Suspension of developments in hypersonic — betrayal of public interest, Rogozin said

Suspension of developments in hypersonic - the betrayal of national interests, Rogozin saidArtificial suspension of development in the field hypersonic — betrayal of the public interest. This was announced today during a visit to the State Engineering Design Bureau "Raduga" Acting Deputy Prime Dmitry Rogozin.

"Now, unfortunately, there has been a significant backlog of in the area hypersonic. And, as we all made sure it was not just about dramatic acts, which generally have been created in the military industry, defense, the security of the country in the decay of Russian Union. But, as we are aware, have been adopted and personal solutions that would still make sense to analyze from the standpoint of compliance with the time and the interests of state security. When more advanced developments in HYPERSOUND were just artificially stopped — I can not, I'm sorry to call in another state as a betrayal of the interests of the country ", — said Rogozin.

He highlighted that in some areas of work on hypersonic technologies Russian Alliance has had a significant advantage over the United States, while at the moment the Russian Federation will again "cut corners."

According to Rogozin, the U.S. military will be able to make hypersonic missile by the 15-18 year. "Proven to a true moment of breakthrough solutions in the United States offer them the prospect of transition from prototypes to create a demo combat supersonic long-range missiles to the 2015 — 2018 year" — he predicts.

At the same time, he said, since 2009, by order of the Defense Ministry resumed carrying out research on the development of promising hypersonic weapon systems.

"In principle, bring up the subject at the very highest level of municipal, why predict the development of the respective regulations" — highlighted Rogozin.

He also said that the development of hypersonic technology will allow to qualitatively new tool. "The development of a long flight in the atmosphere at hypersonic speeds and high quality fundamentally leap in aircraft and rocket construction, which will allow to make high-performance weapon system possessing new properties," — added Rogozin.

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