Space Ghost


Messages about the amazing and bizarre phenomena that occur in the upper layers of the atmosphere, for a long time to come. Only very recently have researchers noted.

The pilots and astronauts, for example, is often seen any ghostly substance, sometimes resembling living beings. For a split second they appeared near the Earth at an altitude of 50 to 100 km.

Airline pilots talking about the strange night "outbreak." Confirm these facts was only in the 70s. XX c., And in the beginning of this century, they finally captured by modern technology — the equipment on board the orbital station.

It turned out that the cosmic "ghost" can be classified by their appearance. So, reddish rings are called "elves" beating up blue "fountains" — "blue jets," blue "jellyfish" — "sprites", red — "Tiger".

Pictures of "sprites" the first time succeeded in the summer of 2005 in Colorado: they are photographed with a special camera at 5 thousand frames per second. Experts at the University of Alaska have used the more powerful hardware (frame rate — 10 thousand frames per second). She has helped to identify how to actually look "sprites." It turned out that they look like the bouncing balls.

According to Hans Nelsen, "ghosts" are bright clumps resembling huge fireballs that fly at a speed equal to one-tenth the speed of light straight down first, and then — up. Perhaps they — the result of chemical compounds that affect atmospheric processes. Scientists assume that because they can change the climate and deplete the ozone layer.

However, the nature of the phenomenon so far failed to clarify: this requires a close-up shot from close range. To this end, the ISS will be installed speed cameras.

Yuri Ratis, Professor of Samara Municipal University, believes that there is nothing supernatural in "ghost" or not. According to him, the UFO, fireballs, crop circles — only displays high plasma radioactivity, which are concentrated in the atmospheric concentrations of radioactive substances.

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