Spiritual peoples opportunities and choices

Spiritual people's opportunities and choices

For people who have just experienced the above information, as well as for those who are about something he knew their living aggregorial software — a fact due to all previous experience. Therefore, the question arises whether people build up of bad and dangerous egregors in the event that they wish to change their aggregorial software. Is there any objective limitations or restrictions for this is not available?

To begin to answer these questions we must first consider the conditionality of such opportunities of individuals according to the known type hierarchy structure of the psyche. People only by the will can control their own lives, their spirituality. Gutless individual — always generally defenseless hostage "will" (aggregorial appropriate) a range egregores to which his mind is connected.

Under the "will" in the most general sense of the word we mean the ability of the individual to subordinate the achievement became the property of his conscious attention to them the objectives, various resources, circumstances and course of events. Otherwise, it will — perceived by the individual focus his various abilities. And simply put, the will — the ability to focus resources to subordinate to the achievement of certain conscious goals. Will power is manifested as the ability to consciously appropriate overcome himself and circumstances, both external and internal (to the algorythmics human psyche).

Accordingly, in addition to consider the "personal freedom" when to take the position of a subject — it will be manifested as the ability to disobey (counter) pressure events (dodge them), including the detected pressure them aggregorial algorithmics.

In this case, will always act in the psyche of the individual to the level of consciousness. That is, in order to manifest the will for something, you need to understand what you want. With the unconscious levels of the psyche are the corresponding eigenvalues automatisms and obsession from the outside.

Apathy — the inability to act of will in that sense before. Species-will: unconditional subordination behavior instincts, not attentive to anything stubbornness and acting autonomously programmed biorobot-"zombie"; biorobot obsession, "zombies" remotely controlled extrasensory-"Magic" by some other entity, or biorobot, "zombie", enthusiastic podmyatogo or some "magic" aggregorial impact. The will is manifested in the fact that realizing the inappropriateness of mining algorithm behavior in the "internal" or "external" world, a person is able to resist them.

Consider what type of system is peculiar psyche of will in the above sense of the term and what subject will display in different types of structure of the psyche. According to the accepted classification of types of damage the psyche:

· Will "descended" suppressed intoxication. Eat Datura type system relegates his psyche in unnatural for the species "Homo sapiens." So talking about free will "descended" as their own free will can only conditionally. At very short intervals of time from sobering to drink (or use other drugs drugged, including the "weak" type of tobacco) in the expression of schizophrenia will "descended" may be replaced by a primitive sense of purpose, peculiar mainly to the following type of structure of the psyche — "animal."

· Will people with "animal" type of system designed to meet the mental instincts and instinctual needs, regardless of the circumstances. Talk about freedom of the will of these "people" is not necessary. Just like any animal creativity is set for his kind instincts (food, shelter, procreation …), and individuals with "animal" type of structure of the psyche can not willed order to go beyond the instincts of "animal" type. Just as different manifestations of instinctive programs aimed at the same thing in animals (food differences, unequal housing, especially breeding …), in individuals with "animal" type of mentality down the same instinctive programs can be designed in various ways ( depending on the period of historical development, the place of residence, from the dominant cultural shells). The essence of instinctive programs (the content, internal algorithmics) remains the same — the absolute submission of the will of individuals instincts and instinctual needs.

· Will individuals with type of mentality of "zombie" is aimed at servicing culturally constructed automatisms (aggregorial programs and behavior resulting from closed mind on Algorithms Culture Society). Talk about free will of individuals can only conditionally. A manifestation of free will in cultivated "zombies" are often taken out of their instinctive ability to program in favor of culturally constructed automatisms. Can think about the cultural "zombie" only those who are less recent "civilize" Culturally specific automatisms and does not know that making the decision to abandon the instinctive programs, cultural 'zombies' only performs one of the standard programs of the culture that he was "zombie ". Just those who are thinking about "zombies" that he has a strong will, do not know the whole cultural (aggregorial) program that fulfills the cultural psyche "zombies." At a time when the whole cultural program not only has invented in the past by one of the "people" (the fruit of their work), but known to those who are "allowed" to know his vnutrisotsialnomu status. It is usually individuals with the following type of structure of the psyche.

· Will individuals with type mentality "demonic" most free in the social environment by:

— Durmanov in society;

— Instinctive programs and needs;

— Culturally constructed automatisms;

Therefore vnutrisotsialnaya free will "demons" is characterized by freedom of creativity within their capacity and capability. This allows for the "demons" through willful creative efforts "to ascend" over the social and cultural environment in the area, individuals can not comprehend any of the above types of damage the psyche. Thus, the "demons" are limited (as in the possibilities of a different nature — the quantitative, qualitative and spatial … — and duration of ruling) super-social power in the areas of their capacity in the direction of their creative potential, according to which they do their will. In this kind of work can take place any moral system of coordinates "good-evil". It defines itself "demon", considering himself a "last resort" super-social level. However, the apparent complete freedom of will "demon" can be broken first, the will of another "demon", the will of man, and secondly, the Highest Will hierarchically super-social control. That is why the absolute freedom of the will for the people does not exist: it is always bounded from above. However, such a philosophy is acceptable only in an ideological standard — utter (meaning — without isolation of people with artificial religion, Covenants and cultural traditions) of the faith of God.

· The will of man is always aligned with the will of God through informed dialogue with Him and through distinction, given by a man from on high. The concept of "freedom" is defined as:

C + + IN Ovest ditelstvo, BO + YES + gom nnoe.

Conscience — a sense Mhry (Divine Predestination being) as such, is closely conjugate with the part of personal morality, which coincides with righteousness. Righteousness — morality that God has chosen for himself, and that everyone can play in itself and which can be followed in life if you want to be right. Accordingly, due to the freedom of conscience of conditionality — not permissiveness, because it implies a moral and ethical obligation, necessity — a kind of limitation. In this understanding of human free will always — limited righteousness. But the righteousness which is tested for truth through informed dialogue with God in a particular life situation, because this person is not self-sufficient.

Well-meaning "demonic" certainly exists in its manifestations is very similar manifestations of humanity, but still "demonic" is demonic: first, it is doomed to error due to the limited amount of information available to it and which can Distinction anyone except God, but in- Second, because of atheism "demonic" immune to error indicators given by the above as directly into the inner world of the "demonic" personality, and indirectly — through other subjects and events of life.

The peculiarity of such a humane system of mentality that basically he had faith to God for life and, consequently, human life — a meaningful dialogue with God things of life: in the background to ensure that does not deliberately take wrong actions, and in case of errors — not to be immune to the diverse directions on them and on the possibility of eliminating bugs themselves and the resulting consequences.

As you can see from the above classification of conditionality will of the individual (psychological dependence on the domination of different components that provide mental activity and behavior in the society) type structure of his mind — true (of course) is the only free person with humane type of structure of the psyche — Man held. Individuals whose mind is not human, much of his life remains hostage to the circumstances — as the spiritual (aggregorial subordination of the individual), and everyday (everyday "set of circumstances"). And in most cases these circumstances (and therefore individuals) managed by other individuals to bypass the will of the former.

Italics in the previous paragraph can be clearly attributed to individuals with all types of inhuman system psyche than demonic. A human spiritual and secular hierarchy of carriers of all types of inhuman system of the psyche (except demonic) goes back to the will of the carrier system demonic type of mentality — both spiritually and in everyday life. At the same time, media type system demonic mentality, fighting each other for possession of the weak-willed crowd (which is made up of all other types of media failure psyche than humanity), it is still the whole society according to God's Providence — against their will.

A society in which the weak-willed crowd divided into "working cattle" and "elite" and is controlled by the will of demonic personalities called crowd-"elitist" society. The very same "elite" as well as "working" the crowd, limp and not independent, because on it there is a narrow layer of quackery (mainly people with a demonic type system of the mind), which issues the "elite" management of knowledge (for his will) — according to the hierarchical status of the latter.

The crowd-"elitist" organization of society will continue as long as society itself begins to dominate numerically humane type of damage the psyche. That is to say, the crowd-"elitism" as a general principle zhiznestroya under various successive its forms — is stable until the majority of people will not like the owners of the humane system of the psyche: at least until the majority of people can not at least occasionally be in the type of building humane psyche and with a certain nucleus of society (some of the people) will be in the type of humane mind constantly, taking on the management of society, consciously seeking to humanity.

Until then, the dominance in the management of the will of man with a demonic type system of the psyche — predictably inscribed in the Providence of God — to bypass the will of the crowd, the "elite" and the very "demons." That is, the very "demons" with their considered "free" will serve as a means of supporting the dynamic movement of society according to God's providence, as over predetermining Mhra development, which fall out of the society can not make even the demonic will. And in this God given Mhre major immediate goal: the transition from the crowd-"elitist" organization of society to a society of man — in which all consistent with the will of God, society, where there is no operation (no explicit or hidden), disasters and calamities.

Clearly, the means of propulsion of society to set goals Over selected people in a crowd-"elitism" that does not prevent God — Over justify exposed target. Moreover, in each historical epoch means — their own. Other means God would not allow it. It is also clear that to achieve the goals Over exposed with money that people choose for themselves (each individually and the society as a whole) will be cleaned out of the society of individuals with mental inhuman regime types — each individual in their own way, according to their morals and determination. Therefore, individuals with mental inhumane types of damage (to consider what kind of humanoid enough to be called a man) who is sure that they are free from any liability should know that this confidence is not more than a dangerous illusion. And this illusion is especially dangerous because they are almost in the path of suicide for as long as the will to change their moral values and change themselves, moving down to the humane type of mentality as the ideal pre-defined for all people from above. In the meantime, the society generally moving toward exhaustion of God's permission selected by the people unjust means — to set goals Over. God's permission — a part of God's providence (God Mhry development).

God's permission — this is when God opened the possibility of one entity have a direct or indirect effect, does not fit into the norms of the just relationship to other entities that are evading the objective righteousness.

Depending on how much and how someone refuses an offer of Over norms of righteousness — so God will not prevent the unjust actions and against him and will not support it unjust opposition to those who act against it within a degree of allowance. At the same degree of allowance for each of them achieved due to personal development: the more it was given over to man, the closer its moral righteousness, the more he has achieved in the development of the development potential of their abilities — the stricter attitude Over the stricter and he himself should be self-discipline.

However, depending on how much a person, even if unjust, responsive to appeals to him through God's inner world and the language of Vital signs and cultivate righteousness degree of allowance against it can extend the range of "demonstration and notification" nature of the sudden danger, but do not cause damage to its possible victims to Extermination of the situation to them in case they ran out degree of allowance in respect of itself, although it is these events may wear a demonstration and of notification for someone else. This is the case both in relation to the individual and to the society and humanity in general.

God's permission in all cases providentially useful because it gives God the opportunity to change their mind by the unrighteous under the influence of circumstances, without violating the will of his own free choice and not suppressing their will. It is possible, if the human mind works stably bunch "Distinction from God Yu Yu attention of the person intelligence aimed at redefining the events in his own life and morality."

In this case, the same circumstances — depending on what structure in mind and emotsoinalno-semantic structure general people can hold themselves under the influence of circumstances, going into them — can be resolved in the field of God's permission, and in line with the Providence ( that part of it which deals with human righteousness), either fully or in any of its components. And if a man of such an ambiguous resolution predetermination situation arising seemingly degree of allowance of God, somehow feels and realizes he is quite capable of his will to pass it in line with the Providence (in terms of human righteousness), escaped the effects of degree of allowance for themselves and others.

Degree of allowance is a kind of feedback closer to the individual: what you sow — and then reap in many cases — reap a hundredfold. [75] Hence, one has meaningfully relate to what comes on the feedback, identify their sign (positive or negative relationship) and change it to the opposite, if detected such a necessity.

Accordingly, the knowledge of God's permission as an objective phenomenon in the life of society as a whole and each person can identify four main types of ethics:

· Operation advantage of God's permission, such as it has happened to others.

· Subjective boundaries of God's permission and malicious introduction on this basis in the surrounding area's permission in respect of them for the purpose of self-serving exploitation within a degree of allowance (as built by their owners all biblical faiths, and that is raznoliky Satanism).

Accordingly, policy corruption younger generations at all times for all people — not the cost of freedom of expression and artistic creativity, not an ethical mistake, but a purposeful malice. And let the owners and members of the media, and the components of the program broadcast news bulletins and artists — so-called "creative" intellectuals — and other ministers and rulers aggregorial pseudo-magic and secular cults poosteregutsya because all such activities take place within God's permission with all the attendant inevitable consequences of its supporters and the laborers themselves.

· Actions within God's permission in order to discourage anyone's unjust actions after acting unjustly notified of the substance of their unrighteousness, but persist in not heeding notices that they should live and act differently. Such is the ideal justification to the sacred rights — justice — war (in particular, this is the rationale of Islamic Jihad) and the actions of heterogeneous "inquisition."

However, in actual practice, historically under the banner of "holy war", proclaimed by the two warring parties, mostly alone zlochestivye partake rage other zlochestivyh within God's permission in respect of each of the parties. And accordingly — woe to those who have imagined their righteousness will "holy" war against those who are more just, and even more so — against those who are truly righteous: inevitably be faced with a direct, though, perhaps, inscrutable to the unjust , support a righteous God. The same applies to all kinds of "holy" Inquisition.

· A principled rejection of sub-standard relationship righteous influence on others, but possible within God's permission for those. At the same time over the responsibility to notify the potential victim's permission that they are in his field, showing them the way out, giving God a mission reward persistence in unrighteousness. Jesus taught this people and this principle should he, being in the flesh of the people. It is — in our view — the basis of Christian ethics, "Go and learn what this means I will have mercy, and not sacrifice" (Matthew 9:13).

In society, the rule of normal human ethics (in this sense) is possible, but requires and presupposes that the person was morally ready and able to take a sincere reflection and counter-notifications from others of his own unrighteousness, so that he could help with this kind of other people to change himself.

This is the essence of algorithmic "catholicity" as a tool to assist in personal development.

Upon cancellation of the willingness to take notice of their own understanding of unrighteousness, with an inability to do so or unwillingness to change myself in order to eradicate unrighteousness in itself, is inevitable transition "conscientious objector" to the isolation or "holy" war against all dissenters with him for the sake of his own self pleasant to him in moral errors and planting them as a standard for others. And in this war, he will inevitably perish, unless it somehow retained and will not be allowed to change their mind Over, which he will use.

Algorithms "catholicity" — support humanity (righteous relationships and thoughts) in the collective unconscious (in the spiritual life) — to replace a aggregorial algorithmic support of the crowd-"elitism." Everyone should work towards this goal by changing ourselves first of all, its type system of the psyche.

One should know that the biggest capacity in people with type system humane psyche for all occasions. Media of different types have different mentality down legal capacity with respect to the management of processes of different duration. This is due to the fact that in times of choice alternatives on the basis of the behavior of the instincts and traditions, their own creativity, relentless implementation of Providence, carriers of any of these types of building mental probabilistic predictably prefer that characterizes specific to each type of structure of the psyche.

As a result:

· Urge instincts "pulled" carriers "animal" type system of the psyche of the processes longer than the time interval between two consecutive instinctual impulses;

· Processes supported by the society on the basis of custom, are of limited duration, and the rejection of creativity that characterizes the media system of the psyche "zombies" do not allow them to enter the process, the length of which is greater than the duration of the processes taking place in society on the basis of traditions ;

• Representatives of the "demonic" type structure of the psyche, though capable of creativity, but none of them have no power over discernment, and all of them due to their separation from God nesoprichastny eternity, so that each of them also has a limit duration of processes, if it exceeds he loses the ability to act;

· Type of humane and just system of the psyche, expressing the Divine, is able to manage and participate in the process, the duration of which covers a range of capacity building of all other types of mind and reach eternity.

Conditioning capacity of individuals building their type of mentality makes it possible in the future held a man to gain power in the world and is free (in the sense of the word "freedom", which was shown above) to manage processes very long duration, and individuals with other types of damage to the psyche term doomed to disappointment in the results of their actions — at best …

On the facts of life of individuals, families, roduv, whole nations and regional civilizations — depending on how the proceeds they have a direct dialogue with God in the language of life and indirect in dealing with other people — you can find, and three types of "mysticism" [76] in which the Supreme manifested Fishing:

· All activities directly aimed at the transformation of humanity into chelovekoobraziya acquires tangible and clearly implicit direct and indirect support to over to the point that she has on the lives of those engaged in it in good conscience without hypocrisy, removing them pass all the obstacles and interference their activities: just look for the truth of God, work on its realization, and the rest to you.

· The activity is not directly aimed against the first type, but still focused on the perverse ways of mankind or enslaving him in a chelovekoobraziya not suppressed from above, if the company is already ripe to realize and understand the malignancy.

In this case, it occurs within a degree of allowance for as long as it is not malignancy recognized, understood, and while it will not be put forward is vital to a viable alternative. If society rejects put forward a workable alternative, coinciding with the direction of Providence, the Over the society will have the opportunity to make sure that the alternative — the good, and its denial — disaster.

If society is not mature enough to realize and understand the harmfulness of some activity, then somehow Over suppressed even the opportunity to do it, and overtures to her.

Although in this paragraph it was about society, but society — people and at society's permission — total range of degree of allowance in respect of each of the people personally, this society components.

· The activity that is directed against those who sincerely and honestly hypocrisy works to achieve the objectives of the Supreme Providence, led away Over on dummy or otherwise suppressed, sometimes with her busy life.

While some opponents of Providence can eat rage other, mutually destroying each other, so that zlochestivye in this process can be used as a weapon of sentences from above.

Other opponents may engage in pointless vanity, not harming the implementation of Providence.

Third activity will be laid in the direction of Providence, against their demonic will simply due to the fact that everyone who works for your interests in a measure of their understanding, to the extent of differences in understanding can work for those who know and understand more and better than he said. And God — the Creator and Sustainer — out of competition in knowledge and understanding of everything.

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