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Unidentified flying objects often appear around Vyatskie field. The locals all navidalisya …

At sunset, the UFO somehow accompanied aircraft — perhaps fighters. Was late on the river fishermen, seeing the light in the night sky a strange object at first delighted shouted, "Come on! Here! To us ". But then he went into hiding in fear in the bushes when the plate, suddenly changing his course, he suddenly hung above the fishing fire.

On contact with aliens?

Witnesses unexpected visits flying saucers are people whose views on these yet little-studied phenomenon sometimes diametrically opposed, and their emotions are difficult to predict. Some naively immediately willing to take a close contact and "fraternizing" with aliens. Others run away. Third delight to watch.
So, on the night of February 10 in the vicinity of the village of Old Piniger hovered unidentified flying object. From it came a fiery orange glow, and it was visible from the outskirts of the city Vyatskie off for a few kilometers. First, the object was for a huge bright star hovering at the bottom point of the horizon over the village. However, the stars in this winter night were bluish-white …
Through binoculars, as, indeed, without it, for half an hour to be seen as the object changed direction several times, now closer to the city, then moving away, and then he slowly went down and disappeared behind the newly planted pine trees on the outskirts of the village. May have landed! What's he studied the area on the western horizon, barely able to find out.
In the same part of the sky last fall, September 6 at six o'clock in the evening, the residents of the outskirts of the city observed a UFO that accompanied the fighters. Originally the building was given for the helicopter, but this assumption is cast aside because of differences speed performance. In addition to a strange glittering silver fiery light. And the fact that, unlike the fighter UFO did not leave the exhaust trail in the minds of skeptics dispelled the last doubts.
Strange Bedfellows two fighters followed them almost to the horizon. But suddenly turned around and flew back along the path of stripping aircraft. Flying a certain distance (hard on the eyes to determine the miles at high altitude), the UFO turned and caught up with the aircraft, took the train and the original (this time leaving a track inversion) followed by fighters. Spying? Studied? Curious? Entertained?

Knock-knock. Who's there on the plate?

It is naive to believe that the alien intelligence in the form of little green men — we are more accustomed to this way — came to earth to save us. Too often, this noble goal is written and said. More often aliens use contactors unknown to us in their games, then thrown to the will of fate. After experiencing an extreme situation, someone alone is crazy, somebody gets in the sect.
Also naive to believe that, subject to the laws of non-interference, as described by the Strugatsky brothers in the novel "Hard to Be a God", the aliens occupy the position of the audience and watching us.
No one knows about their plans. Be careful! All is not gold that glitters in the dark. And the question of whether there are actually extraterrestrials, in my opinion, generally not negotiable. There! In light of the new information that has recently trumpeted by all the central TV channels and which can be found on the Internet, to doubt it is not necessary. By striking conclusions drawn by researchers of the University of Edinburgh: in our galaxy could be at least 361 intelligent civilization, and their maximum number — 38000.
"Reasonable extraterrestrial civilizations exist, and the number could be in the thousands, — said the head of research Duncan Forgan. — However, the chance to contact them in the foreseeable future is extremely small. " According to him, the man has no idea about how aliens might look like. "Even if other life forms exist, it is not necessary that we will be able to communicate with them," — said the Scottish scientist.
By the way, the last two cases described above relating to the supervision of a UFO over VYATSKO clearing, the witnesses tried to photograph them. In one case, managed to capture only removes the escort aircraft and a strange glowing object: as long as people ran into the house for the camera, those already retired for a good distance. On the frame are only visible contrails paths and a small point objects.
And in another case, a camera batteries are exhausted. And it was totally unexpected because they only charged the day before. Perhaps ufologists and other professionals these photos will still be interesting.
It should be noted that the shape of the UFO optional plate. In the area of Glades Vyatskie seen and balls, and "cigar", and something like a helicopter. About four years ago, a pensioner Vladimir Ilyich Polyakov even managed to sketch a "caravan" UFO (on this and other cases, the "VC", once said), something similar to terrestrial aircraft, but surprisingly maneuverable and high speed. A lot of mysteries on Earth. UFO — one of them. And perhaps the most mysterious and attractive.

Alfinur Gilmutdinova.
"Vyatskiy edge."

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