Rymasheuski cause for questioning by the KGB

Co-Chair of the Belarusian Christian Democracy, the former presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski today called for questioning by the KGB.

In the BCD does not exclude the possibility that this may be due to the fact that on January 19 marks a month since the violent crackdown on peaceful protesters on Independence Square in Minsk, mass beatings and detentions of citizens and the beginning of an unprecedented daily pressures Civil Society in Belarus.

On the same day obschebelorussky declared a day of prayer for political prisoners, and other solidarity actions.

"We appeal to all the faithful of Belarus to support this initiative,
in fact in our country to still reigns the spirit of fear, indifference and lies.
The specter of Communism, Stalin's purges of 1937, he returned to the last
month in Belarus. But Christians know that this spirit is expelled
Only fervent prayer to the Lord. In addition to the solidarity and support,
need prayer for all prisoners and for Belarus ", — said
Vitaly Rymashevski.

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