Spring in central Russia will begin with a snow storm — forecasters

Cyclone bring a snow storm in the central regions of Russia on March 1, according to the website "Meteonovosti."

"The first day of spring in the center of Russia is expected snowstorm. Cyclone come to the center of European Russia, March 1, in most of the Central Federal District of expected heavy snow, blizzard, winds of 15-20 meters per second, snow drifts," — said in a statement .

Forecasters clarify that the cyclone in question, is widely regarded as one of a series of cyclones passing around in one direction, but each time the south and south-west than in the previous. Previous cyclones bring stormy weather mainly in the northern and north-western areas of the country, the current cyclone comes to central Russia, and the next will be held March 3 somewhat west of the European part of Russia.

Above with reference to a specialist center weather "Phobos" reported that the storm will come to Moscow at the end of the first day of spring, on the night of March 2 — in cold snap is expected to minus 10-12 degrees, gusty winds, snow, blizzard places.

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