Snowless winter in Beijing turns increasing water scarcity

Snowless winter in Beijing turns increasing water scarcityChina is experiencing the most snow-free 22-year winter, in a city with a population of nearly 20 million people (along with the suburban areas) acute problem of water shortages, according to local media.

Neither rain, nor snow

As soon as the U.S. and Europe are struggling with snowstorms, the Chinese capital to date have not seen rainfall for more than two months. Wednesday was actually beaten the record set in 1988. In that year, the first snow fell precisely on December 28, this year Beijing residents have not seen a single snowflake. For comparison, last year the first snow Beijing residents saw at the beginning of November, which was also a record of "early snow" for 20 years.

Dry, but by local standards a fairly cold winter, according to experts, faces serious water shortages. The situation is complicated by the fact that last summer and fell in only 273 millimeters, which was the lowest level since 1960.

China's capital lacks water for the past 10 years: a significant decrease in precipitation in Beijing recorded annually since 1999. As a result, at the present time in the city there was not a deep river. The channels most of them have dried up, and the rest are filled with artificial reservoirs.

The main source of water in Beijing is the ground water, it is at their expense provided two-thirds of the capital in the water. At the same time every year in search of water to go under the earth have deeper, with 2004 wells are drilled to a depth of one kilometer. Up to this time the water stocks sacrosanct in case of war or natural disaster in the capital.

Without water, no bath, no skiing

Beijing annually consumes 3.79 billion cubic meters of water. According to the Metropolitan Water Management Dai Yuhua, water shortage in Beijing annually reaches 1.79 billion cubic meters. Lack of vital moisture capital takes the neighboring regions.

According to experts, the problem of water shortage in the capital will not solve even large-scale project "turn the southern rivers to the north", the implementation of which should be completed in 2014. According to the plan of its authors, thanks to a specially created link Beijing will receive an additional 1 billion cubic meters of water a year right out of the greatest rivers of Eurasia Yangtze.

According to the newspaper, in this regard, "Zhongguo Ribao", the city government is considering the "prohibition institutions recreational facilities associated with the use of water," speech, in particular, the baths, ski resorts and golf clubs.

The publication, however, also reported that a few days ago in the suburbs of the capital appeared another ski resort, where winter sports enthusiasts can enjoy beautiful artificial snow.

Water entertainment in Beijing are ubiquitous. Thus, virtually every major commercial center of the capital work rollers, and the number of baths in long exceeded 3000. Consumed annually by these institutions the amount of water exceeds 5 million tons.

More than 40 million tons of water per year residents of the capital spend on washing machines, of which the city has exceeded 4.7 million.

Believes in this regard, an employee of the city center for the control of water, He Jianping, is now an acute problem not only increase public awareness of the need to save water, but also control the number of inhabitants of the city, Xinhua news agency said.

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