Secret Files of the Inquisition: the shocking true stories

January 4, 2013 4:17

The Inquisition lasted 600 years, much in the form of a powerful military enforcement of orthodox Catholics. Its archives kept in the strictest confidence, a powerful lock, so the time has turned them into legends and myths. But that all changed in the 19980m, when the Vatican decided to lift the veil of secrecy over the archives of the Holy Inquisition.

The activity Inquisition (in translation — the investigation) started out as a special ecclesiastical court of the Catholic Church. It was needed to combat the heresy of dissent, his father — that was to begin the Pope Innocent III. Almost no country where Catholicism was adopted, not avoid it, feel about all the "charms" of medieval obscurantism.

Their work began hundreds of thousands of people burned at the stake, also tortured, rejected, mutilated, rotting in prisons people deprived not only property, but also the good name, and the life. Such is now the grand total …
The film made a small attempt to lift the veil of mystery and discover the heartbreaking truth of the medieval history of countries such as Spain, France and Italy.

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