Search Engines with Mehdi going to raise from the swamp Dreznevskogo church bell


The research team, supported MLW psychic Mehdi Ebrahim Wafa and his psychic center plans to climb the church bell of Drezna swamp Pavlovsky Posad district.

Recall prehistory. To understand what was the reason for these searches, go back to 70 years ago. With the arrival of the Soviet Russian Orthodox Church was going through the hardest phase of its existence. The new ideology and policies detailed Lenin, and later Stalin threatened the destruction of the Orthodox world in our country. Destroyed churches, icons and books were burned, desecrated shrines Russian. Do not spared and located in the backwoods of the marshes in the Trinity Church-Chizhah.

Presumably in 1938 the church was closed (a year before still made in the temple of the rite of baptism.) Closure means total desolation — all were taken by troops of the Red Army church values of Pavlovsky Posad. Bells, which for centuries called upon the people to the service, also named in the list of the values that the government has ordered to withdraw to the needs of the party. They were removed and loaded onto a cart designed for export. At the time of the temple, on the north side of the churchyard, there was a road running along the dreznevskogo swamp. That it took away the main "voice" of the temple. According to yet unknown reasons the largest bell was cast in a swamp on the way into town not far from the church. Perhaps because of the gravity of the load it was difficult to keep the wagon on a bad road and swampy, and m
ozhet, cart stuck in the mud, and to somehow get out, had to get rid of the very large and weighty cargo. Gone are the heavy Soviet years that saw the price of 70-year time span war, hunger, change of government, a breakthrough in space, power drop, and more. And all this time, one of the holy Trinity Church remained lying in his final resting place.

November 8 locate the bell was found

Clear frosty November morning, a group of searchers to the site "Kartoved" as well as the main search engine: Dr. Mehdi Ebrahim Wafa, came to Trinity-Chizhi then to restore justice and restore the temple bell belonging to him. Weather for such an important set before all, the task of favorable entire proceeding. After the opening statement Father Dionysius "With God" all went in search of a bell. After going through the ruined temple dining hall and cemetery, took to that same old road, which was mentioned in prehistory. According to her, they went their way through the bushes. On the left side dragged swamp (the former river bed Drezna). Searchers combed the woods in search of at least no evidence of the time, but neither they nor the bell was found. At one point, had to wander because of a decent signal of the detector, but as it turned out, nothing interesting in this place was not. After going further and further from the church to the east, and in the 500-meters ah, the temple Mehdi stopped us and pointed to the area where you need to focus the search. It was found that traces of the missing bells are right in the center of the swamp.

Having tried to go there, immediately rejected the idea, because already two meters away from the dry places feet were buried in the mud, and with standard ammunition and, in particular, conventional boots, go to the epicenter was not conceivable. But it does not upset the search engines, because the place is found. The main thing to get a bell with polmetrovoy depth, and, judging by its size, it will be not so easy (presumably from the weight of the bells 1 to 1, 5 tons).

Oddly enough — in the winter it is better to raise the bell

After they came back for lunch in the refectory of the church took a unanimous decision to engage in the rise of the bells in the winter, passing on the frozen part of the swamp. For a good beginning and a good cause had been raised "glasses" by all assembled. In the course of the conversation was not spared and the painful issue of the construction of the road. They promised to help. The road, as in the distant past, normally you can only walk in the late autumn and winter, one of the main problems of the Russian people. And this problem should be solved immediately.

Leonid Gavrilov

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