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Frontiers of scientific knowledge and prediction can not be foreseen.

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Execution of Giordano Bruno.

Recently, the topic of public debate has increasingly become the opposition of the Church and kultury1. Often by the Russian Orthodox Church have the tolerance to many cultural events.
Today many people are aware that Christ's teaching and Orthodox culture — is one thing, and the Church as a social institution — something quite different. As the guardian of tradition, the Church throughout its history of very conservative treated for something new. Especially when it comes to the knowledge of the cosmos. History has many examples of how the Church is criticized the theory of multiple universes and the heliocentric system of the world.

In 1740, at the initiative of Lomonosov Fontenelle published the book "Talking about the many worlds." The book caused irritation of the Holy Synod. Clerics asked quite reasonable, in their view, the question: "If the inhabitants of the planet Mars was, who would baptize them?" Book 2, in their opinion, to be "everywhere select and send to the Synod," and the Academy of Sciences to prohibit print "as on the set of worlds, and about everything else, not the faith of the saint. " In the end, this edition seized and unichtozhili3.
Russian clergy have criticized the heliocentric system of the world until the beginning of XX century. Until 1815 c endorsement of censorship were published a teaching aid "Destruction of the Copernican system," in which he called the heliocentric system of "false system of philosophical" and "outrageous opinion" 4. The final product, in which he criticized the heliocentric system, was published in 1914 the book of Job priest Nemtseva "circle of the earth is fixed and the sun goes" 5. The author of "refute" the Copernican system quotations from the Bible and the works of the Fathers.
In 1886, at the insistence of the clergy was banned book by the famous French astronomer Camille Flammarion "Peace to the creation of man," which contradicted the biblical stories of the miracles of the creation of man, and which, in the opinion of the clergy, religious foundations undermined 6.

Synod of the Orthodox Christian Church in 1757, the work required to make the burning of Mikhail Lomonosov, later accused the great Russian scientist in the dissemination of the manuscript anticlerical works under articles 18 and 149 of the Martial SKU Peter I, the death penalty. Clergy demanded the burning of Lomonosov. Such severity, apparently was caused by too much success freethinking, anti-clerical writings University, indicating a marked weakening of the authority of the church in the nation. Archimandrite J. sections — the spiritual father of Empress Elizabeth — was alarmed at the fall of the faith, the weakening of interest in the church and religion in Russian society. It is significant that Fr D. Sechenov in his libel on the University, demanded the burning of a scientist.

It seems that everything is a "case of bygone days, the ancient legends." Far from it. Again like ghosts rise from oblivion former intolerance. Today at gunpoint church criticism was again Cosmos. Only now the clergy opposed the new cosmic worldview, based on the philosophical heritage of the Roerich family. Russian Orthodox Church condemns Russian cosmism and philosophy, which is so-called International Scientific and Practical Conference "Totalitarian Sects in Siberia" (Altai Territory, Belokurikha, 1999) classified … to the "anti-Christian" 7.
The restructuring, which gave freedom spiritual quest in Russia is over, probably by the end of 1994. From November 29 to December 2 was the Bishops' Council of the ROC, who took the famous definition of "On pseudo-sects, neo-paganism and the occult." Along with the new religious movements of all sects were considered incomprehensible to members of the Church spiritual influences. Figuratively speaking, this definition of religious ideologues themselves fenced iron curtain, or rather, a fence, the perimeter of which were free search for truth, non-church philosophies. Roerich movement, too, was behind this "bishop's fence." Definition in 1994 and became a mainstay of the Russian Orthodox Church against the Roerich cultural and educational organizations.
From that moment began to actively shape a new church-state ideology. Officials and functionaries of the ROC rushed toward each other. In the narrow and confined space ideology began to emerge and strengthen the union of Church and State. Historically, this phenomenon is not new. Ideology is a system of ideas and opinions, express the interests of social groups, that is, purely earthly, material phenomenon. Heavenly and spiritual here no place. And the mixing of God and Caesar for the Church without negative consequences for her not passed yet never Church usually loses its credibility and gradually became part of the state system — a sort of ideological department.
Before our eyes, the former totalitarian regime in Russia to recover quickly. Her new role ideologue claimed Church, whose members were to wage war against free thinking in the same ways that their predecessors. With the support of state agencies church became intrudes in virtually all spheres of life. Even in ekonomiku8, 9.
In Russia, the sound of the slogans of enhancing the role of civil society organizations and the need for spiritual and cultural turned intense media war against dissent. Were under the gun, and the Roerich organization. What is their fault?
Accused of freethinking
Russian culture and science are now in poor condition. And every social movement in their support and protection should be welcomed and supported. "By their fruits ye shall know them", — said Christ. Many Roerich Society in cooperation with the ICR and selflessly serve culture and science. They implement joint projects with museums, libraries, and scientific organizations. The examples are many.
Every year in Kharkov (Ukraine) holds the International Scientific Conference "Slobozhanskiy reading." Among its organizers — Kharkiv Regional State Administration, Kharkiv National University. VN Karazin, Kharkiv Art Museum, the Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Monuments of History and Culture and other organizations. Constant participants of this conference — the cultural center of Kharkov employees Roerich and Pervomaisky Center "Renaissance Culture." Subjects of their reports are of great interest committee "Slobozhanskiy readings."
In 2010, the organizers have decided to dedicate reads a section of the 75th anniversary of the Roerich Pact.
March 22-23, 2008 in Kemerovo, the interregional public conference on "cultural unity of Asia." Along with the Roerich Society "Maitri" of the organizers of the conference came Kemerovo State University. The reports attempted to reveal the position of science basis of cultural unity of Asia and the importance of the Central Asian expedition of Nicholas Roerich in the study of a single cultural area of the world.
In the IV All-Russian scientific-practical conference "Russian education in the twenty-first century: Challenges and Prospects" (12-13 November 2009, Anzhero Sudzhensk Branch of Kemerovo State University) organized a section dedicated to the Year of India in Russia. It was supported by the Coordination Council of Kuzbass Roerich organizations and the NGO "Roerich Society Anzhero Sudzhensk."
October 4-6, 2009 in Penza State Pedagogical University. VG Belinsky The International Scientific Public Conference "Russia and India. Ways of cooperation: the past, present and future. " Among the organizers, along with the Ministry of Culture and the administration of Penza Penza — Regional Roerich Society.
Each year, State Literary Memorial Museum-Reserve Nekrasov "Karabikha" together with the departments of environment and culture of the Yaroslavl region contesting International scientific conference "Ecology and Culture: from the past to the future." The conference addresses issues of human interaction with the environment, issues of organization, learning and use of protected areas, etc. The reports are the staff constantly Yaroslavl and Tver Roerich organizations.
15-16 December 2009 Yaroslavl received visitors from India. The city held events dedicated to 260th anniversary of the first Russian scientist Yaroslavets Indologist Gerasim Stepanovich Lebedev. The organizers of the conference on G.S.Lebedevu, were made by the Government of the Yaroslavl region, the mayor of the city of Yaroslavl, the Museum of the City of Yaroslavl, Yaroslavl Roerich Society "Orion".
The conference was attended by scientists Orientalists of Russia and India, including the scientific community in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Kolkata. Among them — 9 doctors, seven candidates. The symbol of the conference was the Banner of Peace — the Banner of Culture, sponsored by the Nicholas Roerich. Along with the flag of the Earth, a UN and presents photographs of our planet from space, Banner of Peace was raised over the City History Museum.
Examples of cooperation with scientists Roerich organizations could lead further. But representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church did not choose to see or hear, hidden from the world for a high "bishop fence" and throwing out the dirt in rerihovtsev, only fault is that they think differently.
Is it not enough we have problems in Russia today? Why, for example, the Church did not begin such a relentless struggle against the evils of society, with most showing an example of piety? Rather strange fact: even openly satanic sects do not cause such a critique of the Church as community cultural and educational organizations that are named Lev.
All this can only talk about the ideological orientation antirerihovskoy fight by the ROC. Philosophy of Living Ethics, created under the guidance of teachers Roarichs East, describes the Universe differently than people in the church. This new system of thought based on the best achievements of world culture and is an example of free thought. In the Living Ethics can find a lot of parallels with the ethical ideals of Orthodoxy. But the superiority of the self, jealousy, low level of culture and intolerance blind eye to churchmen. A fanatical belief in exclusive possession of the truth blocks the path to understanding.
"Guilty Without Guilt" Roerich organization initiated by representatives of the Church hands of these same officials and clergy actively expelled from the cultural, educational and scientific space. Examples of "cold" ideological war against the Roerich Roerich organizations and more than enough. Sometimes in the course are literally "partisan" methods.

Chronicle of the "cold war"
December 20-21, 2007, in the Tver Regional Library. Gorky took III Regional Studies Conference "Historical and cultural heritage of the Tver region: preserving the past and think about the future." The conference, which was attended by faculty members of the Tver State University, teachers and local history of the district centers, representatives of the library and museum communities, was invited to Tver Regional Roerich public organization. She presented two performances and photo exhibition "Protection of Cultural Heritage — work nationwide", prepared jointly with the Tver branch of the All-Russian Society for the Protection of Monuments of History and Culture (VOOPIiK). The two organizations have for several years been cooperating successfully arguing in society the idea of uniting the efforts of state and public organizations in the preservation of historical and cultural heritage of the Tver region.
This fact attracted the attention of Tver diocese. And she took decisive action. A spokesman Archpriest Alexander Shabanov — part-Chairman of the Missionary Department diocese, vice president of the Russian Association of Centers for the Study of Religion and Sects
(RATSIRS) — coming to the conference, in front of astonished participants began to stick to the exhibition stand stickers with the words "Caution, sect!" 10
Missionary Department of the Tver diocese on its website said the actions of his staff as follows: "Even if we agree that rerihovtsy seek to restore the ruined temples, this does not mean that these efforts will be for the good of the Orthodox Christian spiritual heritage of Russia, since the revival of this heritage has, in fact, the purpose of revival of the Orthodox liturgical life by orthodox theological tradition, which rerihovtsy with their cultural roots do not have and can not have any common ground "11.
It is difficult to understand the logic of archpriest A.Shabanova acting within the walls of the secular establishment such drastic measures. It turns out that the root for the spiritual and historical heritage of Russia is only entitled to an Orthodox Christian. Desirable — inchurched. But, excuse me! Churches — is not just a space for the "Orthodox liturgical life on the basis of the orthodox theological tradition", according Shabanov, but also monuments. And cultural heritage of Russia is equally dear to all its members, regardless of their ideology.
Knowingly Academician Likhachev museum staff called "the last of Holy Russia." That museum workers saved during militant atheism priceless works of art — the temples, icons, liturgical objects. And now, strange to see how zealous churchmen try it all away from museums. That is typical — with the active support of officials, which, it seems, the fate of these works of art were not interested before, not now. Just according to the time they support the ideology that is more profitable for them.
Hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church on the application, they do not undertake to judge the merits of the cultural and artistic heritage Rerihov12. However, contrary to this statement in Syktyvkar think differently: "On the basis of not only the teachings of the Roerich, but their artistic creativity, our center [Center for New Religious Movements] concluded [Roerich] occult society and has nothing to do with Christianity" — said the abbot Filipp13. After that, the clergy tried to close the permanent collection exhibition of reproductions of Nicholas Roerich, which was organized in a school and had a lot of positive feedback.
Today, the crisis has affected many areas of life. Touched it and the school. Widely distributed spiritless authoritarian pedagogy. It would seem that on this background all forces should support the germs of culture, morality, and spirituality. They are trying to make to the pedagogy of teachers-innovators. Among
them — Academician RAO Sh.A.Amonashvili his humane pedagogy. However, some members of the Church to openly attack and this outstanding master pedagogiki14. They can not forgive him respect for the work of the Roerich family.
At the XVII International Christmas Educational Readings (February 24, 2009, Moscow), Archpriest Alexander Novopashin, vice president RATSIRS (Novosibirsk), slandered respected scientist-teacher, describing it as a system of "destructive cult, veiled under the pedagogical innovation" 15.
After such statements it appears that the ROC is more interested in imposing their own ideology, rather than in the general level of spirituality and culture in Russian society. Confirms this thought a letter of Patriarch Alexy II «All diocesan bishops," which is December 9, 1999 instructed the representatives of the Church on their implementation in the public education system: "If you encounter difficulties with the teaching of the foundations of the Orthodox Faith, call the course" Fundamentals of Orthodox Culture "is unobjectionable the teachers and principals of secular schools, brought up on the basis of atheism "16.
Church ideology would not have been as successful if it had not had the support in the world — among the many volunteers, the lost stoskovavshihsya totalitarian ideology.
An example of this symbiosis in the ideological field may serve as anti-sectarian handbook, which was released in Yaroslavl. Under the auspices of the Municipality and Urban Research and Methodological Center for Social Policy released a collection of "Innovative relegioznye sects, cults and organizations: prevalence and Yaroslavl in Russia" 17. It Roerich organizations included in the list of sects, under the heading: "Theosophy, occultism, and the movement of" New Age "." Text in the handbook of the Teaching of Living Ethics and Roerich organizations — an example of complete mixing in the minds of officials "of French and Nizhny Novgorod." The head of "Fundamentals of Faith" is entirely based on an article in the journal "Problems of Philosophy" written … it is in defense of the Roerich dvizheniya18. In this article the authors V.V.Frolov L.M.Gindilis and give a characterization of the Living Ethics as a scientific and philosophical doctrine, and the Roerich movement — both cultural and educational. Despite the complete text of the adoption of the article (and, without mentioning its author — which, incidentally, is plagiarism), the authors of the handbook concludes that Roerich movement — "the religious cult of the occult and anti-Christian character."
All other information in this handbook is taken either from church sources, or in the center of Yaroslavl antisektanstkogo "Human Security" (director — Yevgeny Mukhtarov, journalist, member of the Expert Council for Conducting State Religious Evaluation of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation). The authors mention a mysterious "own cult" and occult "mysteries" in the Roerich movement — of course, without any evidence, and further details.
The impression is that the clergy under the banner of patriotism, trying to protect Russia from rerihovtsev. Just what kind of Russia? Very much it is in the view of churchmen like our country totalitarian model of the 37th year of the last century, when a person can be accused of anything — until the espionage of several countries, when the purpose of dealing with unwanted used any method.

"Our earth walls do not reach the heavens"
It has become a tradition in Russia to Orthodoxy do not tell, it shows the example of his life. The people have always been highly regarded authority of the elders. It is very strange that, perhaps, the most popular man of the ROC now become not old men, and Deacon Andrei Kuraev and sectologists Alexander Dvorkin. Both — the infamous personality, and both — persecute dissent. Known Orthodox philosopher Nikolai Berdyaev wrote: "The truly loves freedom one who claims it for another. There is one yardstick that measures freedom — religious tolerance, a rare phenomenon, if we understand it in depth … "19.
Rejecting the creativity of the Roerich family, cut off from him the Iron Curtain, the Church excommunicated themselves from the new scientific finding.
Meanwhile, the official science confirms the idea gradually Roerich and approach to the energy outlook of Living Ethics. So, the winner of the Nobel Prize I.P.Prigozhin considers that the first fundamental feature of bioenergy is that living organisms — open systems operating only in a constant exchange of matter and energy with the surrounding sredoy20.
VN Yagodinsky — Member of the Moscow Academy of psychotherapy, MD, developing basic provisions Chizhevskogo works, created a unified concept of genetics rhythms of the biosphere due to the influence of the Cosmos, which was new to the science. In his book "Cosmos rule us," he writes that each cell, as the whole entire organism — a self-sustaining system. It is based on the principle of rhythmic energy "charge" 21.
V.L.Voeykov, Professor of Moscow State University. Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia), Doctor of Biological Sciences, believes that the main reservoir of free energy in biological systems are electronically excited states of complex molecular systems. These states are continuously supported by the circulation of electrons in the biosphere, which is the source of solar energy, and the main "working substance" — water. Some of the states spent on ensuring the current energy source of the body, some may continue to stock up, just as in the laser pulse after absorbing nakachki22.
Creativity Roerich family gives a new direction science
XXI century and explains the meaning of the Orthodox culture, showing its spiritual depth. It helps to find common ground with other people and cultures. This is the way to claim the example of his life Roerich.
Without a doubt, the Roerich organization in a "cold war" by the Russian Orthodox Church will continue to pursue its cultural, educational and scientific activities.
And the Church, becoming the way of progress, risks once again prove to be a dead end stories.
Maybe in a hundred years, our descendants with a smile and surprise will be reading about the attacks on the Church and the Roerich Roerich movement. Exactly the same as today, we smile and wonder read the words of Metropolitan Filaret (canonized in 1994) that scientific geology denies the biblical cosmogony and therefore "can not be tolerated." 23
"Our earth walls do not reach the heavens" — quite rightly considered the Kiev Metropolitan Platon (Gorodetsky), who lived in the XIX century. Does not reach up to the sky and "bishop fence", built in the XX century in the world of purely terrestrial methods. And none of the bishops of the Church was not given a monopoly on the truth and sole authority over the eternal and infinite cosmos — not above us or in our souls.

The author is grateful V.P.Anufrievu, PhD, Professor USTU — UPI Ekaterinburg for the information on a number of modern scientific research.

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