Sinister City

Ever since the days of the Pharaohs powerful rulers often used architecture as a way to express their worldview, and sometimes — to influence the people.

Mystery, frozen in stone

Many generations of researchers have attempted to trace the architecture esoteric tradition of centuries past. And it turned out that the Egyptian beliefs, modified the Templars and the Freemasons, carved in stone, formed the very foundation of the device in many cities, such as Paris, London and Washington.
For example, Paris — this jewel of architecture — was designed in such a way that the authorities can effortlessly suppress rebellions. Architectural theorists call this approach urbitsidom.

Paris. Pyramids and boulevards

The most famous in terms of hidden symbolism modern urban object is the glass pyramid in the Louvre. According to conspiracy theorists, it has served a variety of purposes: it is a monument to former French President Francois Mitterrand, who approved the program of reconstruction of the Louvre, and the secret tomb of Mary Magdalene. A 666 glass panels that make up the pyramid, many as a symbol of the devil began on Earth. However, few people know that in reality the number of panels — 673.

Pyramid at the Louvre, however, is only one of the last touches to a planned city inside the city, is designed primarily to extol the greatness of the French state. "The major axis" extends from the Louvre remains of an ancient royal palace of France to the Champs Elysees, under the Arc de Triomphe Napoleon and on, to the modern Grand Arche de la Défense.

This layout is very similar to the device of Karnak temple complex in Egypt.

The urban landscape of Paris has one rather ominous touch. These straight as an arrow, the streets were laid out in the second half of the XIX century by Baron George-Eugene Hausmann, chief architect of the time of the dictator Napoleon III. The official justification for this project was called the need for air circulation and ease traffic. Among other things, it was understood and what look like space will form the imperial capital worthy of his sovereign. However, in his memoirs, Hausmann points to the existence of other, underlying causes.

Destruction of entire neighborhoods allowed to resettle tens of thousands of workers in urban slums on the outskirts of the city, where they would not be an eyesore powers that be. New direct and broad avenues were built primarily to allow troops to move freely around the city and did not break with the battle from one barricade to another, as it was during the 1848 revolution.

Masons in Washington …

It is a known fact that George Washington was a Freemason. Masonic symbolism extends to the geography of the city of Washington. The first chief architect Pierre-Charles was adherent Langfang Marquis de Lafayette, the French revolutionary and staunch Freemason. He created Washington's plan was apparently prompted by some esoteric ideas of the Freemasons.

Even former neoconservative historian Francis Fukuyama recognizes that Freemasonry has influenced capital. And it's not limited to the Egyptian obelisk (a memorial to George Washington.) Perfectly parallel streets, crossed by diagonal avenues form Masonic symbols: square and compasses. Many websites today you can see satellite images of Washington, which is viewed pentagram formed by the intersections of the streets. One of the beams pentagram points directly to the Egyptian obelisk. There are many interpretations of this fact — from the pseudo-Masonic occult in style to Satanism. The construction of the five-sided building with the eloquent title "Pentagon" in the Second World War, many still consider the unprecedented audacity of the Masons.

One of the principal adherents of the theory that Washington was built by the Masonic model, is an astrologer and writer David Ovason. His impressive use of zodiac signs, in particular Virgin, on public urban buildings. David is convinced that Washington was prepared by masons who built this city and continuing to operate it for the future, when the change on its understanding of the nature of the stars. In the book "The Secret Architecture of the capital of our nation" Onason suggested that the building of state institutions "secretly dealt with the Egyptian fertility goddess Isis."

…and London

After the great fire of 1666 that destroyed much of London, architect Christopher Wren, who was a Mason, map out a radical redesign of the city, approved by King Charles II.

The whole grand plan to make a reality of failed, but although it was built of many exciting new churches. The most notable among them St. Paul's Cathedral, rebuilt according to the design of Christopher Wren. Curiously, he is rejected by eight degrees from the usual east-west axis. This strange error leads to the cathedral facing directly to the Temple Church, the former spiritual refuge of the Knights Templar. Architect Nicholas Hawksmoor was equally straightforward. The bell tower of his church of St. George in the Bloomsbury area has the form of a ziggurat — a stepped pyramid. For the poet and occultist John Sinclair is used as evidence of Satanism Hawksmoor. This idea and can now be found in the works of English writers, mystics. In action novel by Peter Ackroyd "Hawksmoor" London church architect become a place of satanic murders, and in the comics, Eddie Campbell and Alan Moore's "From Hell" this is mixed and Victorian murderer Jack the Ripper. As always, one conspiracy theory easily flows into another.

Source: "Secrets of the twentieth century. Gold Series" № 51

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