Seliger and Recreation

Seliger and RecreationSummer — time for vacations and warm weather, when you do not want to stay home. It's time to go on vacation close to nature, where you can qualitatively relax, socialize with other people and gain new emotions.

In our country, a lot of places, but the most interesting is the Seliger summer vacation. Of course, those who have never heard of it, is the name most likely nothing to say. However, those who have already been there, and again wants to go there. Seliger popularity is very simple and to be here can be anyone. It should tell you in detail about this beautiful place.

Seliger is in the Tver region, bordered by the Novgorod. The place is surrounded by several lakes enormous size, the ice age. The second name of the neighborhood-Ostashkovskoe. It appeared the city Ostashkovo-largest settlement of this area. Unique lake Seliger also also lies in the fact that here takes more than ten rivers of all sizes. Not near major highways, no factories and businesses, and large railway stations and airports. Environmental situation at a very high level.

Every visitor, from any corner of the earth, will find a vacation for the soul. For those who love romance and no one can come to the evening stroll along the paths, surrounded by green plants, or watch a beautiful sunset on the horizon of the lake. Lovers of noisy gatherings should go here a great company. If not, then make friends with the tourists and to communicate. Each person is friendly and always willing to help.

People aged to relax in the lap of nature and health. There are museums and attractions, among which it is worth noting Nil Monastery Hermitage. Boat trips will be simply unforgettable, several vessels with proper names make daily trips to the unshakable surface of the lake. Holidays with a tent takes pride of place among the preferences of tourists. In the summer, close to the lake, you will find more than a hundred tents all over the coast. At night there is always a fun-gatherings around the fire with interesting stories and songs with a guitar.

Problems with accommodation will never occur. And there are places to stay for every taste. For those who are used to gorordskim conditions can be to rent a room in a hotel in the city. They are few, but the level of service at each height. You can pick up at the lake house, or rent a small house among the majestic greenery.

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