Soul and Astral

All souls are applied in the astral world. If the deceased was burdened by these qualities, in the vibrations of the soul remains grim, dark note. Many will agree to include it in the sphere of perception? And it may be that such a soul is left alone, suffering immensely from the cold loneliness without getting energy support without contact with someone who was dear.

Many people know that in the world of any negative message generates (or causes, it is difficult to say) energy-entity, a black veil that envelops your emotional body, it may see some people with developed psychic abilities. Aggressive thoughts, formed a heavy, dense energy of evil, as it takes you into the black — you can even see if, catching himself on a similar, close your eyes for a second.

For the inhabitants of the astral world as these souls simply disappear from view — except for those who are enveloped in the same cloth. In death a veil like a dungeon — a man is alone in the world, and whatever colors he painted the world, this condition does not look heavenly.

The energy potential of the luminous body is waning, and there are only two options: either to return to earth in a new incarnation to the suffering on earth to redeem past mistakes, or wandering in the icy darkness of the universal desert, slowly died down as the single candle. Disappearing by the imagination delights of paradise — so autumn frosts destroy delicate flowers that careless gardener forgot to hide in a greenhouse. And now, no trees, no green grass, no sweet fruits and crystal fountains — a blizzard walking there! where he could smell flower garden … Since the Supreme Court, Great balance of harmony and order, punish rapists and murderers, dictators and sadists, all those poisoned by envy and malice. Think about it, people!

Regarding further karma, it does not depend on whether the body was given to man, and how he used this body open for improvement. In situations where a person knowingly to drive themselves to a layer of malice, in the new life he will have to work with a complex body, and the environment in which it is born, is unlikely to be cloudless. One who understands your negative feelings and tried to the best of their offset, actually on the way to perfection.

So never judge strictly: it may very well be that you need tried compassion and care, and you're judging yourself.

Yet for most of the astral world — this is not a place of suffering. Enough of that karma which will manifest itself in the future life. Togo, who lost in the feelings, can attend assistants. Their task — to show the layers of the astral plane, and thus explain the destructiveness of anger. Once the soul will be able to clear your emotions, it opens all the fullness of the astral plane.


"Painted Paradise" — a term that refers to the angel of the pleasant, but a little deceptive nature of the world embodied dreams. The dead from the wild forest tribes can be seen here hunting grounds, Christian — forest of Eden. Indispensable attribute of this world — Teachers or angels can enter any part of it and enlighten the soul.

Getting ready to cross the threshold of the unknown world, we consciously or unconsciously ask the question: would like astral paradise on the paradise that exists in our minds? Christian heaven, as described in the medieval books, really exists, not so much through the efforts of the Christians as the efforts of our ancestors. Over the centuries, thousands of people have been involved in the astral world his ideas about beauty. Streets with gold, pearl doors, oceans of glass with fire, crowns and effort. But for a moment I felt that I'm bored. My soul wanted something more. My Angel said that I am ready to move to the next layer of the heavenly world.

So there is a process of evolution of the soul. Gradually, mental images of paradise lost interest a person begin to seem less and less distinct. Then he thought of waking up to the comprehension of something infinite. And when he first finds — everything was up to this time his luck was, in truth, only coming into reality!

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