Secrets of Aksai mazes


In the small town of Aksai, Rostov region has a landmark, causing the locals a superstitious dread. This is — a unique system of underground tunnels.

The first local catacombs dug into the cult to the inhabitants of the ancient settlement Kobyakova at the beginning of our era, the next-generation hard entangled network of new mazes. As a result, under the modern Aqsa Mosque and its surroundings stretches a real underground city filled with all kinds of anomalschinoy.

The correspondent of "The Secret Power" had a chance to learn about the terrible mysteries of Aksai funds from the keeper of the local museum, the fortress "Customs outpost of the XVIII century," historian and ethnographer Vyacheslav Zaporozhtseva. Vyacheslav B. knows the secrets dungeons firsthand.

A female ghost

— One look, and of a basement window of the museum, the light breaks through the fortress. I — in utter disbelief. I remember the same thing: a few minutes ago in the basement of his own cut down your electricity bill! Unlock the basement door, looked down … — Began his story Vyacheslav Zaporozhtsev.

Cat, tagged along behind him, reared up with wild hair and howling shied away from the basement. But the museum worker did not pay much attention to the strange behavior of the animal. He was more interested in something else: despite the clicking of the switch, the light is not quenched. Then the keeper of the funds carefully descended into the dark dungeons of the Customs Gate.

…Women that roamed the cloister, to be there simply could not — except Vyacheslav Zaporozhtseva in the fortress of the night did not remain one. However strange person silently slipped past, narrowly missing the stunned museum worker. Flowing black hair hid face the stranger, but her clothes Vyacheslav B. fine saw: a white dress with a wide skirt and elegant corset. Professional historian was not difficult to find dress, which sported a fashionista middle of the XIX century. Cossacks slowly backed away, and the woman went into the wall and disappeared … When the keeper of funds jumped out of the basement, the lights went out on his own.

— This is not the first appearance of the ghost — says Vyacheslav B.. — The woman in white seen here before. I myself have come across a few years ago with her in the same gallery. In addition, the museum often hear from the walls of a mysterious knock. Not otherwise come to live in our dungeons someone innocent victims and Restless Soul.

Keep the secret treasures

However, in the catacombs of the Aksai ghost could easily wander into the cellars of the Customs gates at the other end of town. There is the infamous hole that goes straight to Don. A lot of the victims, according to legend, sent his last journey through this hole local murderer Yefim Kolupaev, beckoning in the 60s of the XIX century to his hold on affluent travelers.
Money of their victims, he also kept somewhere under the local ground.

According to another version, the ghost of the fortress is associated with an elusive gang that robbed the passing merchants couple of decades later. They say that the villain of thieves hid their common fund in the dungeons of Aksay, and protect the treasure entrusted chieftain's daughter. And that, perhaps, regularly carries out its mission, even after death.

Rostov historian Nikolai Karpov in his book "The Don treasure hunters," says that in the Aksai district committee of the party in the 50s of the last century came to an ancient old woman who admitted that her grandfather was a cook in a famous band and handed her the secret of the treasure. The old woman was ready to share it with the authorities, provided that it will arrange a "Politic kommunist home for the elderly." Grandmother initially considered crazy, and when realized it, that there was no more: age.

Another legend states that the rich owner of a local winery, go abroad, has mentioned, though hid in one of the left in the dungeons of wine barrels jewels that on his return will provide a comfortable existence to himself, his children and grandchildren. Moreover, this is also a treasure supposedly guarding a female ghost.

Winemaker and did not return to Russia, but it has recently found a secret basement. There are still kept four oak barrels — nearly tall as a man. Each is filled with the wine harvest in 1900. However, do not let them open the host monastery in whose territory found a treasure.

The war underground

Hidden from the prying eyes of a maze of Aksai closely interested in the military. For example, in the Fly beams, which is close to the Customs outpost, hiding underground fortified bunker for KP and partrukovoditeley built in case of nuclear war. Here, until recently, held the secret testing of powder simulators nuclear explosions. According to eyewitnesses, similar experiments were accompanied by a deafening roar and a 200-foot pillar of flame. In the next yards under the ground went the whole barns and homes. Once uncontrollable blast wave carried with cars came to test the generals hoods and roofs, and the cars themselves tossed aside by fifteen meters.

Sometimes the landfill were taken heavy armor, scorched through — the front armor to stern. But it was the result of the testing of new missiles. In the long underground passage driven or self-propelled tank, closed her heavy armored door and shot out of a cannon. Often supersnaryad, hitting target, planted at the same time and the massive door.
Even more incredible rumors about military equipment, which does not come back out of the ground. They say, located on the lower tiers of top-secret laboratory to conduct experiments on … teleporting tanks of Aksai in the suburbs. However, there is another explanation: armor was lost underground in itself, without the participation of the people.

Actually, initially for their own needs are not planning to use military Mukhin beam and ancient catacombs Kobyakova settlement. But a terrible tragedy forced to abandon the idea. It all started with the loss of a soldier who examined an unknown course. Search Party, sent after him, too, suffered losses this time: the two soldiers disappeared.

Later searchers did find. Or rather, what's left of them — the lower part of the body. The cut at the level of both breasts something unusually sharp. The cut cleanly, as if a giant razor. Under the mysterious knife hit the radio and soldiers. When they were apart, in the chips did not find a single crack or vyscherbliny: that careful turned slice.
Further searches stopped, the information on the death of the soldier was classified, so as not to raise a panic, and sappers blew up the hundred-meter plot, completely walled dangerous move.

Soon, however, in the dungeons, there was another mysterious death. Local amateur researcher Oleg Burlakov catacombs also found severed in half. This time, though, and found a lower and an upper part. Just off the top for some reason there were one bone.

Recently visiting digery tried to "walk" on the Aksai catacombs with a dog. At one of the turns dog whined suddenly and in a panic rushed back. Digery moved back to her. An incredible sight presented itself to their eyes. The walls of the passage in the place where you just had people quickly began to converge. And then went back. Another time digery barely had time to rebound from falls through the floor. "Collapse" move immediately to take the original position.

All this suggests the ancient traps. But that's who they were to cut, crush and shred? It is possible that they have determined not to let anything or anyone get out of the depths to the surface.

Miracles continue …

Legends of the creepy underground creatures of these places also have a long history. According to ancient sources, more people Kobyakova settlement human sacrifices a certain dragon, periodically crawls out of the ground. The image of a mysterious god-lizard repeatedly found among the monuments of culture and archeology of the European part of Russia. Academician BA Rybakov dedicated a whole chapter in his book "Paganism Ancient Rus', where, in particular, results in a fragment of the manuscript, which reports on the attack," crocodiles "on people:" In the year 7090 (1582) … izydosha korkodili lyutii animals out of the river and the path zatvorisha; poyadosha a lot of people. And uzhasoshasya lyudie and Molisch vsei God's earth. And shall spryatashasya and inih izbisha. " Scientists do not doubt the veracity of the chronicler, lamenting that "modern zoology bad helps us to find the prototype of dinosaur."

Unknown to science beast in Aksai last seen not so long ago — nine years ago. During the collapse of a warehouse in the basement of the local cannery opened an underground hole. Watchman with dogs looked was there, but someone's angry roar and a huge body, to move quickly in the dark, forced them to flee without looking back. The guard took a chance to go back until the morning, and the frightened dog did not come to the store for another week. Walled passage of harm's way.

It is possible the mysterious Aksay "Nessie" creeps even from the ground, but from the … water. As demonstrated by geological exploration, at a depth of 40 meters under the Aqsa Mosque is an underground lake, and a 250-meter deep lapping sea. Under the bed of the Don, on the banks of which is the town also runs another river. It is no accident cars and trailers that fell a few times from the old bridge Aksay, disappeared without a trace. Instead of missing transport divers found in the mainstream of Don bottomless hopper, where the water pulls its prey with tremendous force. Divers also saved from death only a steel safety cable.

There Aksay and another mystery. It is known that according to the version, expressed by some ufologists, UFOs are in fact unidentified underground facilities that are only for a short while soar up into the sky. We agree with this and specialists geophysics. For example, Andrew Ol'khovatov, scientific expert of the Association "Ecology of the unknown", believes that UFOs can be generated by tectonic processes fireballs.

Aksay phenomenon confirms this theory. "Flying saucer" here — a common phenomenon. According to eyewitnesses, they suddenly appear as if out of the ground, and there is returned.

Once, for example, the city slowly drifted something like a pontoon with a transparent dome, where swarmed humanoid figure. Another object blinded night Aksai unusually bright stream of light. When under this beam hit the base of warships on the banks of the Don, there stood a terrible panic. According to the "ease" even opened fire with heavy machine guns. But to no avail.

There was still the case: just three spherical UFOs spun wildly around the old bridge Aksay. Illumination was such that the traffic on the highway came to a halt. Drivers who did not want to go further, looking at the free show with open mouths, and the desperate traffic cops had to call for backup from the city.

Meanwhile, the hypothesis put forward by Andrew Olhovatovym tectonic activity helps to explain some other Aksai "zhutiki." The first is, of course, dancing walls of the catacombs, which may be the result of local underground earthquakes. And the roar of the underground "dragon" in this case would be usual for the tectonically active regions of the magma underground buzz, norovyaschy break free. And still do not know what's scarier: semi-mythical furtive life of ghosts or real earthquake, and even a splash of lava from the volcano born in Rostov.

However, no modern scientific version still does not explain the appearance of settlements in the catacombs Kobyakova female ghosts and mysterious demise of desperate research of underground galleries. One thing is clear: the ghostly lady Aksai mazes, whether they are ghosts or reflections of the natural elements will not tolerate human vanity in their possessions.

Ruslan Melnikov

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