Ryazan Wang

November 19, 2012 9:29

Ryazan region journalists discovered an amazing old woman. "Our Wang" called her dozens of pilgrims. The local church seems to recognize the miraculous power of the woman, just wondered: "Why is it only takes at night? This is the power of God or of the devil? "

Skopin town in Ryazan region with a population of 30,000 collected all journalistic cliches about Russian province. Dilapidated houses, broken roads and old-timers, but that's always something I remember. Besides from the Soviet legacy is left to the burial mounds of highly toxic arsenic. Perhaps that is why the birth rate in the city has never exceeded mortality.

While environmentalists sounded the alarm, local hoping for a miracle. And it happened. After 18 years of lethargy suddenly regained consciousness a resident of one of the nearby villages. Grandmother Natalia immediately began dignify mother Feodosia. Wrapped in a white blanket, under the shadow of the icons, it is host to the suffering. And somehow magically lives in the neighborhood began to change dramatically. First saw the light, local men, suddenly deciding to fight alcoholism. Then he got up from his knees bankrupt farm-millionaire. They say all because of the power of water. Like, bayou Theodosius sverhurozhaynost to charge it.

Now waiting for a miracle to the mother of Theodosius daily dozens of people come from all over Russia. Pilgrims are languishing on the porch, waiting for several hours. The entrance is on duty priest in a cassock, another runs inside.

According to legend, Wang saw the light when it is whirled in a tornado and hit the ground. In the life of Mother Theodosia also had a stroke. Work injury to share life simple peasant Natalia on before and after. But here's another mystery: all the medical evidence of the disease Feodosia mother mysteriously disappeared.

Vanga at home is a temple to the icons of the famous seer. Again, terrible parallel: in life Lyalya Vanga in its surroundings there were those who decided to convert the gift of God in the currency. The same fate seems to have befallen the Ryazan and Feodosiya: day tour with access to the mother's body will cost 2500 rubles per person.

Discuss the phenomenon of mother Feodosia in NTV studio brought together representatives of the State Duma and the Russian Orthodox Church, as well as the famous psychic Alan Chumak.

Details in the video above NTV.

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