Stars swept the epidemic of deja vu


Who are we? Where from? And why come? Many different issues of this kind arise periodically in the mind of every one of us. Stars, too, am interested in this, especially when they are faced with so far little studied phenomenon of déjà vu. Science defines the phenomenon of déjà vu as a psychological condition in which a person feels that he once was in a similar situation. And how to explain himself to his well-known people?

Ekaterina Odintsov, TV presenter: I think it is likely, of course, when we catch something like that, in the world, when we see something that we have ever experienced, we are here nasloyka some of these experiences. I have this happen quite often, and I think I've seen something. And who knows, maybe our lives so that's film, the cassette was and maybe some footage we have already crossed over time. Who knows! Everything can be …

Natalia Lesnikovskaya, actress: Some things happen, and you realize that you are dreaming of a few years ago. I do not know, maybe, of course, our world is designed so that everything is already written and all have happened, but here's the strange thing happens. I do not know where they come from, so it's kind of a systemic thing of our universe. They say that time does not exist, that the past, present and future exist simultaneously — then it explains everything.

Anfisa Chekhov, TV presenter: Just a feeling that you've been in this place, at this time and heard the very words that you say, and as if you've lived it. But I think that déjà vu is directly related to our intuition, our subconscious mind, because if you try, then we can all be psychics, it needs only to develop your intuition. And it's deja vu, it's like a flash of intuition, when you know how to predict when you already know that it happened. I think so.

Lelia Turubara, TV presenter: Sure faced, I do believe that everything has already happened to me, I'm so wise! I even can not always understand that it's just a life experience that this situation has been, or is really something that we have been through. I think there is definitely some kind of, well, you can call and weird things, you can call it some kind of divine powers, you can call this energy, all speak in different ways. Of course, all of this is, of course, it can be controlled. But how exactly you can do it yourself, I do not know.

Unexplained phenomena such as deja vu, the world is still very much, and not the fact that once mankind will be able to set up than they actually are. And whether you want it if one day all that is a mystery to us, suddenly become commonplace? Will we become happier from it? Hardly! After all, if a reason to dream disappear, for example, on the subject of extraterrestrial civilizations, how many movies, songs, poems, books and other incarnations of creativity, and therefore pleasure, we lose.

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