Scientists: the weakening of the magnetic field of the life on earth will not destroy


Despite the predictions of the Mayan calendar, in 2012 prorochaschego offensive Apocalypse, scientists say with confidence that in 2012 the Earth and the Sun will not destroy us, says Inosmi referring to the newspaper La Stampa

The decoded the Mayan calendar predicted that in 2012, solar activity will reach its peak, which, along with the weakening of Earth's magnetic field lead to a change of electromagnetic fields. The rotation of the Earth will stop to resume in the opposite direction. There will come a planetary crisis with earthquakes, floods and hurricanes. Under the pernicious influence of solar radiation on Earth killed all life.

Scientists have confirmed that, in recent decades, the electromagnetic field of the Earth is reduced, however, periods of growth and decline of these tensions are observed throughout the existence of the Earth. Processes, both on Earth and on the Sun can actually lead to a migration of the poles of the planet and through the millennium, the inversion of polarity, the geographic North Pole and the South Magnetic Pole may be in the same hemisphere. Due to this in the near future we will be able to observe the aurora in northern Europe.

According to scientists, the troubles of this phenomenon in the world there are many, such as compasses become useless, there may be a problem with your space technology, will be endangered human health. Weakened Earth's magnetosphere will not be able to reliably protect people from dangerous particles, charged with great energy in the equatorial and middle zones. But experts now say with confidence that in 2012 the Earth and the Sun will not destroy us!

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