campaign of the Polish King Jan Casimir in the mid-1660's. The purpose of the campaign of the King — the return of the left bank of the Dnieper River in the land of the Commonwealth.

Gramont describes in detail the actions of the Crimean Tatars in the raids on Russian land. In a raid gone 10,000 Tartar horsemen, each with 3 spare horse. After eight (8) days, they returned to the stolen property, with herds of cattle and 20 thousand taken in "yasyr" prisoners.

About the division "yasyrya" Gramont wrote: "They cut the throats of all the elderly, age is not able to work. Forties were reserved for galleries, young boys — for pleasure, girls and women — for sale. Section between prisoners held equally. They cast lots, so no one complained that he got old instead of young. "

A. Wild. Perverted history

Ukraine-Rus — "spontaneity, 2007., P. 314-316 ..

So that the genetic admixture of Russian women to men Tatars could occur only in a foreign land, where they were sold as slaves.

Furthermore, rape women under stress often lead to the birth of the child. After all, for fertilization — yet the state does not need to fear, and fear, and the desire and pleasure. A defense of the woman for racial monolithic people.

So the Tartar raids could not influence the Russian racial solidity.
On the propaganda over the Internet

Of course, there are people cave illiteracy, which do not want to know anything about genetics.

There are others that are the opposite — well aware of the laws of genetics and strenuously sought the destruction of the Great gene monolithic. This is most clearly shown by the example illustrations on the Internet.

So make a short trip.

Quit in Yandex and type — "sex video".

You Desktop thrown out a lot of "free" video films and photos.

Put aside the level of sexual culture, pay attention to the "details". 've Long known — the "devil is in the details"

First. All partner "sex video" — exclusively white women.

The second detail. Every third or fourth video of shows — both in the white partner is introduced "black" male member.

These videos on the Internet — is the oborzela sabotage to destroy morale of Russian youth. After all, young visitors to the main "sex video". The purpose of this diversion — to achieve the destruction of the monolithic Russian gene pool.

Moral of any civilization is based on the principle — "You can not — ALWAYS." That is — how NOT to behave and not to do ever. And how to behave, what MUST be done.

Internet scoundrels this principle "can not — necessarily" always flipped.

That is what you can not do under the law of morality, necessarily indicate a matter of course. While certainly hide behind freedom of information.

But after all under the guise of falsely understood "freedom of information" on the site "sex video" is the most oborzela sabotage to destroy the monolithic Russian gene pool.

Unscrupulous "obschecheloveki" very often as an example of the beneficial effects of racial mixing led the poet Alexander Pushkin.
How do I clean the genes Hannibal

Yes, Hannibal, The Negro of Peter the Great, introduced DNKY male chromosome in the first generation. In the next generation in the family Pushkin was no intersection with the set of Y-chromosomes of the African race.

Women-chromosome DNA is more conservative. Therefore, the replacement of its genes to the next generation is difficult. And in the male half of the replacement gene is much easier.

Basic research proved that any race in the process of evolutionary selection is cleared from the rare foreign genes.

Therefore already in Alexander Pushkin were not typical of African race, blue eyes. In subsequent generations Pushkin cleansing of African genes was full.

So ordered the Law of Nature.

But this is possible only when cleaning is rarely repeated mixing. If interracial communication is massive in subsequent generations they will inevitably meet and in the male and the female line. Here purification of alien genes impossible. There are many generations of Métis.

That's why Benjamin Disraeli right when in the XIX century, said: "One can not easily dismiss the issue of race. This is key in world history. Every race, happily mixing their blood with someone else's, is doomed to die. "

Incidentally, Disraeli — a Jew. And it is not called a racist and a fascist, but rather a symbol of the British Empire. So it is useful to consider the example of the truth of Disraeli Jews themselves.
Jews and racial purity

Most stubborn supporters absolutely false statement: "Scratch the Russian, find a Tatar" — Jewish writers.

At the same time, the Jews themselves see anthropological kinship Jews Negroes and Mongols. Here is what Weininger, a Jewish doctor of philosophy, received the title in 1902 at the University of Vienna: "The Negro indicate widespread among Jews curly hair. The admixture of Mongolian blood indicates Chinese or Malay form the front of the skull, which always corresponds to a yellowish tinge to the skin. "

O. Weininger. Jews —

"August" Moscow 2009, p. 7.

Distraction of Jews around the world could not affect the appearance of the Jews impurities neighboring races.

However, studies of Hammer showed that genetically all the major Jewish communities — the Ashkenazi, Sephardic, North African, Kurdish and Yemenite Jews — are much closer to each other than to the people among whom they lived hundreds of years.

MacDonald, KB, «A People that Shall Dwell Alone:

Judaism As a Group Evolutionary Strategy with

Diaspora Peoples », Praeger, Westport, CT 1994.

For example, Ashkenazi Jews lived for centuries among the Europeans, and studies show: the Ashkenazi genetic characteristics — a very homogeneous group.

As supported by the evolutionary process of self-purification of the Jews of alien genes? ..

Jewish moral disapproval, but it is tolerant to marry Jewish women, women with men, non-Jewish race. This is consistent with the law of self-purification of the race. After all, the female half of the chromosomes is more conservative than men. Therefore, self-purification of the Jewish race of alien genes in such families is relatively easy.

But the same Jewish morality is intolerant of Jewish men marrying women not of the Jewish race. This also corresponds to the laws of nature. After all, children of such marriages will be — most likely features of the non-Jewish race. It is therefore understandable why the Jewish morality of Jews almost always credited to the "Jordi" — "fallen off."

Author of the study in the Soviet period many conversations with Jewish families. And in practice, saw the consequences of a violation of this rule Jewish morality. Jewish boys, married to a Russian girl who just rejected his relatives.

And if, without emotions, relatives acted correctly. Indeed, such a law is consistent with Jewish morality evolutionary selection cleansing of Jews from the alien race her genes.
About the film "Byzantine Lesson"

January 30, 2008 by the TV channel "Russia" a documentary film "The Fall of the Empire. Byzantine lesson. " Author and presenter — Archimandrite Tikhon (Shevkunov).

Considerate and thoughtful viewer will see it quite clear parallels with Russia.

Admittedly, impressive useful and instructive film. If it were not for one thing.

It distorted theme of loss of national identity — as in Byzantium and Russia.

One of the parallels, which arises in the mind when watching the movie Father Tikhon: Romans Byzantium — it's the Russians Russia today.

Father Tikhon like Byzantium lived by the principle — "neither Hellene nor Jew." And to be Romeo — enough to be baptized.

Only now there are Jews, and the Greeks have not.

This fact should be forced to think about.

Strictly speaking, to be faithful to his country sincerely, baptism, and not ostentatious affairs.

Jews in Spain also baptized and held important positions in the court of the king. This did not stop them cause such harm to the people, that the kings had in 1492, they were expelled from Spain.

Byzantium collapsed when Greek Greeks remain few. To fight for their country there was nobody. It is unfortunate that this point, Father Tikhon misrepresented. We must not forget: The Laws of Nature can not be violated with impunity. You can not forget about the genetic factor. It was he who destroyed the Byzantine Empire.

Kremlin is also not understand the essence of genetic aversion, pledged to Natural Law. Indeed, under the current ratio of the number of Russian threatens deaths among Russian birth soon in Russian Russian plain will not. This is what leads International Byzantine politics of the Kremlin: "there is neither Hellene nor Jew."

If the Kremlin does not understand, he will ruin Russia.

Racial diversity and racial purity — it's imperative Creator. God created the races are not for they mingled in the "herd population."

God does not do anything stupid. In each race, the law laid evolutionary cleansing of rare foreign genes. And people have to know it and to perform.

We must always remember that the people — from the word "race." We — the same kind, that is — their deliver their.

First. Rasologiya — the same exact science as astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, cybernetics.

Prohibit racial analysis also serious — as prohibit the use of knives in the home.

Second. Statements like, "Scratch any Russian — you will find a Tartar, a German or a Jew" common sense and natural law — do not match.

And in the years of peace, and Tatar raids conditions for racial mixing was not. A Russian race is solid — nothing could affect.

Third. Anthropology, and genetics show dermatogliftika strictly scientifically and unequivocally: Russian — racially monolithic. Compared with other nations white race (Caucasians), Russian today — the most homogeneous.

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