Seven people were killed in a tropical storm in northern Philippines

 Victims of tropical storms in the northern Philippines were seven people, two others missing.

According to the summary of the National Council on disaster risk reduction (NSSRSB), tropical storm Helen (International Classification — Kai-Tak) passed through the central part of the northern Philippine island of Luzon.

Wave of refugees flooded rescue centers. Flooding in the Philippines 

According to the news portal GMA News, 14 elements destroyed roads and eight bridges, more than 2.5 thousand people were forced to flee their homes. All from catastrophe, affecting over 20,000 people.

Meanwhile, according to published NSSRSB Thursday the latest data to the beginning of last week's flooding in Manila, the victims of the flood were already 102 people in the capital were missing two more.

In just two days last week in the capital of the Philippines had more monthly rainfall, causing rivers in Metro Manila overflowed, and the water at the peak of the flood completely flooded more than half of the giant metropolis with a population of 12 million people. Rescuers were forced to evacuate directly from the streets of people standing up to their necks in water.

According to estimates by the National Council disaster by the disaster affected about 4.2 million people in the Philippine capital and surrounding areas, and in temporary evacuation centers are located close to a million refugees. The flood completely destroyed the 3.3 thousand homes and damaged another 9.3 thousand buildings were washed out dozens of roads and bridges.

Every year during the rainy season from June to December in the Philippine archipelago falls about 20 storms and typhoons. The sad record for the number of victims while holding typhoon in 1991 that killed 6,000 people Philippine island of Leyte.

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