Sochi has opened the largest dolphinarium in Russia

The park "Riviera" in Sochi opened the biggest dolphinarium in Russia. On its stands can accommodate nearly one and a half thousand people.

The basin area — more than 500 square meters, depth — almost seven meters. Now dolphins live two fur seals, three dolphin and sea lion cub. They showed a unique show at the opening ceremony. Males were dancing rock and roll, Dolphins drew pictures and defiled with tamer.

In the new dolphinarium will help you learn about the life of marine mammals, and will promote nature conservation. Also here will be to treat children with dolphin.


"First, we give the child to the platform here and acquaint with the dolphins. This so-called dry treatments. Children throw dolphins balls, rings. And only then let in children with dolphins in the water, "- said Daniel Lebedintsev psychologist delfinoterapevt.

 "What is happening in the city — is the creation of the new Sochi. It is the creation of a competitive city, the resort is the creation of the Russian capital. And that is what we must strive "- said Anatoly Pakhomov, mayor of Sochi.

New Dolphinarium is available for people with disabilities. For example, wheelchairs built a separate entrance with a ramp and mounted a special lift.
This is not the first record of association Sochi recreation parks "Riviera". In June, the park in the Lazarev opened the country's largest Ferris wheel. In addition, the "Riviera" repeatedly won awards at international competitions. 

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