Showers in Karelia have destroyed hydroelectric dams Matkozhnenskoy

The dam of the old creek bed Matkozhnenskogo collapsed in rezultatelivnevyh rains in Karelia, the water flooded the engine room Matkozhnenskoy hydro, no light left 1.5 thousand people, the EMERCOM in the region.

"As a result of heavy rainfall was the accumulation of water, and the result was the destruction of the dam overflow and Matkozhnenskogo old bed of the stream. Incoming water podtopila Matkozhnenskoy hydro turbine hall," — said in a statement.

As a result of hydroelectric generating units off left town without electricity Sosnowiec White Sea area, home to 1.5 thousand.

"At the moment of breakthrough at the station with five people, all people are withdrawn. Killed and Injured. Threats city Belomorskaya and settlements downstream no", — says the agency.

Squally wind and rain hit the Karelia on Wednesday night. Due to bad weather left without electricity for almost 25 thousand people.

On Wednesday afternoon October Railway traffic halted trains in summer — Sosnowiec in the White Sea region of Karelia, where there was an erosion of the fabric due to rain.

In addition, eight meters of the pedestrian bridge across the river from Lososinka dozhdyaobvalilos in Petrozavodsk. Heavy rains also podtopili several roads and bridges in the city Lahdenpohja.

Rescuers also evacuated 56 people from 14 homes in Belomorsk.

According to the Karelian Weather Service, August 9, in a number of areas of the country is again expected sharp deterioration in weather conditions — strong winds with gusts up to 20 meters per second and the rain. Elements affect Kalevala, Kem, White Sea, Louhi, Muezersky areas and Kostomuksha urban district.

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