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Wushu — the way to his

East — a delicate matter. And China, with its long history and tradition, which sometimes do not want to fit in the minds of Europeans, and did a kind of Bermuda Triangle. Those who can tell for sure about all that is going on there, a little bit, but all sorts of myths and legends about those places There is a lot of. And the monks of the Shaolin Temple with their fantastic abilities in the list on the first cast. However, China is not so far away as it may seem, and local martial arts lurking beneath familiar to most of us the word "wushu", turn out to be something more than just the ability to hung "pretzels" abuser. So what is wushu? In the maze of myths and historical facts we are trying to sort out with the head coach of Belarus Nikolai Wushu butting.

Myth 1.

Traditional Wushu — more gymnastics than a martial art.

— There are many schools and styles of Wushu. So it turns out that many perceive it ambiguous. At first, when wushu only appeared in our area, many people could not even understand what they actually do, and the competition could also act karate, and kick boxers. Wushu — is when a breathing exercise and training — Qigong — a man comes to a state of inner harmony. And it certainly helps in the conduct of the match.

Myth 2.

School kung fu and wushu largely duplicate each other.

— By and large, these words are synonyms. Eastern and European interpretation of the same type of martial arts. The Chinese themselves, talking about kung fu, imply more stringent, adapted to the conditions of a real fight the rules of engagement.

Myth 3.

Birthplace of kung fu and wushu became famous Shaolin Monastery.

— Wushu actually originated in Chinese monasteries, with the help of special exercises monks sought to achieve harmony of body and spirit. But this is the birth took place in parallel in many parts of the country, and was the largest Shaolin monastery. However, today it is just a brand name, which enterprising monks make a lot of money. Even with the demonstration performances by world travel.

Myth 4.

Particular adepts of Wushu exercises can make your body immune to attacks.

— It is a special technique development and hardening of the body, which is called "iron shirt". Anyone who has mastered it, you can easily break a stick on the arms, legs or back, they may, without any harm to himself lying on broken glass or nails. It's quite common. Qigong, which is based on the spirit of hardening allows a person to control his body. And in order to learn it, it is not necessary to go to China. We have, for example, trains Alexander Maslov, who in my eyes on the hands and feet were breaking 5-cm bars. True, it took him 20 years of very serious martial arts training.

Myth 5.

Master of kung fu and wushu are the winners of the matches go to well in excess of their largest competitors, if not bend them to his will.

— The main purpose of martial arts training is to achieve mental and physical state in which a person can properly compare the capabilities of the organism with the situation and use it to maximum advantage for themselves. Another thing is that opportunities may be different. Now much has been said about the fact that we are not disclosed all the possibilities of the human body. So martial arts classes help you to use any part of this reserve. Including psychological: among the Shaolin monks at one time there were many psychics and it is possible that the story of how one man forced to retreat the whole group, not too far from the truth. However, in order to develop the skills such need for many years to devote himself to this occupation.

Myth 6.

Today, anyone can go to school and learn all Shaolin cinematic tricks.

— Yes, today in the monastery give tours and recruited paid group, the students who can work with the monks. But the question is, what effect you expect. What we see in movies or during presentations, bears little resemblance to the real art wushu, made famous Shaolin Temple. Future masters started to train with the age of three years, they have a lot of day-to-day improved their physical and, more importantly, personality. So it is hardly a couple of weeks, or even years can achieve the same results. But to improve your health and learn to feel, and you can control your body.

Myth 7.

The great popularity of kickboxing and Thai boxing explained by their more "applied" than in Wushu character.

— It is not true. Just kick boxing in this country began to develop earlier and had more support from the state. As for the nature of the application, our athletes regularly participate in tournaments in Muay Thai, and "Thais" act together with our own. Another thing is that one and the other is difficult to win a "non-core" tournaments, but then the hockey player on the football team would not be easy.

Myth 8.

In recent years the world has witnessed a boom hobbies Chinese martial arts.

— One of my Chinese friend said: "At that time, as you Europeans are trying to look at the world through the East, we look at the world through the eyes of the West." And the situation is very interesting. A lot of Chinese people with whom I had occasion to talk lately, have no idea of what is wushu. At the same time, in Belarus the sport's popularity is growing significantly. Working age is almost unlimited, and so many parents bring their children to the section, later themselves come into the hall. For in order to engage in self-improvement, not necessarily participate in the matches. However, the results of our athletes in the world are also growing: this year we have won 11 medals in international competitions, and if before all the victories were on account of adult fighters, now about to declare itself the beginning and a new generation.

Myth 9.

In their speeches, the master Taulu — performances with a weapon — using dummy swords, unable to cause harm in the event of an error.

— Not really. Of course, performance with real swords can not see very rarely, however, and the weapons used by athletes, by no means harmless. I have often witnessed how these swords easily cuts through the muscle tissue and causing serious injury. However, before you pick up a weapon, the guys for a long time to hone skills with safe training dummy. This section of Wushu in which athletes perform in bright colorful kimono is the most popular among children.

Myth 10.

With the help of martial arts can significantly improve health, cure some diseases and even restore youth.

— I have on this account there is a bright example: a man who once introduced me to wushu — Valentine Kalaur. Even as a lieutenant in the Soviet Army, he was in a serious car accident, after which he removed two thirds of the stomach. Began cancer metastasis. The doctors said that he left to live for long. But, fortunately, it was then that he met with Vladimir Polyakov — the founder of the Belarusian wushu. Thanks to a major regular classes (5 — 6 hours a day), he lived with these metastases more than 20 years! Later in his life had an accident, because of the stress, he lost his balance internal energy and literally burned for two weeks. So I said and continue to say that with the help of the thought processes you can monitor the work of many organs. For example, I know people who can thus control the heart rate, muscle tone, blood pressure and many more such options, and all together it will definitely affect and life expectancy. It would be a desire to improve, and the limit of this process, as we know, does not exist.

Author of publication: Dmitry Komashko
Photo: Arthur Prupas


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