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Sergey Garmash of mysticism on the set of "The Master and Margarita"

Sergey Garmash, gave a press conference in which, inter alia, shared his thoughts about the film "Master and Margarita" by Yuri Kara, filmed in 1994 but released only in rolling this spring, where he played a homeless poet.

According to the artist, who leads the RIA "Data", "shooting in this film — one of the few moments in my life that really was a mystic. What happened to "The Master and Margarita," you can talk for a long time … well, for example, I at Patriarch's Ponds stole all the documents, which included identification of the Union of Cinematographers. I was terribly sorry only that identity because I was losing it and I just gave a duplicate, and said that if you lose, we'll turn you out. A week later, at three am almost in the same place at the Ponds where I was sitting, Filippenko and Gaft, it was in the hands of the workers, who painted the benches there, someone came and gave her and disappeared.

Another episode — in my eyes the first operator to take your eyes off the camera and said that he will not be shooting this movie, he turned and walked away. The following statement, which is after the film was shot, died at all clear what. Doctors said that he simply stopped his heart. Healthy people — fell asleep for 15 minutes and did not wake up. "

Sergey Garmash, believes that "The Master and Margarita" do not need to try to shoot anyone, because there is "encoded" works by Gogol, Bulgakov, Hoffman, Bunin, who never will be passed to another format. "And do not even try — says the actor. — That "Silent Don" — suitable for filming. There is a literature that is appropriate and that does not fit, that's all. "

Otherworldly forces intervened in the video DJ Groove and Alexander Marshal

The shooting took place in the scenery of the popular mystical series "The closure of the school." And the choice is not accidental as in the film, the clip a lot of mystical moments. Director Oleg Asadullin clip is also a major producer of "closing schools."

Were used in the decoration of doors with frosted glass, through which is always visible, if anyone is going. Director shouts, "Stop walking!" Persisted throughout the shooting day: journalists, photographers, administrators, and then enters the frame.

But after midnight, when the site was only a film crew, shadows do not disappear and continued to appear! It happens only at the moment when you turn the camera.

"The frame was my wife, Sasha. I and a few workers who did not participate in the shooting process, stood so as not to fall into the frame, and tried to figure out who or what casts those shadows. None of the five of us did not notice. But the director shouted again: "But who goes there? '" — Says DJ Groove, quoted by NEWSmusic.Ru.

It turned out that the shadows are only visible in the camera and the monitor. None of the people did not notice anything suspicious. Oleg Asadullin myself a few times to get up from the monitor to see what's the matter. No shadow director saw. And when I came back and looked at the footage, was horrified: the shadow froze for a few seconds. And then as if dissolved.

It was decided to change the lighting and move equipment. But even that did not help. The shadow did not disappear. Then the director has declared a 5-minute break, returning with a film crew who continued to work. Imagine the surprise of the team, it turned out that there are no shadows. It was — and remains a mystery to all!

"The Curse" "Dr. House" pursues "interns"

Mystical coincidence pursue main characters loved by people series "Interns." As a template actors hurt feet. On set, there was even talk of a "curse" "Doctor House".

The vicious circle of accidents began with Alexander Ilyin — role of the artist Seeds Lobanov. He broke his leg first. A few months later to find herself in the sights of Ilya Glinnikov — also fracture. Well, quite an unexpected surprise was the injury charming Christine Asmus. Girl so badly pulled ligaments, that she had to walk with crutches.

The whole team series with interest, what is the end sequence of "coincidences." And rock does not have to wait long — popularly beloved Dr. Bykov — Ivan Okhlobystin broke the big toe right on the set. The accident occurred as he was leaving the room of one of the actor's film studios.

Okhlobystin stumbled over the threshold and hit his foot against the concrete wall, located in front of the exit. At first he did not pay any attention to the injured and the day continued to be actively removed. But at night the damaged finger began to ache, and the actor decided to still go to the hospital. X-rays limb, doctors found that the patient's broken thumb on his right leg, and then put in plaster, "friends tell me that it is a curse" Dr. House "- shared with Life Showbiz resilient Okhlobystin. — Almost all of the actors show received some injury. That's my turn to come. "

Cursed house of Kate Moss does not want to buy

Model Kate Moss is concerned about selling his house, which no one wants to buy. Mansion in London's Highgate, where five bedrooms, two living rooms, equipped with a basement, etc., estimated at seven million pounds, but Kate is ready to reduce the price, if it finds a buyer.

But as long as these do not appear. Maybe it's the fact that the British still fresh in the memory of the story of the exorcist, who hired a model to get rid of "bad energy", attracting all sorts of trouble in the house.

The fact is that in the home of Kate Moss continually climbed thieves broke sewer and water pipes, appeared from nowhere myriad fleas!

After all these events, Kate's boyfriend — The Kills guitarist Jamie Hines, persuaded her friend that her house had collected a "bad energy", from which you can get rid of only through the ritual.

Invited supermodel exorcist ceremony conducted relevant to rid the home, but apparently it did not help.

And now the 37-year-old Kate is planning to buy another house, which formerly belonged to romantic poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The fact that in this old mansion is often seen ghost Coleridge, supermodel, apparently did not bother.

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