Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman. Erebus 12/02/2012

December 4, 2012 5:16

1. Iceman mummy "named Ötzi" discovered 20 years ago. During this time, died eight researchers and journalists. All these people are somehow wanted to know the truth of who he really — the ice man? Those who violate the ban and will penetrate into the realm of the dead will be destroyed, and the ancient curse embodied in life. As was concluded a peace treaty with the dead worlds of the living.

2. July 1993, the Altai, Ukok Plateau, near the border with China. A group of archaeologists excavated Scythian burial mounds, and suddenly, under one of the graves they find another, more ancient. The casket is made of larch was completely frozen in the ice mummy of a woman with ritual tattoos on his hands, indicating that the sacred status of the buried. Later it would be called "Princess of Ukok." To make this discovery came about by accident. Lucky you? Archaeologists then not really about arguing. Scary surprises began immediately, the animals began to behave restlessly, eyewitnesses said began to move mountains, there was a massive earthquake, landslides and avalanches, rivers burst their banks. Altaic shamans say — this is just the beginning.

3. They will not let themselves to strangers, and if they are disturbed, they will retaliate. The Bolsheviks sought entrance into the kingdom of the dead. Worked as occult technology in the hands of special. Services.

4. Sacred contract living and dead broken. Ancient curse come true. Solving the mystery of the curse of Tamerlane. What scientists have found the world dead.

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