Strong took the residents of the district have destroyed hydroelectric dam under construction, bridges, flooded homes

Ismayilli. Shahnazar Bashirov — APA. Heavy rains that began in the evening of the last day of water and debris from the mountains had caused serious damage to homes and villages in the areas of seed Ismayilli, broken supply line of natural gas, water, bridges, roads.

According to APA Shirvan first deputy head of the district executive chairman of the Commission for Emergency Situations (CSF) Rafael Akhmedov, resulting in heavy rains on the mountain and foothill areas the water level in the rivers Goychay Girdiman, Eyrichay, Galachygchay increased by 5 times, got flooded homestead land coastal villages, up to 30 homes were under water, destroyed fences, roads, pedestrian and road bridges. The mudflow destroyed hydroelectric power plant, under construction now 3 months Goychay river flowing through the village Sumagally. Debris water washed away concrete dam station, building materials in the river and on its bank. Goychay river changed its direction of flow, resulting in a flooded village Sumagally. With the destruction of the bridge over the river Galachyg interrupted communication between villages Galachyg, Chaygovushan and Istisu and district centers. Also destroyed several pedestrian and road bridges over the River Eyrichay, your connection to the village of Ismayilli district center. In 80% of villages in improper condition roads, power poles, lines, water and gas. The villages remained without electricity and communication. Because of the continuing rain and floods and high water levels in the territories in managing the consequences of floods are having difficulties. CSF representatives consider appeals of villagers affected by the rains and floods. Been placed on certain areas heavy machinery.

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