Shark jumped into the boat to American fishermen

Gray-blue shark weighing about 170 pounds jumped into the boat to the three Texas fishermen. The incident occurred a few days ago, when the Americans fished in the Gulf of Mexico, according to KTRK. A meeting with big fish people were not injured.
According to one of the participants in fishing, Jason Kress, he and his companions were surprised and frightened appearance of a shark in the boat. He fell into the vessel, the fish began to clap and tail biting lying next to her subjects. Fishermen decided not to approach the shark to avoid bites.

Fish lay in the boat a few hours, then died. Since the fishermen did not have permission to fish sharks, they went to fish in local environmental protection agency and told the details of what happened.

The Committee on the Protection of Wildlife reported that Kress and his friends will not be held responsible for the death of a shark, because it is not your fault. Shark passed a local school, the students were able to examine a large fish.

Blue-gray shark, or a shark-fin mako sharks belong to the genus of the family lamnovyh. The body of the shark-fin mako has an elongated shape, teeth are long and sharp. These fish are one of the fastest swimming sharks.

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