Sold his soul to the devil

In the Chilean city Kopulemi young man killed his mother, saying that after the police that for this he had been promised the Devil fame and prosperity. He was going to kill his sister, for which he promised an unclean man to make it beautiful and lengthen his penis.

$ 100 in cash Hell

Now doctors check the mental state of 23-year-old Chilean, who claims to be made with a representative of the underworld bloody bargain at the local cemetery, in the circle of his friends, the Satanists. During the detention, he warned the police that can kill them with a single glance or dissolve their bodies a spit.

Satanism, as you know, has come to us from ancient Iraq, and his teachings are contained in the Blue Book, which is to believe in a kind of bible of the devil: it has come to punish and diabolical way, "General Provisions" of the religion, "Prayer," a description of rites …

Not long ago, employees of agencies of the U.S. funeral of Baltimore witnessed incredible events. At noon in the hall for goodbyes representatives of one of the branches of the Church of Satan paid tribute to the late member of his sect. Naked corpse lying in a coffin black road, and around him were sectarians, dressed in robes. The participants chanted prayers and hymns, and then all but one call themselves Master, fell to his knees.

Going to the deceased master hit him three times in the chest with a small rod, and said loudly: "Arise in the name of Satan!" Then the rest of the tribes rose ceremony, removed from the folds of leather whips cassocks and alternately struck dead by three strokes. The wizard then stabbed dead a long needle, and each of the participants of the ceremony came up and kissed the dead man, saying, "blessed be our Lord Satan."

Shudder of disgust funeral agency owners could do nothing to prevent the happening because not a satanic ritual abuse of the body, completely being coordinated with the will of the deceased and, therefore, with U.S. law.

According to the researchers of modern sectarian teachings affiliation sect of Satanists can occur in different ways, depending on the level of the organization. Member of the American Church of Satan may be anyone who will transfer to the account of the church fee of $ 100. In smaller groups, initiation ritual depends on the imagination, or the degree of psychopathology participants.

For example, a 25-year-old student, Susan Grinlok told how her dedication took place Celtic horned god Gernunnosu satanic sect in the English sense:

"The high priest Jim told me to take off my clothes and stand at the border of the ritual circle. Some of the brothers gave up my eyes, and by supporting the hand, led her to the high priest. My breasts on a knife blade, and Jim said, "The perfect love and perfect trust." I did as instructed, three steps back and turned in a ritual circle. Before I tied wrists and ankles, someone handed the cup to my lips with a narcotic drink. Liquid immediately hit in the head, and the further I remember bad. The priest was talking about the joy of life, rituals, feasts, dances, and then I heard a little bell strikes eleven. They put me on my knees, chained to a low altar and began to beat something like a whip. It was painful and scary, and I started to cry. I begged them to let me go, but no one listened. All around singing prayers and knocked on the drums. I do not remember how long it lasted. By the end of the ceremony, I lost consciousness … "

In a cage with wolves

Magazine "Christian Research, Journal" published an article on sects preaching introduction to the devil through identification with the animals. Mental control over the members of the sects is not only verbally, but also at the level of emotional and physical, when a man disgusting to your body through beatings, violence and drugs. Fantasy sectarian comes sometimes to recreate the symbolic birth of the human animal. The magazine provides a description of the ritual.

Members of the sect first sacrificed a goat and take out the insides. Then placed in a gutted belly baby. For some time, the participants of the ritual prayers, and then retrieves the witch cult of goat belly bloody crying baby. Rite ends with wild dancing, group sex and injection drug use.

The same magazine about a group of British Satanists who preach the idea of merging human and wolf, as a way to create a superman, devoid of moral and ethical constraints.

To create a werewolf, Satanists some time held a monstrous experiment: a young girl thrown into a cage with wolves, where she stayed for several months. Unhappy miraculously survived, but lost her right hand. Captive situation aggravated by the fact that the cell was electrified, and on any portion thereof may be supplied voltage. Permanent shocks and the proximity of predators brought the girl to madness. Currently, she is in a psychiatric clinic.

In the matter of ritual murders Satanists today there none. After a sacrifice — the basis of a satanic cult. In Western countries, Interpol officers record at least 100 such cases a year. Russia on this issue remains unaccounted for, but experts believe this country the third largest center for the number of devil worshipers. (In first place are still the United States and England.) Believed that followers of Satanism in Russia more than 10 thousand.

Police said the explosions in criminal activity between the Satanists "evil" holidays. These days — 13th, dropped out on Friday of any month, the full moon night, the days zimnego and summer solstice and the autumnal equinox, February 2 (Candlemas), May 1 — Walpurgis Night, July 6 — Ivan Kupala, August 1 — Lamesa (harvest festival), October 31 — Halloween. Victims of the devil and bring on other days …

Prince of Darkness online

"In December 2006, a resident of the Dutch city of Enschede put up for online auction eBay human soul in good condition, no major damage."

"The seller, who wished to remain anonymous, said that it would be an ideal and unusual Christmas gift."

"The starting price for soundly capita was only U.S. $ 10. Buyer at the auction received a contract to buy, world news agencies reported."

A seller of this unusual product argued that, when the new owner to sign a contract, and to do this he will need blood, the soul will transfer automatically.

It should be noted that online auctions such unusual items from the area of mysticism appear fairly regularly.

"In 2003, for auction their services voodoo witch doctor nicknamed Serpent from the British city of Norwich. He wanted to help novice musicians to gain fame and glory. This, according to voodoo, they had to undergo the rite of the intersection and enter into a contract with the devil."

"Rite crossroads," according to ancient beliefs, performed at a crossroads. It is a place where people sell their souls to the devil. In the cult of voodoo cross — a place where the sacred meets the secular, profane. In addition, the cross symbolizes the cosmos, the four corners of the earth, which is home to various deities.

"" That is the very essence of the ritual crossing, it is not the devil, — explained the sorcerer curious journalists — the devil, the leader of the forces of evil — it's just a Christian legend. At the crossroads devil ritual — it is rather the spirit of learning, a guide from beyond which gives you access to your untapped abilities. ""

"Snake Doctor then said that at the time he entered into such a contract, as well as a famous musician 30s blyuzmen Robert Johnson. Musicians in the world is still a legend that Johnson was an initiation ritual ceremony called the intersection, which allowed him to become one of the great classics of the blues. "

"Warlock claimed that he will auction winner to enter into this contract with the devil, and this agreement shall be eternally bound claiming the popular musician and the prince of darkness."

Pact with the Devil in Brazilian

Incredible event occurred recently in Brazil.

"It was like a bad dream — Dzhurtado said Mario, a 46-year-old businessman from Rio de Janeiro. — I still have a headache: the day before, I like to be "accepted" with some stranger in a local bar, and the middle of the night I was awakened by a call telefax, standing on the table next to the bed.

A minute later he issued a document. It was a duplicate of the contract with the devil … composed entirely modern language and signed by me. It said that the wealth and success in business, I am the lord of hell my immortal soul. At first I thought that me someone decided to play a trick. "

When Mario finished reading from a piece of paper to "shoot" fiery rays. In an instant lit bedroom, and then the flames swept through the house. The owner still had to call the fire department before leaving the villa. The contract also remained in his hand.

Firefighters were powerless before the infernal fire, and soon left the house alone brands.

'Villa — a small thing, — said today Mario. — It is insured for a large sum, I also earn from it. But how to break his contract with the devil? Here's the problem … Alcohol pushed me into the abyss. "

Dzhurtado Mario says he is not happy we'll put the wealth. His nightmares, haunted by the idea of the impending eternal stay in hell, and he's looking for a way to terminate the contract with the devil. After a little reflection, he concluded that the Messenger of Hell, of course, was that the stranger with whom they drank in the bar.

"His eyes glowed like embers, he literally hypnotized me — says Mario. — This type of set me glass after glass until then, until I lost all reason. I remember that I confessed to him about their dreams to become the richest man in the country. He answered that he could do it easily, but somewhat unusual way. Then he slipped the piece, which was written by the devil's contract. I, like an idiot, allowed himself to prick your finger with a needle and signed in blood. "

Mario Dzhurtado now awash in cash: a villa on the insurance policy, he received a huge amount of money, every transaction now brings him enormous profits, he always wins in all lotteries and casino owners are willing to pay him just for the fact that it is they did not play.

The Brazilian is ready to give all their wealth to save life and to get rid of the contract. He asks for help from warlocks, sorcerers and white scholars. But so far no one to help him not be able to …

"The devil is becoming more aggressive, — says Roman chaplain German Ventura. — Do not want to disturb people, but it's time to realize the physical presence of the devil in our midst. "

Independent publication has compiled a list of people whose names or the circumstances of life makes them the Antichrist.

Among them was U.S. President Ronald Wilson Reagan: each of the three parts of his name in English has 6 letters. It is known that Reagan really scared that assumption, especially after he sold the house in Los Angeles, which was 666 th issue.

"At least popular candidate is Adolf Hitler. Name Hitler, calculated using one hundredth code letters (A = 100, B = 101, etc.), also for a total of 666."

As public opinion at various times called the devil incarnate on earth Prince Charles, Bill Gates, Michael Jackson, Nelson Mandela …

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