Russians became even less

Rosstat announced the preliminary results of the census population.

Last week, the Federal State Statistics Service announced preliminary results National Population Census, which ended on October 25. At the press conference, the head of the statistical agency Alexander Surin called recent data decryption petitions — they filled 143.2 million, permanently residing in the Russian Federation. True, we still check their authenticity, however, this figure is more or less reflects the main result — we become less, compared with the census of 2001, when there were 145.2 million.

However, some of the head of the statistical office figures make you think — in a national event, the slogan of which had the words "Russia need every" refused to participate about 1 million and 2 million 600 thousand people were out in place of official residence.

Rosstat itself positively assesses the results of the census, noting the high level of social activity of Russians. However, speaking about social activity, it should be noted that this is, above all, the blogosphere, which eight years ago was not as developed as it is now. But here, as the researcher of the Institute of Demography HSE Nikita Mkrtchyan, "social activity can hardly be described as a uniquely positive — in comparison with the previous census campaign, the number of the ideological opponents of the census has increased."

It is noteworthy that the "silent" protests did not stop the Russians. Many not only did not want to disclose their data copyists, but urged others to do so. There even have been rallies against the census. On the Internet, unknown opened a fake website that contained incorrect information about the census. In order to close the portal, officials of the Federal State Statistics Service has had to turn to the FSB.

The fact that a census of some of its members had left an unpleasant aftertaste, history testifies to the remuneration of enumerators. Recall that the census takers (including many students) offered for 5.5 thousand rubles, however, promises not fulfilled. For example, in Moscow without remuneration are still more than 20 thousand people — almost half the volunteers. The authorities promised to resolve this unfortunate matter to December 15. Now, the final payment date pushed back to December 25.

Census did not fail to take advantage of in their policy objectives, many of which had to score points on the cast of the national map. Thus, one of the activists of Tatar movement urged countrymen not just participate in the census, but also choose the same-"the right candidate" from the list of nationalities. In a local newspaper published an article, "Do not forget to sign up Tatars!". It reminds us that "in 2002, the census was dishonest, fraudulent," as the "Tatars divided into 45 ethnic groups." And in 2010, "Moscow is trying to play an even more dishonest, treacherous game": now Tatars already divided by 120 sub-ethnic groups.

Benefit most from the census shares regional authorities, who know perfectly well that the results will be taken into account when calculating the transfers and subsidies, as well as the election. In both cases, local officials have a vested interest in the presence of a significant number of "dead souls." It strengthens their position in bargaining with the federal government, helps to justify budgets and helps you reach the "right" of the election results.

By the way, the officials supervising the census, sometimes forget that participation in it — not the duty and the right of citizens. Thus, in the Krasnoyarsk region to ensure the attendance of the very extensive use of migrants from China and CIS countries. In the event of migration service immediately appealed to the employers and they literally led by the hand into census areas of its employees. In Chelyabinsk, compiled a list of citizens who refused to participate in the census, threatening that the administration reserves the right to also cool to respond to requests of people as they react to the request to participate in the census.

In this method of achieving the desired result is strongly reminiscent of the "stuffing" of ballots in the election. This is confirmed by the testimony of students the School of Sociology Graduate School of Economics, worked as perepischits. One of them found on the enumeration area with a large cardboard box already completed census forms, which manages the site, after consultation with the district council told, "put in the portfolios of the copyist, and at the end of the day to add to the others." Moreover, the data in the forms of "black box", in the words of one of the students, were made "from the bulldozer."

Not surprisingly, some experts have questioned the effectiveness of techniques, even in the poll. Thus, specialists Rosstat planned to see the following information: age, sex, date and place of birth, education, ethnicity, nationality, etc., but most of this information is available in public bodies — the police, the registrar, DEZah. It is doubtful that, based on current census can calculate how much and where to build new schools and hospitals. I can not believe in what the census was able to fix the other layer of living in a country of people who are called "illegals." Scribes, as it became known recently, recorded about 300 thousand temporary residents, while the expense of illegal migrants Russia is in the millions.

Meanwhile, the accuracy of the information collected through the census doubt sociologists. For example, after the polls nationwide survey published survey, according to which 11% of respondents had not undergone the procedure at all (in 2002 the figure was 5%), personal response to questions 65%, and correspondence — 22%. Any student sociologist says that such gaps nationwide studies can not be the basis of serious economic calculations. But the purpose of the interview — to provide data to analyze the future of the country.

Unfortunately, the latest census shows that the fact that its conduct for officials was much more important than the accuracy of the results.

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