Snow fell in Rome as a result of the unprecedented frost

Unprecedented cold, come these days to the Apennines, led to a rare weather phenomenon: on Friday in Rome for a short time it snowed, RIA Novosti reported.

In the morning the mercury thermometer down in the Italian capital is below freezing, frost, and unaccustomed to the Romans started talking seriously about "polar frost." About two o'clock in the afternoon (16.00 MSK) with the Roman sky rained the first large snow flakes, and after another half an hour in the Eternal City started a real snow, which, however, was accompanied by lightning and thunder.

The last time the snow on the streets of Rome was seen recently — 12 February. But until then, snowfall in the capital was fixed only January 27, 2005, and then the snow fell in a few areas of the city at night, and an hour melted.

As for the weather record in the Eternal City, it was established on 11 February 1986. Then he woke up in the morning, the Romans were surprised to find that their city is almost completely covered with snow. Snow continued all day, and weather forecasters recorded in 23-inch snow. Eyewitnesses still remember that day in a trembling voice, as snow is almost completely blocked then the life of the Italian capital.

Surprisingly, this Friday and more snow fell south of Rome — Naples.

As for the northern and even central Italy, the snow there this year are nothing new.

On Friday, for example, "white fluff" again swirled over the canals of Venice. And in many cities of Tuscany, in particular, in Pisa, Arezzo and Prato, because of the rather heavy snowfall at present difficult to move on the roads, and the children were released early from school. In addition, in the area of Florence problems with vehicular traffic on some of the national highways.

The current weather events, will undoubtedly lead to serious problems in Rome. Since it became known that the capital's airports Fiumicino and Ciampino launched in operation "Snow", which should provide a rhythmical work of air transport.

Obviously, traffic jams and congestion on the streets of Rome on Friday can not be avoided. Undoubtedly increase dramatically and the number of accidents, because Roman drivers have little or no driving skills in cold weather and the snow makes many of them panic, mixed with gambling recklessly.


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